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.β€œ@gsquinn69: @ChuckFnStrong Coach, Best defense against flying carb loaded tortillas?” Are you serious they fly are they a type of birdIt is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave Louisville and take the head coach job at Texas..β€œ@GBHunting: smh @ChuckFnStrong πŸ˜’β€ how do I add cartoons to my tweets I would like to add a cartoon bench press thxI am so glad we are about to beat FSU I have never been more proud to be part of the Louisville family I will never leave youPetrina standing there like oh I'm so great look how great my team is like he has anything to do with thisHas a coach you must be consistent and I would like to point out that even my old team has awful third quarters.
People say Charlie but Cliff Kingberry is so sexy and I say know what's sexy I'll tell you: its the underside of my forearms I meanIf Louisville beats FSU tonight you're welcome, world. If Louisville loses it's because of that core value breaking PetrinaDid Jeter win the World Series that would be a great way to go outWest Texas is one of the few states I have not yet visited we will be playing a football game on Saturday in its capital city of 'Le BuckI'm sorry for what happens this coming Saturday we came out flat
.@TTUKingsbury chest hair pomade.β€œ@WWMcClyde: @ChuckFnStrong Coach, what would Moorer do for Sumblin? http://t.co/gtqbOUzVTy” Man I wouldn't tuck my shirt in either.@TexAgs WHAT http://t.co/ZVGiD3IQvC.@TexAgs are aphids a type of pet for elves.β€œ@ModelMethod: @ChuckFnStrong We are a friendly & creative community which aims to bring talent together.” Do u have any talented o-lineman.β€œ@TexBornNRaised8: @ChuckFnStrong what are you telling the recruits when they ask about the offense?” I act like my moms is calling my cellOh everyone thinks Kingberry is so great bc he always gets his picture taken with cheerleaders well I take photos next to the weight rack so
.@TTUKingsbury what loofa do you use asking for a friendDid we make the top 64 did we make the tournament.β€œ@rverduzcojr: @ChuckFnStrong coach any chance we can convince colt to come back to UT?” Do you know him what is his cell.β€œ@zachrener: .@ChuckFnStrong Coach, what do you think they shot Romo up with in the locker room?” Some sort of suppository probAs a half Indian myself i find Washington's name to be offensive and therefore let's change it: The Washington #ColtskinsColt F'n McCray.β€œ@Just_callmeAl: @ChuckFnStrong what country has the best food?” Not now I'm watching football.β€œ@johnny_323: @ChuckFnStrong Maybe there's a real spider and banana involved in that play” Are you serious those are poisonous rightJohn Gruben just make up play names right .?.β€œ@ZaneEllisTXHSFB: @ChuckFnStrong What would you trade to recieve the Cowboys Oline?” My o-line hasn't got swoop back broke
.β€œ@Prince_Parker97: Coach, did he share any secrets with you? @ChuckFnStrong http://t.co/Ayp3Nmj6n9”Check out my bad-a sandals.@TexAgs do all types of trees have syrupis it possible to get drunk on Kombucha.β€œ@jamesonm12: Why do you run J Gray up the middle for 1 yard every first down?” I tell him do your best and his best is one yard I guess.β€œ@DavidGreenstone: hey coach, any plans for when you get canned before the end of the season?” Maybe me & your 20 followers can do pot luck.β€œ@TacoFetus: Which Tigers team in the SEC just won? There's 3 of them.” Are you srs there are 3 teams of tigers how do they hold a footballQuestion my game management all you want did you see what that Huge Freeze just didWe put up almost as many points as Ole Miss did today so
.@TCUCoachP let's spend thanksgiving with family this year okayEveryone's like oh Coach Snyder is sooo great and I'm like okay but his team could have beat us with a breakfast sausage calling the shots.β€œ@SethJonesTexas: @ChuckFnStrong Can you try to get Max Wittek again?” Do you have his cell.β€œ@dswoy: @ChuckFnStrong are you done crying yet” I don't have tear ducts my tears are little puffs of whey powder.β€œ@johngreene1974: @ChuckFnStrong Coach are we already preparing for Notre Dame next year?” No all our games are in America next year..β€œ@Taylor_UT: What happened today? Y'all jet lagged from the long flight?” We played like pee wee where everybody get a trophy and a cupcakeDid we beat the spreadWe did not lose this game because to lose you have to show upIslanders make good offensive lineman does anyone know any Fijians or Samoans.β€œ@dknox41: when will your offensive coordinator be fired?” When he starts being responsible for players not giving effort.β€œ@stuleach: @ChuckFnStrong thoughts?” I wonder what candy tastes like.β€œ@dntmeswtdabohan: @ChuckFnStrong coach don't worry if Texas keeps losing we can get a higher draft pick” Are you serious is that true.β€œ@BillBurrell68: @ChuckFnStrong Coach, why does your headset have so much padding?” So I don't break it when I flex my head musclesI have to be honest I have no idea what my players think they are doing.β€œ@stuleach: @ChuckFnStrong at what point are you gonna start taking snaps?” Oh no thanks I took a nap at halftimeJust wait until this scrimmage is over we will dominate when the game startsWhat was that I don't understand why did we do thatLucky third quarter here we go.β€œ@bkolnowski: Coach what is your plan to turn the game around in the 2nd half?” We'll defend the other end of the field so problem solvedAh! We just took a momentum killing timeout who did that oh it was meI'll tell you a secret Mack told me it would be bad form to win at k state bc we have a proud tradition of not winning there.That's right we run post routes with our tight end so whatWe took that sack in order to avoid kicking the field goal..β€œ@aforestnewman: @ChuckFnStrong have you considered letting our defense play offense?” YesDon't worry we will hold KState to 10 or 15 field goals.That goal line stop to force a field goal was a victory. Let's leave now with the W.β€œ@panthacat: @ChuckFnStrong Wardrobe change at the half?” Do I look like lady gugaI went with the white turtleneck because it is the color of fury.Welp.I apologize for that false start that will happen to stall a drive in the first quarter.β€œ@MeatCutter122: sorry the band is late today; we were thinking about parachuting in to the stadium while we landed” Play some old DMX pls.β€œ@dswoy: @ChuckFnStrong you look puny in person” Did you come say that to my face when you saw me in person didn't think so.β€œ@Wes_Hamilton: Coach it's gameday against the Wizard. How do you plan to beat Gandalf?!” Are you serious is he really Gandalf the wizardWe are ready for Kansas state although I will tell you Darren Sprole is hard to containWe're at the rv park off highway 24
.β€œ@christian_roper: When u got married did you read vows or make your wife recite your core values?” I read a poem called None Your BusinessThis is NOT what I thought Manhattan would look like.β€œ@J_Sweatt: @ChuckFnStrong do you believe in Bill Synder's one meal a day theory?” What is he a snake?Daje been digging holes in the pit so long he actually fracked the practice fields.β€œ@notAswaggyP: @ChuckFnStrong how many TDs for swoopes this Saturday?” Do I look like a flux capastrator.β€œ@JC_Kaspar: will you schedule to play SFA soon” No thx we don't want to lower our strength of schedule by playing Big 10 teams.β€œ@drnicomartini: @ChuckFnStrong Coach! Did you know that the wave is banned at KSU?” Good someone could drown.β€œ@TechTina02: @ChuckFnStrong @kstatesports just some dude wearing a uniform and a wildcat head...” HE'S WEARING ITS HEAD?!? AAAAAHHHHHH.@kstatesports Will there be a full grown wildcat or wildcat puppy in the stadium tomorrow should I wear my chainmail mock turtleneckI ask Wickline who did you hire to defend you in that Ok State lawsuit & he's like "Pat Moorer" & I go he's not a lawyer & Wicklines like so.β€œ@ThatGuyKick: Coach... Can you explain this graph as it pertains to those damn Aggies? http://t.co/7Tj7mxDU0t” Same graph different year.β€œ@MikeCovington_2: Coach, is a ripped sleeve jacket ok to wear to church on Sundays?” That old Jesus was a rebel no reason u can't be too.β€œ@kdubracing136: Don't you know North Kansas?” I think of all the states in the middle of the country as one giant state called Fatblandia.β€œ@TYoderrr: Hey coach you should try running this play on Saturday if you want to win. http://t.co/I903y6LB23” Srsly is magic real.β€œ@TexasSports: TEAM SHOP: 15-50% off all T-shirts and polos now through 10/26” I ASSUME THIS DEAL INCLUDES YOUR RIPPED SLEEVE POLOS
I couldn't name a single team in the big 10Coach Snyder may be old but he knows how to get young men to do what he wants wait delete thatI wear a weight belt on each thigh.@kstatesports Is it true Coach Snyder only eats mustard.β€œ@G_LEV3: @ChuckFnStrong coach, do you think sumblin could pull off a mock t?” I think he should leave his shirt on to hide those udder.β€œ@n64ra: What do u think about the Wickline lawsuit? Do does he call plays or not?” I have no idea who calls plays or if we even have plays.@TexAgs are pumpkins just vegetable cancer.β€œ@Wes_Hamilton: Coach, you've lived in Texas for a while now. What's your favorite BBQ joint?” Wheatsville coop's alfalfa troughWe could be undefeated but then we wouldn't be 3 and 4. 3-4. 34. You're welcome, Ricky..β€œ@PowerCat46: @ChuckFnStrong @KState_Football #WildcatReady http://t.co/jibnnuZYcj” Is that real is it in the stadium please no
.@KState_Football what kind of milk is served in your stadium.@KState_Football does your PA system pipe in crowd noise ours does we have the loudest electronic robot crowd in the big twelve so.@KState_Football Lets make this interesting you suspend Lockett and I'll kick two receivers off the team, say maybe Sanders & Meander cool?.@KState_Football What is the weather gonna be like up there should I wear a full turtleneck over my mock turtleneck or what
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