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The moment they play your favorite song. #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos All I can say is....you guys rock since day 1, early follower here 😉 & 👉 (credits whoever made it) 👍 http://t.co/tywqItAnZh
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It's more than 140 characters but follow @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/dC9RWSVgEW
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I feel like less of a weirdo reading @ConcertWeirdos tweets. Funny how that works. Follow them and join our army of weirdness! 🙈✌😎🎶
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Give us the best shoutout evaaaaaaa and spread the word. We will follow back 👌Knowing that every fan base has their own lingo and inside jokes. #concertweirdos"Wow! Why is it so empty here? Such a good spot." *Minutes later realizing you're in the middle of a mosh pit.*Concerts: the only time I have the best and worst hair days of my life all in one day. #concertweirdoshttp://t.co/MtfeteMoeW
Practically using default pics w/ musicians to balance out that sad feeling of what I call: being single. #concertweirdos“@ConcertWeirdos: 👌 http://t.co/6Pg8KtQKee” wells boys don't like me so I'll stick to concerts
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™👌 http://t.co/LWrtKQL46fRT if you can't remember the last day you didn't mention bands. #thismaybeaproblem 😅Concert withdrawals are the worst @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™They also used a metal detector on males and my friend got kicked out for underage drinking too. Hahah what a night.Note to self: electronic concerts @ HOB are VERY strict. They checked my purse, in btwn ea credit card, tossed my Chapstick & my flasks hah
http://t.co/R0XK7pFf4xConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmfJust because the ticket says the show is at 8, doesn't mean I show up at 8. #earlybirdgetsfrontrow #concertweirdos
@mybubbles17 👍http://t.co/ZyUf58uQdR@Miss_Andi yes 👍My dream: A 90s themed tour with all the bands/groups/singers that the 90s kids grew up on. 👌
I don't care if it's one song or 30 songs, I'll be there. It's worth it. #concertweirdos
Is anyone at the Porter Robinson concert at Orlando's HOB tonight?"@ConcertWeirdos: Can you bring a flask into house of blues ? lol" Isn't the point of a flask... to bring it anywhere (secretly)?
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Can you bring a flask into house of blues ? lol"Didnt you already see them once?": Do you only see people you love once? Don't you want to be near them as much as you can? Yeah, same. #CWIntensely staring at the band and hoping my fav member, or any member looks me right in the eye and falls in love with me @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Friend: You've seen them like 8 times! Why are you going again? Me: You don't understand that they have saved my life!! @ConcertWeirdos
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#Concertweirdos find adorable what regular people find super weird when it comes to things band members do.
#concertweirdos know that a night time concert truly starts in the morning. Concerts = All day event!The pain and pure agony feels when there's no way to make a concert you so badly want to go to. #leavemeheretodie 💔 #concertweirdosI'm pretty impatient in life unless I'm waiting in line for a show, then my patience goes on and on. #concertweirdos
Concert friends never judge. #concertweirdosNew tour you're excited for?New albums also mean new tours!! #concertweirdosLife seems boring and slow without a show to look forward to. #concertweirdos
@ConcertWeirdos normal people will never know or can understand a fangirl mind & heart.. it's too complicated
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™People don't understand that having a band break up is like going through a break up. It's really hard. 😟 #concertweirdosConcert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmf Stories via @PupFresh @ConcertWeirdosTag your fave #concertbuddies!The best memories I have are from shows and music ❤️ #concertweirdosYou know you're a #concertweirdo if practically all your #mcm go to band boys.@ConcertWeirdos accused a member of an opening act of faking his British accent. Turns out he's actually British. 🙈
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@haleighanne @mindlessdrews just going so we can laugh at ourselves about it. It'll be awesome right @BreanaStrampel ?@mindlessdrews @haleighanne @aaroncarter not to be creepy but my friend and I are going to see him soon just for the hell of it. Hahhaa@Humanphobic funny part is that I actually have the band's albums and listened to them xD just never cared to know what they looked like.@ConcertWeirdos first time at warped tour, tripped over a rope &fell flat on my face in front of everyone. Before I even entered the venue.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Okay no more about me. You can get at me here instead @MonicaValentine . I'm gonna start RTing your stories so bring em on!Oh best part of the story is that.... The band he was in was actually my old roommates favorite band 😂😂😂😂@ConcertWeirdos JC Charles and Alex Foxx from The Relapse Symphony told me to shush as they stole an inflatable alien from Eyes Set to Kill
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™“@fvckingsyko: @ConcertWeirdos 😂😂 which band??” I can't because 1) yall would freak out 😆 and 2) he's not single so...no bueno. HahaDidnt know his name; only that he was at the show too. Next day I find out he's a member in 1 of the biggest post hardcore bands. Lol 😂talking to me about the show & other bands. He was drunk & we were just having casual talk. Then he kissed me, I was caught off guard & leftSo after a small show downtown I decide to go to bars w my friends. This one guy (tbh I thought he was either a tour manager or crew) startsI'll tell ya a personal story of mine that I haven't told lol .........@ConcertWeirdos a guy jumped on stage to get me a setlist & then he got arrested
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos Jesse McCartney told the 30something women at a NKOTB concert "Its okay ladies I know what you are thinking. And I am legal"
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™“@haleighanne: @ConcertWeirdos i saw aaron carter two years ago. That is all” 😂@ConcertWeirdos At a bar some random band was playing then randomly someone came up on stage and said "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY"
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@steven__grande ahhahahhahahhahahhahaha 😂@ConcertWeirdos 1st time at a hardcore concert and I didn't know what a wall of death was; I stood in the middle as the singer counted down.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos We played a show and the bathroom was in a seperate building than the venue. The janitor locked us in the building haha
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Haven't talked to yall in a good while. Challenge: tell me the funniest concert/music story in one tweet. I'll share the good ones :)Can I be a professional concert attendee, and have my own section and VIP always? #concertweirdos
@ConcertWeirdos this is what really happens 😁 http://t.co/i8ipPaAVK2
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The most asked question I get is "What concert are you going to?" when I go out of town, even if I'm not seeing a show. #concertweirdos
Bad mouth my band and see what happens. #concertweirdos
Best show you've been to! Go!Time needs to speed up so the show can come quicker, but slow down when it's here so I can enjoy every single second. #concertweirdos
@ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/M9R8jhYeKt
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Any and every #concertweirdo needs to read this @altpress list of "10 Bizarre Habits of Highly Obsessive Fans": http://t.co/WuxFByhNOk 🙌
Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmf Stories via @PupFresh
Look what was in my timehop today! @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/Qx4mGyY3ev http://t.co/zmSnaah1DC
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Finding lyrics that describe your life and being fairly certain band members stalk your life for song inspiration. #concertweirdos
Thoughts before a M&G: "I'm going to throw up everywhere. What do I say? Omg, they're pretty up close. omg I can't breathe." #concertweirdosPortable chargers are a #concertweirdos savior.
I want to go to a show. #concertweirdos
It's @ConcertWeirdos :) "@RetweetTheSongs: may i know which music accounts on twitter are your fav?"
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™It's crazy how it starts with "I kinda like this song" & ends up "I know every single thing about you&will love you forever" #concertweirdos
@ConcertWeirdos that moment the concert is over and you are in your car. http://t.co/isynszGxgW
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Wait, you don't travel for shows? You don't go to more than one? You don't wait in line for hours? I don't understand. #concertweirdos
Leaving a concert and thrashing around your car listening to music like you are still at the show. After show energy FTW @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Tomorrow's paycheck is just going to replace the amount of money I've spent in the last week on concert tickets. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Going to concerts improve my mood & jumping around is exercise, so that means going to shows is good for my health, right? #concertweirdos
Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/1Eai7EILmfWhen you know your favorite artists are in your town, all of your senses are heightened. #detective #concertweirdos
Don't turn the music down, speak up. #concertweirdosU know ur an @ConcertWeirdos when u relive ur concert w a Spotify playlist on repeat...
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™People think I'm crazy for waiting hours in line. Check back w/ me when the show starts&we'll see who's front row&who's not😏 #concertweirdosMeeting your favorite member: #concertweirdos http://t.co/Y8quSakeGI
Concerts make me forget that anything is wrong. #concertweirdos
Great way to put yourself in another's shoes. #concertweirdos http://t.co/atyEqNIUwG
All the words I use to describe the show don't even measure up to how amazing it actually was. #concertweirdosGotta say, @ConcertWeirdos is one of my all time favorite twitter accounts. If you're into concerts, go check them out! :)
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos #Truth http://t.co/YEEAEg3rnV
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Post concert depression IS A REAL THING @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Work is just what must get done in between shows. @ConcertWeirdos
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The music I'm listening to speaks volumes on how I am feeling without me having to say a word. #concertweirdos
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