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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkA0ast

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@InterestArb few bps from a new YTD low@auaurelija this is the new normal@hmeisler Ummm, probably could convince @IvanTheK@hmeisler I will split the purchase price with youDeflation: Sicilian hilltop houses on sale for one euro, great view included http://t.co/YpMVucJEbx@georgepearkes same as you'd look at any other CMBS - company rating it doesn't change that@georgepearkes what's wrong with kroll or CMBS LCF?@IvanTheK @joshuademasi @InterestArb tapering the convo in one user increments@InterestArb @IvanTheK I understand what you're saying, I'm merely questioning whether that's a sufficient reason to hike #reactivefedBBG: Landlords are taking on bigger debt loads relative to the values of their properties...Moody's calling it "boiling frog syndrome"@LorcanRK lol!!!!@InterestArb @IvanTheK that's true but IMO not a reason to hike@IvanTheK would seem to be more proactive, whereas the fed historically has been reactive (correct me if I'm wrong)@InterestArb @IvanTheK don't disagree, just saying is the point of a hike more about reducing accommodation or there being a reason to hike?@IvanTheK sarcasm? Is that enough? Inflation under control, growth modest, wages not moving, labor market not roaring, so why hike?@IvanTheK honest question: what would be the purpose of a hike here? Is there something in particular that needs to be slowed down etc?
“@jennablan: Liberia police fire on protesters as West Africa's Ebola toll hits 1,350 http://t.co/CURCECfW3y” // terrible situation there@Dutch_Book should have specified - mean for US only@mre2all I think gross@_dsyl "experts say rain helps crops before harvest"@_dsyl sounds like an onion headline!@IgorGreenwald no because nobody was even close!@profplum99 well defined as decade, not any 10y periodAnswer is $927 per month or 25% of their current incomeRT: @MacroHedge: @DavidSchawel You're teasing the tourists. // that's half the fun@AdaptToReality no no no, the monthly housing cost (ie rent payment, mortgage payment etc)Winner gets an autographed t-billWhat's the median monthly housing cost right now in the US?Roughly 8% of occupied housing units have a primary water source which is not safe to drink@NWPCapital yep@MiaChupacabra 60s were second@deebers17 winner!Correct answer is the 1970s with 25.4mil - substantially above every other decadeName me the decade in which the most currently existing housing structures were built@TheStalwart not in a barbeque coma?@JohnKicklighter told ya NZD would break!“@BloombergFed: Fed officials want to return the balance sheet to normal levels" // and I want a ponyGross continues to buy $PDI like a mad man, the best performing PIMCO fund and one which he doesn't manageNZD/USD weekly trend line coming into view @DavidSchawel ----> http://t.co/EOkXG4CCmX
Retweeted by David SchawelTax Inversions: USA heads the list of #OECD tax rates at 39% with Ireland at the bottom at 13% http://t.co/fORzyh73fb
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK you think they'll just drop bonuses?I-Banks playing "me-too" today@IvanTheK @conorsen how so? They appear as well or more qualified than anyone else@IvanTheK @conorsen those are still very impressive jobs to hold whether they represent progress or notPIMCO substantially reduced their position in 10yr USTs yesterday in $BONDCopycats! BN 16:59 *BOFA SAID TO RAISE 2015 SALARIES FOR JUNIOR STAFF AT LEAST 20%On first (quick) read, just-released minutes of the July 29-30 #FOMC appear more hawkish than consensus expectations. http://t.co/AyfCn8WOGW
Retweeted by David SchawelIf you could trade PIMCO today might be the day for a contrarian buy$BAC to start putting settlements above the line@Makro_Trader short NZD!Go USDUSD middle finger formation in full swing
Retweeted by David Schawel"Almost all participants agreed that it would be appropriate to retain the federal funds rate as the key policy rate"@IvanTheK banks are scared of the new "graham dodd" rule they heard on CNBC yesterday@esoltas @mark_dow 30yr fixed mortgage rates are at 4.25%, or 6bps below their 5 year average - IMO def not a mortgage rate issueCompetition for big data talent at banks heats up in London http://t.co/C5T7t0OlUp via @annairrera
Retweeted by David Schawel@DavidHaugh why wasn't he traded if they knew he wouldn't sign?@joshuademasi at least you're a dumb bull, I'm just dumbYTD returns: Loomis Sayles Bond 6.96%, DoubleLine Total Return 5.13%, TCW Total Return 4.33%, PIMCO Total Return 4.23%"Goldman Sachs plans 20% pay hike for junior bankers"@IvanTheK @twitter Yes@michaelsantoli people complained about the facebook changes a few years ago & now they love it@michaelsantoli Michael I almost tweeted that this morning!. @IvanTheK @dickc the chairman is getting angry@Pawelmorski @NicTrades @conorsen maybe that's where this is going?@TheStalwart @m_udland Zervos dumps ice on Yellen?@Uldis_Zelmenis same as they have been before - I think most people have done it the last few years & few are leftRefi index nudges up a bit but rates have fallen 60bps with essentially no material refi bump. Liability repricing cycle over???@michaelmcevilly for a second I thought I was an equity fund mgrFI Sales coverage from a major primary dealer just sent this bloomy "Positioning for the IPO of ALIBABA using YAHOO option strategies"@John_Hempton @AlephBlog fwiw I don't necessarily disagree w you, just stating the major roadblocks@John_Hempton @AlephBlog & as legacy book runs off & newly originated profitable loans increase there's less pressure to overhaul by govt@John_Hempton @AlephBlog In theory, but in practice there's other headwinds holding up non-govt issuance like QRM, reps & warranties etc@John_Hempton @AlephBlog well they've raised it a bunch since post crisis & there's still nearly zero non-agy competition@Teuwie indeed, I've been waiting for this to break
Illustrations of the #lastwords of Mike Brown & 10 other young men who were killed unjustly: http://t.co/JnIdTVRMR5 http://t.co/Yq3cnqHX2D
Retweeted by David Schawel@HFMLarryBird what do you think about the tiger cub infatuation w china internet names?@IvanTheK he knows three thingsInteresting 10y BE's are the same in Japan & Germany, but the 5y German BE is 0.39% while the 5y Japanese BE is inverted at 2.33%@davealevine how so? Just unfollow or blockThe great thing about twitter is that if you don't like what people tweet you can unfollow@JohnKicklighter it's gonna bust through FD: short@LadyFOHF @symplsymin @freshwatermacro @zerohedge agree@quietspectator @GaveKalCapital personally I think everything's at riskQE pushes HY spreads tighter, taper would indicate more widening to come... via @GaveKalCapital http://t.co/NsA1XUbwzr#GaveKal Capital: 5 #Charts Showing The #Taper Effect http://t.co/2ooA2wAwQv http://t.co/gE03tpvSBZ
Retweeted by David Schawel@boes_ the long end will arguably be driven more by inflation expectations than whether they hike in 6 months or 18 months@IvanTheK hey, didn't you just visit Maine? Some interesting characters there http://t.co/8spvbbTBi8@Dutch_Book there's always a new day and a new trade@Dutch_Book Seems like you've been pretty quiet lately@IvanTheK Graham, Frank, Dodd, what's the difference when you're on tv?@IvanTheK because they're so busy reading Graham & Dodd's Security Analysis book?@given2tweet have you ever traded currencies?Let's see if $NZDUSD will test 84 againWell...I look forward to this being proved right or wrong *if* the balance sheet is ever contracted http://t.co/0zJBjir8eR. @jasonzweigwsj If they are including the average American then it's not surprising - average person doesn't have much $ in the game@IvanTheK You must be located closerInner city baseball isn't dead: Chicago's Jackie Robinson West advances in LLWS: http://t.co/gsC8n3HZUuS&P breadth still well off earlier highs http://t.co/rXR7Fny2QD@groditi @nicolatheron as you would say, another 10bps is noise
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