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That's a fat people map https://t.co/gDQW2AuoNIThe baseball team is dominating right now which I feel means we are also great in footballAnybody have kimbo slices cellI'm the intermission of tallness https://t.co/n8G4tdGuOD
Its Memorial Day weekend the only three days of the year bob stoop doesn't hate the troopsI was using the american spelling https://t.co/JhKtOHUvmqTwitter please google movies with Edward James Almost.@neiltyson what is the best way to shoot those Duggar into the sunare you serious shes 44 years old https://t.co/lWm7kiE9ZaWhat you want to become a troll why https://t.co/Dh0cmWq7qbWhat https://t.co/0tjQpo2qCSTheyre changing the name of the major to Applied Crunches and Ab Development in his honor https://t.co/cyrHrvoiGA
Did that cyclop eat that baby https://t.co/nhwWlFzfbUWho sings that stanky song.@TexAgs are lambs just baby sheep or is there a whole other animal called lambWhen people see us play this season they'll be so impressed they'll be all burnt orange is the new black
.@CoachSumlin hey sumblin does john chabis have hands or just big old hook claws like a slothWhere is Jurassic world is it in the SECBasketball is so exciting.@SWPatterson more like Mexi-NoTop five returners special teams: lol laugh at loudAre you serious I don't know where did you hear that https://t.co/YHZ6GTNMe6Top five returning offensive starters 1 2 3 4 5Top five returning starters defense 1 hassans ridgeway 2 Quandre digg 3. Malik Jepperson 4. Quentins Jammer 5. Tony BrackenIs Stephf curry a phantomI came up with a genius team motto this year bc we will play anyone anywhere so check this out it is great: Up For Whatever I mean
Maybe you should fake tell me I'm fake again to my fake face see what fake happens https://t.co/nNn2keoPS7.@TexAgs what are sprouts called when they are grown upIs fog the ghost of a cloudWhere is the fit bit implanted
.@CoachBrianKelly my Malik bigger than your Malik.@peta you know those Aggies make that dog go to class I meanAll of my thoughts are in spanish https://t.co/znTeGxxty5I think it distracts from art brile being a lying baby https://t.co/HAtvBqVLRvPattersons doesn't ask me anything he's all oh look a pile of money nom nom https://t.co/K2fUU34zJM.@TexAgs do leaves change color because they feel emotion.@TexAgs can you substitute centipedes for worms in composting.@TexAgs I ate a succulent I mean a friend ate a succulent is he going to die my friend I mean
Every time I lose another recruit to Alabama I hear nothing from their fans but all the Aggie are like haha we got you againName ONE https://t.co/2J2BzI9NLsOkay sure but how many of those people were just bats watching the game https://t.co/OOOgPO1l5oNo but I think stanis baratheons can if he gives that red lady what she wants https://t.co/XhaYQb6xCH
.@HEB how much to install a cookie cake oven in the trunk of a pt cruiserI don't know ask him why he wore red it doesn't match at all https://t.co/jhLGyl0DQd.@FranklinBbq suggestion chicken protein tubesAll basketball regardless of gender should move to zero-minute quarters https://t.co/GgqkwNaXKq
The teeth look good https://t.co/grPEPsQZCFOnce should be all I need to get him into orbit https://t.co/Ar6COWEbZ2What don't I have against them https://t.co/3yvR6pCvVwHappy cinco of mayo.@TexAgs where do seeds come fromWhat oblique is not French it is English https://t.co/sSidIqwedf
.@CoachSumlin oblique musclesWith what that laser gun https://t.co/12D0FjSR4OYes. No. https://t.co/UeZ3YH6GQiHow do I know I have never been to that country https://t.co/HZRZ2TQ5uR
Like voting https://t.co/gskKW4WJRTWho is she https://t.co/rowvaSbflh
ATTENTION RECRUITS SEE BELOW WHO IS THE COOL SCHOOL NOW YES THAT IS A REAL PT CRUISER https://t.co/muCKPfAiUX.@CoachSumlin pectoralShaun thank you for trying to help how hard can you throw a football do you know the zone read can you take a hit https://t.co/kn6mIlU4FA.@CoachSumlin kegels.@CoachSumlin latisimus dorsi.@CoachSumlin biceps.@CoachSumlin trapezius.@CoachSumlin name a muscle I'll start quads.@nflcommish You suspended Thom Brady how is that possible have u seen his face it is beautiful it shines like a doll made of illegal ivoryYeah I'm having issues I got no qb and a thin lb core and a kicker that does his hair like a dang albino peacock https://t.co/wGBIGH6y5Q.@Uverse I reset my cable box you can come pick it up its in the street bring a dustpan
Where do you live that you talk about a mans balls expectations https://t.co/xloFffxiYvSwoop deflates footballs anytime he hold one https://t.co/ljc5oxe0td.@CoachBrianKelly you blocked Golson which means you think we could maybe beat you which makes me think we can beat you so I mean oops on u.@CoachBrianKelly Ppl said Charlie there's no way Coach Kelby lets Golson come to Texas & I said ur wrong he's a man not a naked little babyWhoa that just tightened my pleats https://t.co/8vgTyuSLkKI have https://t.co/NMveSSKQZJ
If I ever go to canada I will visit it https://t.co/a6CzDx6IPEGoing to take the family to dorne someday it looks very tropical where is it the Caribbean or whatA man https://t.co/4D3vdjeiFpWhatever get your facts right we were .500 before the bowl game https://t.co/bZjTdMXMywThose guys seem like the best of friends https://t.co/Uh9gh6tErBTry my mimosa recipe for mom! 1. Mix some tonic water and fresh OJ 2. Maybe do the laundry for once give her a break you selfish jerkToday my players moms got the gift of men i mean wait what I mean is their boys are now men not like I sent some strange man to their houseI'm sorry I thought you said something about my mom https://t.co/HpNLPv6qfEAggie moms may want french toast for breakfast today but they'll have to settle for whatever the jails serving when they visit their sonsIn Oklahoma Mothers Day is celebrated by a total of like seven ladiesToday is Mother's Day which in the state of Oklahoma is also known as Sister-Cousin's DayHow do millions of gallons of rain stay in clouds bc you can throw a bottle of water in the air and it will come down immediately I mean
Do you think I have time to get to the Kia https://t.co/1iPlajjeljTwitter please Google how strong are pt cruisers in tornadosCan you eat carbon fiberSo all we had to do was deflate the balls a little and we beat ArkansasThey can't even win that https://t.co/x5XHeLnKA2If you make a chocolate milkshake out of carob powder and whey powder and water you will find it tastes like discipline
Uh okay but I need to be in it and also logos https://t.co/s5NHVfZPf7Oh and the has more fake armies than whole foods category missed that one too https://t.co/hiC6SygeZtOh and you forgot the married a tractor category https://t.co/hiC6SygeZtWhat https://t.co/0hl21c9LzNOh and you forgot the sumblin ate all the pillows in Malik's house category https://t.co/hiC6SygeZtAnd the thinks a ring from the school can get you into first class category pretty sure you guys think that https://t.co/hiC6SygeZtOh oh and also the campus looks like Syria category undefeated there to https://t.co/hiC6SygeZt
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