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.“@TXStronghornFan: I hear you like BiG Sean” I listened to it to understand young people but got more confused what is goin ham in a rental.@BretBielema do you want to do the coin flip XFL style in the bowl game
.“@Bairkothmann21: What do u want for Christmas?” Oh man Kris Boyd Daylon Mack Hilton Hill Chris Warren Tim Irvin some stocking stuffers etc.“@mulloy_k: If you had to choose one top core value, what would that be chuck?” No bitchassedness. Sorry for cursingYou can work out your core values every day.“@JOlson62: Coach what is your New Years resolution?” Figure out how they make chocolate diamonds.“@scoutdad1225: drop the "g". #Finessin” Well okay is this some mySpaces thing or something does it have to do with emojisOh my gosh omg I just watched deandre mcneals tape he is good hes like shaq sized glad we offeredJust puréed some salmon steaks #finessing.“@bigup2dahorns: what about flossin or twerking?” I floss every day have you seen my teeth what is tewrking#finessing okay.“@EricBustaHyman: We r decreasing seating from 2014 to 2015, but we will actually have urinals now” Isn't it already a urinal for that dog.“@DaylonMack: My top two schools are LSU and TCU” Hey Daylon just FYI its "UT" and there's no C in it so just tryin to help.“@MarcAg_: the implosion & rebuild is going to give us less seats than we currently have. Appreciate the concern” Now I'm really concerned.@TAMU do you think it's a good idea to implode your stadium tomorrow to make it bigger so there are even more empty seats I mean just sayin.“@GoDaddiO: What's your workout for today coach?” You mean what WAS my workout been done since 4:30 - delts, subdelts, subscap, brachialis.“@GeorgiaHorn56: Coach, is UT a basketball school now?” Is willie Nelson japanese nope he's not probably never will be.“@ReggieBoi1980: How bout u change to spread offense. What do u think” I think toilet water is prob ok to drink but I'm not gonna try it.“@tourneur50g: Coach we need more europeans on the team and Thierry Henry is now available” what are you even talking about.“@JORTSatx: how many total stars do you expect your recruiting class to have now?” Our sun is a star and it will explode in 5 billion years.“@VacekLuke: Really mature talking crap to Sumlin's real twitter! Stay classy Austin!” Why does he have a ghost twitter I should talk to
.@CoachSumlin we don't even have a barbershop if a player wants his hair cut he goes over to the pit & Pat Moorer smacks it off w a hatchet.“@KobyAdcock: OUCH CHARLIE!!!!!! http://t.co/lFMao25u9g” Is that real.“@Jay_True_BLU: how many sheep do ags count at night?” They can probably look at them & say "97" like rain man did w a pile of toothpicks.“@DaylonMack: I have decomitted from Texas A&M and I will be releasing my top two schools around noon Saturday!” I am in the gym then.“@kat_kilgannon: Imagine if @ChuckFnStrong was the real Coach Strong lmao” Ask the kettle bells I broke yesterday if they think I'm real.“@Official_MalikJ: @ChuckFnStrong what's up? 😂😈 causing problems on Twitter?” Im just keeping it T-real is that how young ppl say itPeople say Charlie how did this all go down and I say pretty simple really http://t.co/TK2phy1tMQ.“@triggasteve: Hard to talk shit when ur only 5 star is there bc TAMU doesn't have a DC.” Aggie didn't have a DC even when they did.“@recjbxrp: @TrendsAustin You're trending in Austin, Coach!” What does that even mean does it have to do with my sandals.“@MR_HORNS: Good day, Coach? http://t.co/YhKV6uKeoE” is that real.@OU_CoachStoops how's your friday did you see that kid with the dreds and the nice smile that we got anyway hope you're good.@NCAA can Malik and DeAndre play in our bowl game it's in like a week.“@MarkSchnyder: Why do you say #LetsRide?” Because I have a schwinn lemon peeler and I like to invite people to ride on it.“@EMERYmichael: is today now a holiday?” Uh yeah it has been for like 3000 years when Jesus invented hanukkah.@TexAgs is this a baby pine tree http://t.co/NzTFZY2eKr.@CoachSumlin remember that time you ran the state yeah neither do I.“@Jackoff99: What's up coach! How you feeling this morning?” Quads sore did squats yesterday but I'm goodMalik navidad.“@TravisRenna: any recruiting advice for Sumlin in the future?” Keep doing what you doingAlright so if there's any other recruits that want to commit I'll be doing arms and traps in the gym just call my cell or whatever.@DaylonMack heyI don't even have a helicopter my recruiting vehicle is a Kia Sorento I also wear socks with sandals so i guess that's the new swagDoes this mean we run the stateI got a commit?.“@KatyScarlet5: Coach why are you so funny?” Probably because I wear big old pleated shorts but they are comfortable soEach day this week I'm wearing a different outfit. To work out in..@Official_MalikJ our defense is electric just like your smile wait don't send tha
.@Official_MalikJ what if-and i mean WHAT IF we had a smoothie machine.“@JORTSatx: How would you advise @TexasVolleyball to game plan for BYU?” Watch out for any kid over 30 in a knee brace.@CoachSumlin hey http://t.co/pWrvqJTRa6.@CoachSumlin hey I have a little me bobble head you can hire for DC better than what you had or will probably have I mean.@CoachSumlin I got a little me bobble head you can hire as DC
.“@EmeldaBrown: Tomorrow coach, they start tomorrow.” What I have a head polishing appointmentHow are our bowl practices going anybody know?.“@eclark417: would u let a recruit tell u when to hire your assistants or who they should be?” Does jayz tell Beyondcé what leotard to wear.@CoachBedfordUT you know Colorado has Mari-juana and it is legal there but it's not legal under the core values just FYI so.@CoachBedfordUT Heeeey so I got a bunch of stuff for you to do today we're really swamped you know with the dead period and all“.@atxharvey73: exactly what do you have against smoothie machines” that smoothies come out of them
Today Jerrod was like hey coach give me a chance to start and I go yeah I heard you laugh out loud get it.“@BarkingCarnival: Is Longhorns DC Vance Bedford a candidate for Colorado State job vacated by Jim McElwain?” No.@edible do you make arrangements with like whey powder and chicken protein tubes and maybe sprouts.“@charless_94: The next commit we get will be much needed😎🐂” Who is it I'm like freaking out.“@BurtHorn: @ChuckFnStrong Manziel had a horrible game. What would you tell him if you were his coach?” You are not an NFL quarterback..“@atxharvey73: How do you feel about mystery recruits?” Like if you were playing Clue w Malik and he killed the butler w a tweezer or what.“@johnny_323: Coach that ole Sumblin can't get a DC to work for him. Any advice?” Nope.“@eric_torres1975: Coach, how do you handle the recruiting roller coaster ?” I am not tall enough to ride roller coastersWe got that old LB Cecil Cherry from Florida that's good because he actually decapitated a guy this year #thoughtsandprayers
Wait a minute are you telling me one star recruits are not the bestWe don't need players we have the core values so.@NCAA is it okay to threaten decommits with physical violence asking for a friendDid we get that one kid.@TexasBowl seriously what is advocare is it a avocado-based health regimeJust called a bunch of recruits cells to make a final pitch when does the dead period startJohnny Manziells will be just fine once he is the full time starter in his reality show
.“@ReederDoug: How would you critique @JManziel2 first start?” Well he look like a little cabbage patch getting tossed around by a puppyOnly the top recruits get to sit in with me to break down film of old XFL games you know who you are
.@TexasBowl Is the astrodome inside astroworld pls send directionsDid they ever get Jennifer Lopezz out of that little boys brainI'll probably watch that exodus documentary but how did Moses know to film all that stuff I mean.@UArkansas who coaches the football team is it still houstons nutt.@BretBielema I am sorry you got fired Wisconsin won't know what to do without you
.“@HandyRandyCG: Hey @ChuckFnStrong will any of your Arkie relatives be making it to the bowl game?” What I am from Texas.“@GeorgiaHorn56: What's in the Advocare Texas Bowl gift bags?” We get presents are you serious.@TexasBowl at what temperature do you close the roof.@TexasBowl are you where the oilers play.@TexasBowl What is advocare do they make crossbows.@TexasBowl where are you locatedCan you send a fax with twitter.“@EMERYmichael: @ChuckFnStrong http://t.co/IiqD4rIDro” Who is the first guy..@TexAgs there was more than just fruit in this fruitcake you sent wasn't there
.“@WestonCarls: I think you and Sumlin should fight to the death for Malik's commitment.” He already dead insideQuandre Digg is like a mean little elf on a shelf.“@eclark417: Did Stumblin just invent the ripped belly polo? http://t.co/ZkDRespfic” Look like he ate all the pillows in Malik's house.@Seis_GoDeep Hey remember that time you said playing us would be "too easy" well okay but sitting on the bench pretty easy tooWe only get 13 bowl practices so not enough time to really focus on the offense
.@TexasBowl What does the winner get.@TexAgs all my trees died http://t.co/bAUuvY7yJa.“@gsquinn69: Coach, what side dishes go with the Chrismas chicken protein tubes?” Good cheer.“@TexBornNRaised8: Hey Coach do you recommend an XBOX One or PS4?” Turbografix 16
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