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“@AaronBlakeWP: Fox poll in #NCSEN: Hagan 41, Tillis 36 http://t.co/s3pCbzWam0Even w/out #ISIS, House Repubs were likely to pass CR w/out much trouble - attributable to what they learned from last year's #shutdown“@LisaMascaroinDC: So, that's 319-108 the House just approved the stogap #CR” // the shutdown a shut down.A year ago, there was a 16-day shutdown. Today, over 300 House mbrs in a GOP-controlled chamber voted to fund the gov't
Retweeted by David M. Drucker271 - 157, #ISIS amendment passes. Rs: 159-71; Ds: 172-86.273 House votes for #ISIS amendmentGOP Iowa reps King, Latham and Dem Braley all voting in favor of Syria amdt.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerInbox: "The North Dakota Republican Party is proud to welcome Senator @MarcoRubio to Fargo on October 14th, 2014."
Retweeted by David M. Drucker#ISIS amendment passing easily in the House.“@costareports: Boehner votes yes” // By tradition, speaker usually doesn't vote, altho he/she can.My gut prediction: #ISIS amendment passes House with 235 votes. We'll see...“@edatpost: Looks like @DarrellIssa is tweeting the Constitution. #ConstitutionDay” // Or some poor intern.“@joshrogin: U.S. Army Chief Says Ground Troops Will Be Needed Against ISIS http://t.co/AolMmVFjIz @nytimes H/T @NoahShachtmanHouse Republican: Leadership "whipped" the CR; they only "surveyed" members to gauge support for #ISIS amendment..@NRSC raised $3M from GOP senators on Tuesday. A GOP'er tells me $$ can from "about 2/3" of the conference. http://t.co/hNBUs22LVb#2016 alert: @marcorubio now questioning Kerry at SFRC. @SenRandPaul is coming later
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@MikeAllen_43 There's debate on that in Intel community. But if the group is still around w/ new leaders & different uniform, where my wrng?By saying that #ISIS is al Qaeda evolved and under a new name, the Admin is saying its claims about having AQ on the run didn't pan out.Iran's president blasts 'ridiculous' U.S.-led coalition in exclusive sit-down with @AnnCurry http://t.co/YicjF5L5st http://t.co/LpFLqKhN2w
Retweeted by David M. Drucker… @JohnKerry then goes on to basically say that #ISIL is al Qaeda w/ a new name. (So, about AQ being on the run…).@JohnKerry pauses when asked how 2001 AUMF allows military action against #ISIS in Syria, then says: The admin lawyers say it's cool....@NancyPelosi: "This is not an authorization for use of military force... . I do not support nor will I support combat troops on the ground"
Retweeted by David M. DruckerWould have been interesting, and entertaining, if Sen. Byrd (D-WV) was still here to speak on the #ISIS/CR vote.MT @AlexConant: Politico: "Rubio blasted members of both parties for backing defense cuts." @katie_glueck reports: http://t.co/oRohF2NCSXRT @edatpost: .@RepJoeHeck (R-Nev.), Iraq war vet, up now. Says he won't support arming Free Syrian Army..@JohnKerry sounds more like someone trying 2 convince senators the Admin's #ISIS strategy will work than someone just laying out what it is"We must continue to repudiate the gross distortion of Islam that ISIL is spreading." @JohnKerry"Only a holistic campaign will accomplish our objectives…" @JohnKerry on #ISIS strategy"…a militant cult masquerading as a religious movement…" @JohnKerry on #ISIS"This is not the Gulf War in 1991; it is not the Iraq war in 2003." @JohnKerry on #ISIS strategyRT @AliABCNews: Kerry: There's no Arab division! Look at this photo op!RT @joshrogin: The Iraqis only have a handful of planes that can fire Hellfire missiles, so giving them thousands of them is kind of silly."We've been focused on ISIL since it's inception." @JohnKerryWith Congress wasn't divided along partisan lines? Watch today's #ISIS amendment vote in the House.Secretary of State Kerry, flanked by Code Pink protesters, testifying B4 Senate Foreign Relations Cmte… http://t.co/eqtAsRFsp6Pretty much RT @AsheSchow: So apparently to @TPCarney, the only reason an adult would ever crave Cap’n Crunch is if they’re drunkRT @ZekeJMiller: Menendez says he's not comfortable with relying on 2001 or 2002 AUMF, calls for Congress to draft a new one@joshrogin @NoahCRothman Congress has been marginalizing itself for years. The parties just take turns in terms of complicity.Cuz Maryland MT @benpershing: Go F yourself, survey RT @postlocal: Survey says D.C. has 2nd-rudest drivers, after ID http://t.co/ZfUtDiscP7RT @ZekeJMiller: CENTCOM: U.S. aircraft conducted seven airstrikes Tuesday and Wednesday.As @JohnKerry prepares to testify in Senate Foreign Relations Committee on ISIS, strong showing in the room by Code Pink.
Retweeted by David M. Druckerhawk => RT @edatpost: .@Rep_Hunter (R-Calif.) up now. Says he's opposed to authorizing train/equip Syrian rebels.Among likely voters, Walker draws 49%, Burke 46%, with 4% undecided in new Marquette Law School Poll. #mulawpoll
Retweeted by David M. DruckerAmong registered voters, Walker and Burke each at 46%, with 5% undecided, new Marquette Law School poll shows. #mulawpoll
Retweeted by David M. DruckerWaiting for a "the political optics of the Fitbit" story ...Ali Khamenei tweets with a sincerity that brings tears to one's eyes | https://t.co/p1qdCRr17D
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@SecretsBedard: Drug czar: Pot is top drug in fatal car wrecks | http://t.co/LjHV4bgGBo http://t.co/gt8c0TX7j1Ambsdrs Crocker and Ford and Gens Petraeus and Keane pen letter in support of ISIS amendment http://t.co/aBPtuZwIdK
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@mkraju: Mark Udall, in a tough race in #cosen, says he plans to vote for Obama's Syria plan” // I didn't expect this.RT @AP_Ken_Thomas: Hillary Clinton to address Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute on Sept. 30 in DC http://t.co/86DPrFIQdH
Retweeted by David M. DruckerTake note politicos - In any given year, more than 800,000 young Latinos turn 18. #ChangingElectorate via Pew http://t.co/tPGFrSfZcl
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @aseitzwald: Biden event in Des Moines getting under war soon. Relatively small crowd. http://t.co/TPO02fxy1W@barneykeller Give me money so I can outlaw your ability to give me money. Sounds like a winner.@alexis_levinson @KyleTrygstad Someone tell @shiracenter & @cbellantoni to pony up.#LiterallyFolks RT @postpolitics: Biden: ‘Shylocks’ comment a ‘poor choice of words’ http://t.co/jYobeRhktLNo #AKSEN? RT @KyleTrygstad: You decide: Should @alexis_levinson travel to cover #ARSEN, #KYSEN, #NCSEN, #KSSEN, etc. http://t.co/6JMaHXsuCY“Really the only hang-up I hear,& it’s talkd abt a lot,is the Common Core issue" -Iowa GOP'er on Huckabee prospects: http://t.co/zJg5ZVB26K@SalenaZitoTrib @Sen_JoeManchin Thanks ZWhat candidate ads should do. RT @KyleTrygstad: Cotton ads working to show the softer side of the candidate http://t.co/eICv7uOoVK #ARSENRT @hillhulse: Sen Manchin on floor: "We don't need to arm and train Syrian rebels to protect Americans."@SalenaZitoTrib @Sen_JoeManchin Is he for or against?Who won @ByronYork's Twitter Presidential Straw Poll? A governor… http://t.co/pqxFyy6IuqWhite House to meet with regulators, mortgage lenders and insurers today on expanding access to home loans http://t.co/UJZwZkdblE
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @NJ_Politics: RGA brings in $75 million under Chris Christie's leadership, group announces http://t.co/l0tcURCb1xSymmetry to @DavidMDrucker NRSC piece: this week in '06, Senate Ds pledged millions to DSCC in their push for 6 seats http://t.co/vlFX9YviIb
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@LPDonovan I had forgotten about that. Great memory.So @StewSays & @AJentleson will Wednesday morning bring bipartisan Leader speeches celebrating their mutual love of Nationals?
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @JGreenDC: From @susanferrechio: The @club4growth won't be scoring this week's government funding vote http://t.co/FWOKHQPlkpCool thing about election on Scottish independence: Here on East Coast of States, even if returns run late will still come in by like 6 pmRT @rickklein: this is an uncommonly lame political year in Ohio. that could matter through 2016. http://t.co/B7pcu1XmII@kirstinalv @meredithshiner @DavidVitter @NRSC Unknown at this point. He's prolly husbanding $$ for gov run.Palestinians to ask UN for recognition as state soon, Abbas tells Herzog http://t.co/1GhBIlnct5 (@LahavHarkov in @Jerusalem_Post)
Retweeted by David M. DruckerVote on the #ISIS amendment to the #CR expected around 1 pm ET; final passage of CR around 4.We're withdrawing our KV alert for the CR because w/ISIS it's largely about foreign policy now: http://t.co/z0Rw71fhhD via @club4growth
Retweeted by David M. DruckerGOP lawsuit against Wisconsin elections officials seeks redesign of November ballot, says it's confusing and benefits Democrats
Retweeted by David M. Drucker…and @club4growth notes that it doesn't take a position on foreign policy matters..@club4growth withdraws key-vote against CR because addition of #ISIS amendment makes it largely about foreign policy...@kirstinalv @meredithshiner @NRSC It's been a Senate GOP ethos. House GOP'ers give lots to their cmte@QuinHillyer @susancrabtree @GroverNorquist …Members can only transfer to party cmte. Giving $2K to cand is good but won't compete w/ Dems@QuinHillyer @susancrabtree @GroverNorquist I'd be more sympathetic if you said, give to super PACs. But problem is...@QuinHillyer @susancrabtree @GroverNorquist There are two different issues here. Just giving to candidates isn't a solution...@QuinHillyer @susancrabtree @GroverNorquist Direct contribs to cands capped by law at $2K. A big transfer to cmte goes farther/efficient@meredithshiner Hadn't seen your story. Really good piece.@DraftRyan2016 @HanKiwon @mviser similar to: Even bad pizza's still pretty good.RT @NKingofDC: @bdomenech gets Rand Paul to respond to his critics on foreign policy/ISIS. Good read: http://t.co/hdigcbj3FO via @FDRLSTSex-selection abortions, you have friend in San Francisco. Supes passed resolution to ban bans against. #WarOnWomen http://t.co/NmdHXP9QgP
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@SenRandPaul's stops will include USC in Columbia and College of Charleston..@SenRandPaul headed to South Carolina on Sept. 30 for "college tour" w/ SC GOP chairman.@susancrabtree @QuinHillyer @GroverNorquist It's not wasted unless it's wasted. GOP needs more air cover in competitive races & $$ mattersHouse Select Committee on #Benghazi holds first public hearing today on Capitol Hill.RT @freddoso: !!! Exclusive: Top Dem says homegrown ISIS fighter has already come in and out of U.S. http://t.co/zE8WKCGeRA@HanKiwon @mviser It's not. Just fun and I'm a big coffee drinker. It's true, burnt coffee is awful.@KoenigJojo @SalenaZitoTrib @BDayspring Maybe you should be mad at them 4 selling out, if that's what you think happens.@KoenigJojo @BDayspring @SalenaZitoTrib @NRSC It's just the way it works. If these guys stick around & do their work, they'll end up chairsRand Paul is learning that his words have consequences. He should see that as a good thing. Here's why! http://t.co/7vHbZ2nlbL
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@KoenigJojo @BDayspring @SalenaZitoTrib @NRSC Most don't have enough seniority yet - haven't been in Congress long enough.Boehner’s office coffee? “Always filtered water.” Aides must move after brewing. “If you leave it on the machine too long it tastes burnt”
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@KoenigJojo @BDayspring @SalenaZitoTrib @NRSC Simply not true. Small govt types have more power in smaller majority.@KoenigJojo @BDayspring @SalenaZitoTrib @NRSC Not in the House - not enough winnable seats. In Senate, maybe. But desire hardly the issue.@KoenigJojo @BDayspring @SalenaZitoTrib @NRSC Some have but that's simplistic view of issue, IMHO.
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