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Dave @Dave77062 The Republic of Texas

I am the God fearing, gun owning American that Obama warned you about. Molon labe ego te provoco

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How much of this shit are we going to take? Islamic State Beheads Hostage David Haines & Threatens Cameron and Obama http://t.co/WBd6nlBI9X
Wonder what he is going to do about ISIS at the Laredo border? Maybe we can have a coalition with the drug cartels?We don't stand for the same values there Barry.Didn't he say there were no chemical weapons when he was campaigning. Guess that changedYo Barry, I in ISIL stands for Islamic. Thought you should know.He still won't call Islam what it is.Hey IMAM Obama quit calling it ISIL.
Useful Idiots: Chipotle Espouses Communist Rhetoric On To-Go Bags http://t.co/b0QbFstq9VShe is pitiful Janay Rice Breaks Her Silence About Leaked Video of NFL Player Ray Rice Striking Her http://t.co/l8cuJNalBD
Details..details.. http://t.co/Dh4yK1by3JTexas Sheriff's Brutal Warning to the Islamic State Should Send a Chill Through... http://t.co/pEAd1CfIPU via @theblaze#BorderCrisis is "existential threat" to U.S. - Gen John Kelly #NoAmnesty #tcot #tgdn #PJNET http://t.co/lrMpdEY6cX http://t.co/kkA02QW0eX
Retweeted by DaveSen. Ted Kennedy was absolutely right when he said this… #DontRepeal1A http://t.co/pjKONkB3aJ
Retweeted by Dave.@DarrellIssa says he caught the Justice Department conspiring with House Democrats on IRS documents: http://t.co/GX1AViqmAd
Retweeted by Dave@Flambert555 @MrPuma2072 @Boomtownchav @ProudGrayback @DrugFreeUmmah @Coslopuss @georgetietjen @plambert555 Smart !!! http://t.co/y6JMZSN0Jq
Retweeted by DaveKind of says it all. http://t.co/Bpyht5fileMayor wants apology after city flag used as drop cloth - FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston http://t.co/LL8JzrI7XRHomeland Security Bulletin: Islamic State Can Attack U.S. Overseas With 'Little... http://t.co/agskXmZCbS via @theblaze“All we know is that bad things are coming,” CIA Rep. ISIS is at the door. #tcotAMEN! 'I'm Done With…Stupid Rules': Pastor Reveals No-Nonsense Approach Following Vir... http://t.co/g7oaFYTEre via @theblaze
“@AIIAmericanGirI: 🇺🇸 Panera Bread Asks Law-Abiding Citizens to Leave Guns at Home http://t.co/yAWoUMUjKh #WIUNIONhttp://t.co/JQtnGNwIB5ISIS Publishes A Map Illustrating Its Five-Year Plan For World Domination http://t.co/yhHABZpgo7 via @last_patriotsHonored 2 Call You All Friends xo @Braveheart_USA @WayneBogda @Steph93065 @ChristieC733 @Pinkadottts @ChrisCoon4 http://t.co/zYuFi3j9Tp
Retweeted by Dave@mhs58 I'm anti Islam/any cult that wants 2 kill me. @hankishtwit @WayneBogda @LorenzoCastane3 @jjauthor @DrMartyFox http://t.co/pLDDlJDyMq
Retweeted by Dave🇺🇸 YOUTHS LAUGH ON VIDEO As Black Mob Beat Kroger Store Employee Unconscious in Parking Lot (VIDEO) http://t.co/sGzfJUOiRh #WIunion
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Outrageous! Autistic Boy Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Gets Soaked With Excrement Instead http://t.co/jMotluk2yW via @last_patriotsWhite People Should 'Go Back to England,' According to the Man Who Has Already ... http://t.co/TBTvVdX0HM via @theblazeVIDEO: Illegals Have Taken their Invasion of our Border to a Whole New Level http://t.co/AzICqSXLclAllen West: ‘Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist’ http://t.co/PMchIDWe1nGuess Which Country Found 'Shariah Police' Patrolling Outside Nightclubs http://t.co/sjrpuF4lBj via @theblazeBREAKING! ISIS IS IN EL PASO, TEXAS – FORT BLISS UNDER HIGH ALERT! http://t.co/rAvOXSDgJU via @last_patriots“@InfidelSoldier6: Religion Of Peace: Children Play With Severed Heads In The Islamic State’s Caliphate. http://t.co/QAvYLoA9q0Don't forget! Please continue to #BoycottStarbucks! They are for total gun ban and anti-Israel.
Retweeted by DaveBrother Rachid address President Obama about ISIS and Islam http://t.co/3rbcDZzMm8 via @youtube
ISIS Teaches Children How to Behead in Training Camps via @ABC13Houston http://t.co/bRD8rurCBShttp://t.co/lixpT6VP5F
Retweeted by DaveGOTTA LOVE TEXAS & TACTICAL FIREARMS. I just drove by. Good job guys! @tacticalfirearm #NOBAMA #ISIS http://t.co/2T3MvdLVdS
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GRAPHIC: Mexican Terrorist Cartel Beheads 4 Women In Message To America (21 ) http://t.co/IYhgNGJWnE via @TellMeNow_RT @karenpiscopo1 : The Islamists r the biggest child abusers of them all!! @BornagainCarol http://t.co/eCtkot4o8Q”#childabuse
Retweeted by DaveGod help us. The ISIS flag is now flying in Jerusalem. http://t.co/D6NouwrHfw #tcot
Retweeted by DaveIn my neighborhood, we would have taken a before and after photo... #WhatsUpTexas http://t.co/Xl17OEUQQS
Retweeted by DaveRT @hankishtwit: Obama wants to "shrink" NOT eliminate and "manage" ISIS! @Burdog7 @BornagainCarol @pjfny http://t.co/YA2nLcItwE
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The Osteen Predicament -- Mere Happiness Cannot Bear the Weight of the Gospel http://t.co/T0f6w61cHH
YUP! ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Explains How He’d Fight Islamic State: ‘Conv... http://t.co/IUQzXzvHjm via @theblaze“@kc5lei: Everytime Obama apologizes to a Muslim, I remember watching this...@jjauthor @BraveConWarrior @TeaPartyCat http://t.co/aLOL7iwFd9
Retweeted by DaveBorder Gates in El Paso Wide Open As Feds Warn ISIS Attack Imminent - http://t.co/cwVVq7z7T3 via @Rambobiggs http://t.co/dNvYBBEEXA
Retweeted by DaveMembers of Congress must unite to clearly and directly confront this evil.
Retweeted by DaveOfficer Darren Wilson deserves a medal.Police Officer Darren Wilson, received a "blowout fracture" before emptying his service weapon. What would u do http://t.co/A0zMIDf6Nx
Retweeted by Dave"Kill them" John McCain regarding what to do about ISIS..yup works for me. #tcotFear of Another 9/11 Type Attack as Intel Reports Reveal 11 Libyan Airliners Have Gone Missing http://t.co/bkbnyPVtAnAtheists Added Something to a Question About Removing 'Under God' From the Pled... http://t.co/hLyOS4E63a via @theblazeBarack Obama: http://t.co/AP9RpD80SR
Retweeted by Dave#2A FACT: U.S. Homicides near record low. READ> http://t.co/C0t7WjM8co #NRA #tcot #tgdn #PJNET #ORPUW #gunsense http://t.co/p2brZNxZlY
Retweeted by DaveUS intel searching for 11 missing Libyan commercial jets that terrorists could use for. 9/11-style attacks. http://t.co/0SYL80OnN7
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Parents of Navy SEAL Killed in Action Demand Obama’s Resignation http://t.co/YF8JNjumzI via @theblazeDoesn't this pos work for fox? FIRE HIS ASS! Geraldo Rivera: Second Amendment Is 'Blind and Stupid' http://t.co/u9m5qzM1aFVa. Dem. asks God to murder everyone in NRA with deadly Ebola virus http://t.co/GCdBP7ztSs via @examinercom
3 Indiana churches vandalized overnight with Qur'an verses - http://t.co/4GB3C102zM http://t.co/gw1DNU6tHd
Retweeted by DaveOnline posts show ISIS eyeing Mexican border, says law enforcement bulletin | http://t.co/RrbrYGGRiNGoodbye Scumbag! American Rapper Douglas McAuthur McCain Killed Fighting for ISIS in Syria http://t.co/kCKuKWwtPV #tcotObama Sides with the Muslims - Goes Fund Raising as Islamists Threaten America http://t.co/uSrtqZRreh
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Kind of self explanatory. #isis #tcot http://t.co/CdFpMA1tTlWhy I Carry, Reason #4 [pic] #2A #NRA #RKBA #ORPUW #PJNET #ccot #teaparty #tlot #LNYHBT #RedNationRising http://t.co/d98QYXJYS0
Retweeted by DaveRT @MAYANNE_729: “@DKurdistan: RT: @JudgeDan48: Child abuse, Palestinian style http://t.co/7BatUylaLj
Retweeted by DaveThere is just something wrong with taking financial advice from Fonzi. Just sayinI never thought I would agree with her..Feinstein: Obama Too Cautious on 'Extraordinarily Dangerous' ISIS http://t.co/mak7HlxkuC
Uhh..how about not a snowballs chance in hell. Is there a microchip implant in your future? | http://t.co/hBfdzsqP5Q TCOTWhat Leading From Behind Looks Like http://t.co/Q4UxT85TlMRead my lips: We don’t have a strategy yet…. http://t.co/RMWM0VGdNOWe Are At War With ISIS And They Are A Real, Sophisticated, Threat http://t.co/SjD9sEpCIe #tcotImminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border http://t.co/ydPML1Bqmv
JEWSNEWS » The islamic rape of xtian nuns…the story the media ain’t telling you http://t.co/8bOZE9PwrkWow! They really are that damn dumb! Democrats More Afraid of Global Warming Than ISIS http://t.co/DW1V1m6Rr8 via @BreitbartNews
JEWSNEWS » ISIS savages are now stooping so low, they’re even crucifying kids http://t.co/iGy9BoKm3oJEWSNEWS » Pork-Laced Ammo Designed to Deter Islamic Terror Attacks Against America http://t.co/LgQEk2Xma026-Year-Old Female Relief Worker Named Next to Be Executed if U.S. Does Not Fulfill ISIS' Demands http://t.co/DB8t6uN3C1US Marine in a coma after racially motivated lynching in Mississippi. Police Chief insults victim. http://t.co/JwUnlLEW4W
The ONLY cure for this cancer... #ISIS #KillThemAll http://t.co/2cdxjOMoyV
Retweeted by DaveObamaHolder still think its a crime spree & not a war. #palin2010 #isis #beheading #foley http://t.co/TFwHxY9c8Khttp://t.co/EGnr9dj8Fh
Retweeted by DaveLooks like he has done that a time or two ..just sayin http://t.co/0fGy94elbp
'We Are Darren Wilson' Supporters Urge Americans to Call Gov. Nixon to Demand Fairness http://t.co/mDwi9uh1jOPussification of America at work. Vermont Restaurant Removes Bacon Sign Due to Muslim Opposition http://t.co/bpqnAoEphM #tcotComing soon to the US. The Biggest Single Trigger of Jihadism Has Been our Adherence to ‘Multiculturalism’ http://t.co/NI5BfpqdTW #tcotSucks actually having to come to work every once in a while doesn't it Barry? Obama’s Golf War http://t.co/h8RsVV27EBI Increasingly Find Conflict Between My Faith and Some Conservative Discourse http://t.co/LOVzNtZ9o4I stand with rick! The Truth Behind Gov. Perry’s Trumped Up Indictment http://t.co/IUu6QThaddLt. General Calls for DEFCON 1 Over ISIS 9/11 Threat http://t.co/59MWrutsdfWashed up old hag trying to be relevant. Pitiful.Pam Anderson criticizes ALS ice bucket challenge http://t.co/alXSRXFfRR #tcotYou already opened Pandora's box asshat. Obama orders review of federal role in arming state and local police http://t.co/odrKEgD1C0 #tcotUS, UK eye rapper as British-born militant who beheaded journalist James Foley http://t.co/TsSKG9MJWsOf course he is. Obama sends White House aides to Ferguson funeral http://t.co/n3Cu4togLm
Tweet Hints at Islamic State Threat Against Chicago http://t.co/K6vXNEWmLc via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Dave@ConnsBabyDoll all of this discussion with these people brought us to this point. The solution is at the barrel of a gun not talk.The man circled is the one they think beheaded journalists. John Mc Cain is the idiot across the room from him! http://t.co/WQ1YT4tL87
Retweeted by DaveBobby Jindal is spot on! Victory is not inevitable | http://t.co/fqGUs3r8H5 tcotFor the Second Time Since July, A Flag Has Been Placed on a NYC Bridge by Unknown Sources http://t.co/9U07jaYfjkWhile Obama golfs..Did the Muslim Terrorist Group ISIS Identify a Target City in America? http://t.co/4s7lsKxmfl #tcot
There is no such thing as a #WarOnWhites...because I heard it from these fine upstanding racists. http://t.co/jRPxBdpUP5 #Ferguson #Sharpton
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