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Speaker | Author [http://t.co/UulPOLjAJ6] | Reality TV Winner | Player of Video Games [http://t.co/w2zoXPE3dj]

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@AlpacaPatrol City chicken?@AlpacaPatrol Pinky up?@tyronerodriguez @NorthernlionLP @bisnapLP @CobaltStreak That Isaac hotel room was the equivalent of Michael Jackson's We Are The World.I'll be there in spirit. Tweet pics when it happens and send pizza. πŸ• https://t.co/2PdQP6uG6y@Polygon George Lucas classic: @NorthernlionLPFallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 8 [Shiv]: http://t.co/YDf3xhRfQQ via @YouTube@heyeggshen Really enjoyed it!!!!@passe24 I'm lucky to have so much support after these years, least I can do!@kcford76 @Polygon Heard of SpaceVenture?@KatyWellhousen It's a game...@kevinbrokeit PC/XB1@fooshound Time Waste? You mean Time Investment well spent. #ExamineShelfNew Podcast: Years of Applying for Reality TV with no callbacks? http://t.co/QbBdSlaDbM@MemphisGarrett @ughh_erin Can't wait to meet the first Junior Renegade. How is River?@lynnmcdonald191 @cgheesling Because then it becomes a real drink. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ@RussellMacLean πŸ’΅@AlBeastBerube The Black Cauldron @kaghees@BigBrotherazzi Oakland County 😐@JScottPek thanks Jeff πŸ’€@RussellMacLean Legend@JScottPek CoffeePretty excited for this! Some of my first gaming memories were from Sierra adventures. https://t.co/62IV1EtADT@ArizonaBrees I work for myself Jill.Just saw a 12 year old drive an Escalade out of Dunkin Donuts. At least his priories were straight...Fallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 27 [Doakes Streak]: http://t.co/ejJZWEMMUF via @YouTube
Finished Game of Throne Book 3 last night starting Season 3 right now! Still behind but working on it πŸ”¨@JSmithOTI throw the ball Joey@WhenChukAttacks Congrats man! I heard Brasso adds some real good flavor@WhenChukAttacks Seasoned with?@MathasGames @cgheesling Don't knock it til you swig it@wiggitywiggity1 @cgheesling best kept secret around@JustACraig @cgheesling whatever floats your boat@gmoney9395 Thanks man@ktscarlit πŸ€@lbkulpa @cgheesling Cooler is better - it's refreshing@heyeggshen @cgheesling @joonk26 That's how you know she's a keeper πŸ”₯@JustACraig @cgheesling too good for most humans@michaelalfox Library Tavern?@Beth_DeAnda OK LMK, and I'll pop in sometime@cgheesling πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ΄πŸΉ@Beth_DeAnda No, do you want to make one?Every so often I'll open up the refrigerator and take a swig of Worchester sauce. @cgheesling looks at me in shock every time.Fallout Shelter 10k & Thank You: http://t.co/hvxfbBGpJq via @YouTube@taylorwhite_ lol@traceychieng guest appearance in shenmue 3Even though I'm done playing I'll always love the game. :) #BB17 https://t.co/015tqVAcAf@lanaliz :)@krewloveschris thanks m8@ughh_erin @MemphisGarrett Memphis is legend@ItsMattWilson Did you make it??It's always a fun time of the year - no matter what season I always enjoy tweeting with you. Thanks for all the love. #BB17Fallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 7 [Look At Me]: http://t.co/2NxqIGWYWt via @YouTube@cabbagee Oh man that's a tough question...I like both. But if he doesn't have a gaming PC, I would recommend PS4.@MathasGames yeezus@krewloveschris Chris I'm just a surprised as you are πŸ˜‚@TheGamingKeeper πŸ˜€@Schobbo Ahh sorry about that I'll look into itFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 26 [Plus Two]: http://t.co/DtRYKOVt0P via @YouTube
@vivalalisa23 If you're in major trouble Week 1 - no rookie speech is going to help you.When some Houseguests play too hard the first week... #BB17 http://t.co/IuS59wiqFM@MathasGames @NorthernlionLP eggboxFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 25 [Quick Butch]: http://t.co/t4Irz1NmCp via @YouTube@NorthernlionLP Great choice πŸ‘Fallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 6 [Blue Stars]: http://t.co/lJblP4KzpJ via @YouTube@CP9_Giraffe Thanks SeΓ±or! πŸ‘@JSmithOTI throw the ball Joey
@JSmithOTI you watching it tonight?@NorthernlionLP mtg plate? @RockLeeSmileFallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 5 [Sir]: http://t.co/jc3FF36Evf via @YouTubeHanging in there... https://t.co/thAjzmPzvZ@MyWebCamWedding Do you want me to approach the bride and groom today? Or is this an automated message? Either way...Wedding in Ann Arbor tonight - the groom's name is Lumpy. @ Campus Inn - Ann Arbor https://t.co/EbAQf4gt5W@NorthernlionLP "hubris"@JSmithOTI @MC_NW @DraculaFetus spoiler: she will like bad news bears better@JSmithOTI @MC_NW @DraculaFetus spolier: its not gud@JSmithOTI @MC_NW @DraculaFetus please. sat night with otiGF, it wont disappoint@MC_NW @JSmithOTI @DraculaFetus truth@moaiHeadOlgo Bruh Albion alpha on Tuesday@JSmithOTI you're@JSmithOTI @DraculaFetus well your missing out on a great gem in American cinema - you would love it@JSmithOTI @DraculaFetus have you ever watched it, seriously?@JSmithOTI @DraculaFetus throw the ball Joey@DraculaFetus that end slate Krey@yogo98 I tweet about things I like, not just Big Brother m8.Fallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 24 [Ginger]: http://t.co/Fg3NOEnVhD via @YouTube
Fallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 23 [Parcheezy]: http://t.co/o0nfxfXDR7 via @YouTube@MathasGames @michaelalfox cosign@michaelalfox but they were cones @carpemike@Infamous2500 secret in game message!!! #FalloutShelterWent ⛳️ today with my mentor and for the first time had fun on the course.@LBAdair @NorthernlionLPFallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 4 [Surprise]: http://t.co/iJWKGUe0xh via @YouTubeDuck Game - Tournament of Shame - Heat 5: http://t.co/XnxDkVYjGI via @YouTubeFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 22 [Resources]: http://t.co/zYTqGMFBLA via @YouTube@Driederxo :)@Alex_A_Leon legend status
@jasonthenicest wolvesRip and get outta there@moaiHeadOlgo @ThirdEyeBlind @DTEEnergyMusic j/kj/k/j/k/k/j/k/k@DanielleAlexisM@moaiHeadOlgo @ThirdEyeBlind @DTEEnergyMusic The problem isn't the sound, its that you are seeing 3rd Eye Blind
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