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I can't tell they look the same Raheel the Intern that is not a recruit that is Dalton Santos he is yoked no it is the Latin abbreviation for millions my 13.9 million followers: please tweet @SWPatterson & ask him to pls cancel jetpack guy & to add $ to the gas card for the pt cruiser36 days until we kick Probably enough time to implement the spread offense whatever that is.@TexasSports I'm @ChuckFnStrong's intern, can you please get Steve Patterson to approve these crotch warmers?
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.@The_Raheel Raheel the intern pls ask Steve Patterson why our fans don't get crotch warmers like those Aggies huh you know you just like walk around like hey lookie here don't like any types of trolls but aggy trolls are the worst also are trolls real am almost to 14 million followersI didn't see him but you know he lift a couple tubs of Amy's
I don't like him but you shouldn't be cooking him like that he is a person you need advice on the correct protein to pair with your workout Days til kick sonnet Luck o the Irish is running out Bc our D is lethal That fat o-lines gonna be stout Grim reaper has a name its CecilYOU ARE TOO YOUNG COME BACK IN 14 YEARS I'm all up in this state snatchin up all the QB recruits this is easy
.@NickRozay23 my intern filmed you killing jet pack guy I did not mean for you to actually do it lady you are with in the top left prob until I saw this picture that is him smiling but in his defense I think he had heat stroke straight didn't get a scholarship for your feelings are talking in young people talk again Nick I don't understand let me try in young ppl language: πŸ™€πŸ˜ΉπŸŽ…πŸΏπŸ™…πŸ€πŸ·πŸ‰πŸ†πŸ’πŸˆπŸŽ©πŸ‘™πŸ“ΊπŸ“¬ working out or like squat down to look at a interesting bug do you think you could hit a man flying around on a jetpack I mean you know hypothetically.@TexAgs if you juice enough veggies will you gain the power to make chlorophyll
40 days and 40 nights till kick I feel like that old Moses Walking around in the heat all angry With those big old tablets Doing curlsYou were a good intern Raheel the Intern but Charlie doesn't do sick days jk u r a good intern just tweet stoop then much more for actual pecks, traps and arms I mean come on have a case of the Mondays but I refer to bricks of whey powder as Mondays always have
We won't know until we get them on the field have 14 silent commits They are so silent that not even I know who they are I hope they're goodNo that is new French in old French his name is "The Coin" obvi Peyton I know that your last name in old French means The Coin but do you know the denomination need to know for media guideu know wee-bey was a bad guy but I felt for him when his robot fish spilled I mean
42 Days left to kick 6 more weeks until Notre Dame is demoted by the Vatican to church of englandAlready have a few silents socks and a 25lb weight vest πŸš‚I GOT A TIGHT END OMG OH MY GOLDI don't know who is that
I am trying to get a warning to @OU_CoachStoops who blocked me that his players are in mortal danger bc Malik is big will be conducting caliperization on all the defenders in fall camp to determine face squishiness Could you please show this to Mr. Patterson? I am @ChuckFnStrong's intern. Please help us eat.
Retweeted by Chuck F'n StrongI'm sorry Raheel the intern but Unless youre wearing a jetpack Steve Patterson is gonna ignore u he loves jetpacks Raheel the intern can you pls kindly ask Steve Pattersons to cal my cell he blocked me and my coaches want to eat lunch.@TexasSports I know you got a line to that Steve Patterson you have him call my cell we want to go to the lunch room but we can't bc of himHow about lunch for walk ons and coaches can you find that resource ?! is so fat because he has three mouths to feed
Cesar what will we do You forgot core value # two You said women should just drink tea Now youre guilty of misogyny that NASA scientists have discovered a new Earth have the Aggies already claimed to be champions of it.@TCUCoachP @OU_CoachStoops I am @ChuckFnStrong's intern Where should I send this cookie cake made of protein powder?
Retweeted by Chuck F'n Strong.@The_Raheel Raheel the intern please ask Bob Stoop and Gary Patternsons if a cookie cake would help the them blocking me situation44 Days until Kickoff so I wrote you a limerick There once was a sport called football OU sucksIs that like an athletic supporter for mice
I would say that you only have two jokes but that would be a lie you only have the one do you block talking shaving cans telling me about how thick they are mountain moorer wins zombie mountain not sure leave it to a sooner to ignore the 13th amendment look I am freaking out how do you Twitter you are not a person are you a robot are you haunted can see I was trying to figure out where on his neck a chin would go's the difference between us I don't have any realist in me can you talk you are a can of shaving cream, @TCUCoachP and @OU_CoachStoops, please unblock our mutual friend @ChuckFnStrong. I am his intern and my internship depends on this
Retweeted by Chuck F'n Strong.@The_Raheel Raheel the intern please Twitter to Gary Patternsons and Bob Stoop ask them to unblock me pleaseWell Raheel as you can see the hit was solid but she didn't wrap up the intern has not checked in as required in the intern handbook he must be sniffing around for recruits's a good question and I'm glad you asked's already released in a parallel universe where daje is an actual rapper I'll make sure to bring a boomerang and kangaroo spray that is a lie we are taking the concord that is the only reason I agreed to go to France days until kick In 44 days we board the Concorde jet for the Notre dame game in France The Concorde is supersonic Just like dajeYeah that old Mike Gunby ripping off my look gave it to Malik he'll be delivering it said what I meant sometime he plays like Swoop & sometime he plays like Tyrone & right now the swoop part is ahead
Sure all the time except instead of fruit I use chicken paste look the RSPs are for fans only how many times do I have to say it be clear my # 1 core value is treat babies with respect it goes babies-women-smallish boys-young adults-tigers have to understand jumbo fishter speak though what he means is that he has no tolerance for women that hit Days til kickoff heres a haiku: I love football it is great Gary Patterson & Bob Stoop blocked me on Twitter Try blocking me in personHow are they supposed to work out if they can't walk on the grass are you serious when is it's like he just realized he's the head football coach at A&M and is all oh man many titles you won my players are blind the intern doing work this new DT is at least a 4 star Raheel it's been 10 hours since I made you my intern have you obtained any recruiting locksBe careful with Bevo he has backward knees in the back all cows do's why I'm getting an intern to find a QB this is Raheel's new job meet my new intern Raheel am interviewing applicants to be my intern tweet me a writing sample
I already promised Cecil Cherry he could read Goodnight Moon to him on October 3 hi I think you are a nice personThat's an old time soda machine and a bidet so what if they were Days Till kick Theres a flood coming to Southbend & I'm like that old Noah Rollin into town With a boat full of animals
Well one is excellent at what he does and the other one is Kevin sumblin'm having the we don't tempt Charlie with sweets flavor Dame in 48 days A UT win could mean: Theres no God God prefers UT God forgot to watch bc hes trying to get Jordan Spieth autographImpossible I am jogging then
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