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.@KState_Football We are not going to give that big old swoop any qb runs on Saturday so don't worry about practicing for that.“@gsquinn69: Coach, your recipe for meat pudding?” I'm glad you asked: 1. Put meat in a bowl 2. Sprinkle aminos to taste 3. Mash Enjoy!.“@cre8ivusername: how do you feel about playing a team in a stadium named after the current coach of said team” I don't have feelings.@KState_Football Is a wildcat a specific type of angry cat like a cougar or a ocelot or are you guys like just like any outdoor cat.@TTUKingsbury how do you handle the aftershave/moisturizing cream order conundrum do you use a two in one or what.@TexAgs if organic broccoli is not available it is acceptable to buy conventional but the same doesn't hold true with strawberries correct?.“@Gwarlock55: @ChuckFnStrong chuck have you had tamales yet?” No and I don't have diabetes yet either.“@McKidner12: @ChuckFnStrong what's @CoachSumlin doing in his avi” I don't know making sure he on time for the polo match who knows.@CoachSumlin What song was the DJ spinning during the Bama gameSo I ask that old bill snider how do I get to kansas state and he's like just go to Manhattan and I say try and trick me again geezer
.@TTUKingsbury is it weird that I still use shampoo & conditioner it just feels wrong to shower without doing that.@TTUKingsbury what pant cuff length makes you look taller.@TTUKingsbury Hey Kingberry if I go tieless can I still wear a undershirt my wife says no but I figured I'd ask you anywaysPeople ask what I think about Kansas State this week & I'm like we already played them & they say there's a different kansas I'm like what.@TexAgs you tell me right now what is going on with this gourd http://t.co/reFp02k4iA.@TexAgs how long can you cook corn
.“@JBTexasEx: @ChuckFnStrong We need to get #KeepSumblin trending, coach. Little help? http://t.co/neGhwPjCJR” Is that MorpheusPeople say Charlie like how could you ever doubt Tyrone Swoop his cousin is Sheryl Swoop from the wnba and I say what's the wnbaPeople say Charlie your defense gave up 500 yds to Iowa Steak and I say exactly we GAVE up those yards. It was our choice to do that.“@panthacat: Umm. Did you authorize this? http://t.co/EfpSP3d8zA” No. No I did not. That is not proper fan attire. Ripped Sleeve Polos onlyWe only played 10 on defense all game so everyone can shut up about Iowa state scoring 45 okayDid we beat the spreadNote to self only call go routes on offense from now onDon't worry we have a great place kicker.I blacked out there for a second what is happening was there a spaceman flying around the stadium before why is the score so highA minute left and we are up seven. Bend but don't break we're gonna play for the tie.What is that play called it looked complexI don't like coaching football it is hard and sadMalcom Brown just exploded that little running backs spleenAw yes exactly as planned. We have the ball on the one. We have the fumble play called here we just have to execute..“@LonghornHolden: @ChuckFnStrong thoughts on pleated khakis your assistants wear on sidelines?" Ask my daughter she watch project runwayNot sure what we're doing on defense. Hold on ill go ask. Brb.“@aforestnewman: @ChuckFnStrong does Mangino scare you?” No. Yes.I grew a beard in the time it took that little Dylan Haine to run that pick back.Hold on hold on I call a timeoutWho is calling all these long passes.“@KRProthro: @ChuckFnStrong he threw that pass in lieu of the stairs” A lieu is a bathroom in olde englandI did not call a TD there we had a false start on but that swoop must have audibled well anyway he's running stairsMy white mock turtleneck is a limited edition orange versionTHERE IS A SPACE MAN FLYING AROUND THE STADIUM WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE RUN AAAAHHHHHHH
.“@shoutout_TAG: @ChuckFnStrong 2-4” even the mighty tyrannosaurus rexifus king of the dinosaurs was a harmless baby at one point.“@WWMcClyde: Hey Coach, do you know where that Sumblin is taking the Swagcopter this week?” The Montana swag mines gotta mine more swag.@CoachSumlin please tell your successor that I would like to renew our rivalry with A&M.@CoachSumlin can I have the barbershop before you go.“@OutsideTheBS: many are crediting ur defense vs Baylor as the blueprint for how to play them. Is that any consolation?” Ask a astronomer.@CoachSumlin hey Sumblin oh nevermind.@CoachArtBriles but at least you have a new stadium on that muddy little river so.“@DHolcroftIV: @ChuckFnStrong hey coach, any last minute advice for that Sumblin?” Nope..“@SharSportsCzar: @ChuckFnStrong What do you think of OU going down at home to KSU just now?” It was great and they lost the game as wellIt is called college station bc it is a stop over on the way to more desirous college destinations wasn't til 1982 they put a college thereWow the big twelve games today do not impress I think we run the table when we start conference playBaylor does not look very strong against West Virginia I think we will beat the bears this year.“@MrJoshPerry: “White mock turtle neck. Big Tex told me.” Don't play did he reallyI think I have settled on my shirt for game day it is a surprise.@TexAgs is this fennel also is this known for its afrodesiac http://t.co/gtlVLJcW5b.“@McKidner12: @ChuckFnStrong hey coach, being anything for Halloween this year?” Yeah a mailman. Gonna send Kingberry back to Hollywood
.“@Taylor_UT: @ChuckFnStrong What are you handing out for Halloween coach?” Wind sprints, maybe some caramel-free caramel apples.“@TacoFetus: @ChuckFnStrong Do you like Marvel or DC better?” I don't like any type of ice cream.“@panthacat: Coach! Have you been out to the corn maze in Bastrop?” Maze IS corn duh.“@BigLosDaBoss: @ChuckFnStrong you think you could throw a football over them mountains?” No that's ridiculous only a giant could do that.“@SportingSaul: @ChuckFnStrong Do you have a favorite steak?” Probably Rhode Island bc u can throw a football from one side to the otherWhen that cyclone hit Dorothy house she wasn't worried because she wore a ripped sleeve polo & then she went out and beat Iowa SteakJesus didn't need an excuse to wear a ripped sleeve polo and neither should youCome support us against Iowa Steak tomorrow in our bid for revenge which is in revenge for them seeking revenge against us.“@Chris_Longoria: @ChuckFnStrong Coach, why is Paul Rhoads so angry?” He need to do more stretching maybe eat less red meat.“@MikeCovington_2: @ChuckFnStrong Coach, which came first: the chicken or the egg?” That is a trick question chickens are parthenogenesSome people have virginia techs favored in this game against Pitt but I knew they would not be able to contain Larry Fitzgeralt
.“@UTweeHorn: So, can we call Sumblin "Black Leach"?" I don't see color. Seriously I'm colorblind I have no clue what color our uniforms are.“@JBTexasEx: @ChuckFnStrong Those ol' aggies are callin' you "Tan Fran", coach.” Aggie fan brought up race? Color me shocked, not tan..“@mr_blah_blah__: Pete Carroll getting ruby players? What we waiting on?” I tell each of my players they are a special diamond no I don't
.@OU_CoachStoops Hey u may have won but did u see that lil cb Jason hall body slam that chubby lil rb you guys have I was like BOOM! AnywaysPeople say Charlie what diet do you put the injured kids in the pit on and I say they can eat whatever bug or worms they find over there.@CycloneATH When I turned 50 my wife made me get a cyclonic to check for polypsBeef paste
Today we offered every DB in the state of Florida bc DBs should be nasty and Florida nastyPeople say Charlie which one of the original 13 colonies was Iowa and I say that's a trick question Iowa is a canadian cityMeat pudding.“@WideRtNattyLt: Beer. RT @ChuckFnStrong: hello I have a kicker who goes wide right what do you recommend to fix.” Have you met Nick rose.@WideRtNattyLt is there a brand of kicking tee you recommend I think Wilson is okay but some are like you gotta get a wizard brand tee.@WideRtNattyLt hello maybe you can help I have a place kicker who tends to go wide right what technique do you recommend to fix Thx.@CoachSumlin #wrts= We Run out The Stadium ?.“@notthefakeTAG: How'd Swoop let this goob grab a pick 6? @ChuckFnStrong http://t.co/5oLWLFUNDw” Is that a young Ving Deisel.@SWPatterson hey so I saw a jet pack guy at our games can we cancel that and go back to paying for meals for our walk-ons that u cancelled?.“@cmatt2411: Do you know anyone who might know what this is? http://t.co/nSJPpokdeU” That is a lemur I think but we should verify w @TexAgs
.@CycloneATH do tornados have a different type of bird sticking out the top of them.@CycloneATH is a cyclone the same thing as a tornado.@CycloneATH we fumble on the goal line every game.@TexAgs do you sell cowpeasWe play reigning national champion Iowa state this week it will be hard but we are confident. I have been told I am wrong on that first part.“@petesweet: How much protein paste did you give Bluiett before the game this weekend? https://t.co/mM0OJNvN0c” 2 Home Depot buckets full
People say Charlie what did that Mcconaughegy say to the players and I say man I have no clue I just stood there smiling like okay yeah this.@CoachSumlin Well Sumblin i gotta watch some American Pickers I got on the dvr but buzz me this week I can teach you a basic cover 2 later.“@sfrederiksen: @ChuckFnStrong Why are you watching the Aggie game?” I watch every game I do not sleep I also watch cricket.“@ThatsNotHandy: @ChuckFnStrong But it do buy Cristal in the champagne room.” There is a room full of champagne at A&M why ohhh for SumblinSwag don't buy defense.@CoachSumlin Sumblin look my d hasn't allowed a first half touchdown all year you need to call my cell.“@chrisgb00: @ChuckFnStrong what would you do to texas fans if they ever rushed the field?” Maybe hug them say hey thanks for your support.@CoachSumlin Sumblin I'll live tweet you defensive advice just you know hit me up or whatever I can help.“@Taylor_UT: @ChuckFnStrong Whats the game plan when we play the TCU horny toads?” Win/maybe help Patterson deliver his baby.“@therealDanManz: @ChuckFnStrong you think we could trade Swoop for Bryce Petty?” Do I want to trade a cannon for a red Ryder bb gun no
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