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A man can have hobbies can't he https://t.co/OxGfSkrPPp
Is that a gang sign https://t.co/D5suF8CqBSYou think tornados look at college station and skip it because they're like oh look that place already got hit pretty badSometimes tornados come through and then they'll find a dog like five miles from the house and that's because tornados are wormholes
If you go into a tornado you have to make yourself rigid like a board and then if you hit a tree you just shoot through it.@TexAgs what should I feed to this monarch http://t.co/fbVNYnHGmo
So bad they will have to change their name to Notre shame https://t.co/3PoiqFGBdFDoes football ever end https://t.co/MDZAzowM5VThey don't have college football in other countries but they do have communism https://t.co/Kk5pDCNf2PAre you serious what am I analyzing https://t.co/q6FYu23msWHow could anyone know that I don't even know how we're supposed to get there https://t.co/SmCvtc454VDalton santos is big into falconry so
They had a good variety of meat tubes https://t.co/DCl1yOJNGKYes they do not know yet that swoop is scottish like them and will blend in before he strikes https://t.co/L6shgqxvN0You can treat a vacuum with reluctance I don't even https://t.co/tAzdYiULawWhich city there are lots of them https://t.co/YuJGCh8qENIs that garciaparra he was a great and legendary baseball champion https://t.co/sTKP7gPCs6
I know how hes celebrating it https://t.co/apcLMDZKfz.@CoachSumlin Hey you sumblin did you see Malik on Saturday he was all flying around hitting guys causing fumbles and smiling he is my sonEnough https://t.co/0vvWoWMIqvSpartacus https://t.co/JjWDFrQfpM
I'm telling you the kid is talented he managed to dodge all the cops bullets https://t.co/jL9d5fgMXpI think you need go to confession maybe https://t.co/xHqrlqq4jfThat is not hair it is a backup head https://t.co/QgPfFVZmS0What do they bench if it's over say 85 lb that's good for someone that old https://t.co/q82iHEq9Xf
It was a shutout and we beat the spread https://t.co/R3CGV5q5bkHired one Gregory Davis to call second half playsIs that why I feel so tired https://t.co/YXWbvVqUoTMy what https://t.co/M0vc37Vg21All of my players are celibate https://t.co/9gyGMl97PPI bought Malik a slip n slide bc he like to play in the hose so whatThat was a accident https://t.co/Fonz3NBBW3Who is that hobbit that heard always passing toHe's a pork loin of a man https://t.co/jKo4JkyNt1I like playing this game where I try to guess who actually has the ball when our qb does play actionDaje whatBOOM HAHAHHHAAAAHAHA STUPID OFFENSELook at smooshy face Wickline calling all those playsUh who is running second team qb was he on the team last yearI tore up a picture of Ronnie Lott I keep in my wallet https://t.co/kWRr5h3r1IOh Malik let me count the waysAre you serious https://t.co/SbFTSwjj1UOkay puntNo one has a bigger head veinDon't get too excited about the passing game no one gets by Quandre and carringstonWhite mock t-pleats-silver nuggets on my beltThe stadium is sold out totally full standing room onlyEven if we screw up the coin toss we get the ball soEverybody says Charlie run the no huddle and I'm all okay tell me how the qb is supposed to tell everyone what the play is smart guyYou can't tweet dead https://t.co/CHa9TfosKWGame today will be first team defense vs second team defenseHad an extra pleat sewn onto my pants for the gameNo I don't wear any clone I just have my natural man scent https://t.co/jzQlPN7hsoFootball excited pant front thickness
Malik Makes that old Sumblin cry into his neck fat The end https://t.co/wNcWi8yJzmHaha jokes on you we don't run the option https://t.co/kfkihGZY2BNo because I would like to save some excuses in case https://t.co/XwuI8qn5TzYeah well who does want to go walking into college station ever https://t.co/nzHyCsORM9That is good work I remember your hair and how soft and puffy it was https://t.co/CdcSCAnnQFI am for it because they don't have to back it up https://t.co/YraRzMtSKdI like their tools they have a cool drill with a flashlight on it https://t.co/C1usOTeKI2Vance high on donuts again https://t.co/mYXVEy616D
Is it a hitting kids league he will win https://t.co/P1hlcguhII71 https://t.co/Hvb4nIqK9nOff menu chicken protein tubes https://t.co/i9k9cEp0FTWho https://t.co/RWn53NVe5b
.@TexAgs can you get pine nuts from any coniferマハ楢崎 https://t.co/DB0kAiPKYb
Who are you to say what's a haiku youre not even chinese https://t.co/GFMZNS4sIlI wrote a haiku about spring football: Football Malik hit this guy and I was all BOOM Daje won't read the playbookDaddy long legses https://t.co/RJv6rtm9lGThat had nothing to do w football it was about communicable diseases https://t.co/vZzqODJNyE
You mean football yes https://t.co/5C2tjhj9qq.@TexAgs where do wasps keep their honey I've been stung 16 timesI don't eat pies even if they're made of eggs https://t.co/3FMEMJSIcj
Can he wing it do you have his cell https://t.co/E2o1MJUyahJordan was clutch when he played wr for the football team and now he's crushing the masters that whole family is so talented.@TAMU there's no goat judging or dirt tasting at the mastersIts what that old traitor frey held after they killed those starks to get rid of the bodies u know waste not & all https://t.co/8tMAaW83TpSorry I can't watch a game where each player has like a dozen clubs and not one of them ever gets bludgeonedSell it to a clown school for zero dollars https://t.co/RxyXrHQBg7I see they are still purple https://t.co/7QsFPol3ZI
That old what's his nameIs the spring game today we are not ready
People say they say Charlie you didn't remember your zip code and I'm like no I think it's 12345 which is the number of fingers in my fistI object https://t.co/tmYKeTcDzpAre you serious that explains a lot https://t.co/Ep4mAJV4ArIn what sport https://t.co/rOSuLzMWEZHow am I supposed to know we did not play in a bowl https://t.co/sbYmfLGdMVEverybody's all crazy that I didn't say swoop name in that testimony well I was trying to protect his confidentiality under HIIPPOI said his name his name is swoop that's what I said what is the big deal https://t.co/YnPmxN3GNc
When Jordan spieth I listen https://t.co/eJSujtUeQEI can't find a vhs rental store anywhere someone should open one of those they'd make a ton of moneyDo I look like a fortune teller https://t.co/7CaUFutnPxI stare at each one until I can imagine them as a munchkin because munchkins make me laugh and then I remember https://t.co/PyX8TBaoozToday at practice that little Jason Halls hit armanti fourman so hard he turned into a quasarTom cruize was a pretty good lawyer before he was an actor I meanFranklins https://t.co/48In6JbLRwHow about I pretend to choke slam the next guy who says I pretend things https://t.co/vSrkvS9PuH
I need to bulk down to make that a fair fight come on now https://t.co/iM0lnwRzDP
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