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Attention recruits I am now on Ashley Mandison hit me upHere's my summary of rudy : Oh there's fat Jon favro oh there's a hobbit oh tackle for a loss so what's the Sumblin calling the kettle Drunk't know don't pay attention the o you know week notra dame time to get your affairs in orderNo Yes
8 more days till kick so here's a word scramble for you to figure out OU SUKCSAsk him if he even knows the name of nwachucuku's victim you think you're so great w your big old painted christmas jesus giving presents and cocoa to everyoneThat is Steve pattersons son Thensel treaties that real I got a leprechauns too goes by the name daje.@TexAgs where do mosquitoes sleepLeprechauns don't give wishes but garden lemurs do & my greatest life goal is to catch one & wish for a vitamix would but I do not have a passport potatoes grow in the ground but they are not a vegetable they are a carbohydrateAll my players are fine wait don't send tha
Don't let Steve Patterson see it he'll replace the scout team bc robots don't need to eat can't spoil true detective bc nothing happened Collin ferrel dies in true detective not sorry.@DiscoverIreland you don't own all the rainbows.@DiscoverIreland where do you keep all the charms9 Days til kick U know what they say Cats have 9 lives I have two baby tigers That's 18 lives Plus me is 19 Brian Kelly just one guyIs the big pocket functional I would like to have one if it is THE INTERN THAT IS NOT GRASS YOU ARE WALKING ON ON A GIANT LEPRECHAUNS BELLY Raheel the intern pls fly to Notra dame find out what the turf feels likeWhat is a pep rally and prayers but also how do you know she is dead if she is invisible
.@cam_ctmd55 Last chance Ribley I need a TE you can come to notra dame I will let you kill a leprechauns.@DiscoverIreland from now on st patty day will be celebrated with bbq and shiner except for me I will be eating some dry whey powder.@DiscoverIreland you will be the worlds first football based society all schools will teach it all politicians must be able to wrap upA language cannot occupy a country your people will retain their lands but a new flag will fly.@DiscoverIreland you will enjoy being a part of Texas we have great food or so I've heard.@DiscoverIreland you had a good run as a country but it's over now.@DiscoverIreland I am sorry for what happens in 10 daysWhat We got a jetpack guy but no more band are you serious do you have a bagpipe section.@NotreDame is there any other food in south bent other than just potatoesLamkins couldn't pass 8th grade Spanish fortunately OU offers that class you think we'll get to the goal line all by safety next question's my get on the 🚂 or get out of the way face
How losing to the Irish would be like letting hitler win world war two maybe even worse'm not saying that notra dame is unsafe or that their fans are violent but in case they are wouldn't you feel safer in a ripped sleeve poloIs that Brian Kelly Raheel the intern please ask Patterson how we are supposed to get to France for Notra dameIs this the new domestic violence counseling center allowed alcohol in the locker room what Days til football here's a riddle What do you call a overpaid pile of pillows drenched in booze and glitter That old Sumblin
12 Days til Kick Heres a rhyme Ring around the rosey You best make that field goal How'd you miss? It was only 30 yds Cut your hairI think I know what I'm doing @WoodshedGary @KEYESportsBob @chris_hummer is quinoa really just tiny seashells new bad stuff did Baylor do over the weekend.@TexAgs does grass feel emotion
To all recruits I am now on linked in13 Days Til Notra Dame Reminds me of Friday the 13 Except this is on a Saturday & Pat Moorer is Jason U can't kill whats already deadSwoop came up and was all coach am I gonna start and I said you got a mustache like Cleveland how can you even ask me that
Oh a dog punter real funny no Dicko is a person cost way more than you think to get 85 mock turtlenecks pressed.@NotreDame only two more Sundays to get to confession
Peterson: neachucku is violent to women Brile: ur breaking up did you say homesick? Peterson: I said VIOLENT Brile: homesick got it thxhere's a pop quiz Art Brile and Baylor tried to protect a rapist: True ◽️ or True ◽️Can't spell Briles without LIES that tarp isn't just for covering up seats is itCoach I did something bad What'd u do Maybe a bit of rape Jesus forgives u Really? Yes Thanks coach Ur welcome go chase that qbKnock knock Who's there I raped somebody Come in you are safe here Where am I Baylor.@CoachArtBriles do you even have peripheral valuesArt Brile thinks rape is "unfortunate" yes art Brile you are right it is good youre not downplaying this mandrel is all bee bop bop beep bop bop bop eep bop boopAll I conceal is my clavicle's a riddle: Who coaches baylor and has a little trunk where he hides Ukwuachu secrets You're right It's Art Brile
Zack is sad He needs to rip of his sleeves & lift weights Don't be a baby you old zack Curves him a gift certificate Mora you are a nice man.@ACTStudent hypothetically what are the answers for the next test NOT asking for a friendYou don't know a good looking man when you see one or what just do what I did when I took the ACT 10 hrs sleep Warm beef smoothie Watch vhs of XFL Take that test angry you want the team to win if not feel free to have sleeves
Moorer Moorer on the wall COMIN TO GETCHA IM COMIN TO GETCHA PUNCHIN OUT MOUTH PIECES HOMIE IM WICH YA are fake I don't see one for Mexico city you serious I did not know I had a brother that looked so uh sooo uh hmm aggie you beat Bama again the five stars should be rolling in man I just had Raheel the Intern buy a bunch of bells diamonds and gold to hang up around here time to take a 💩 or get off the 🚽Less than there are now that's for sure was showing him how to keep a beat
18 days til kick Classical musician Sebastian Bach once said 18 and life you got it 20 yards to go You got a false start 25 yards to goWhich season there are four of them Starting Five Connery Williams Flower Flannery O'Doyle Kasper Jerkins Patrice Vahee19 days until kick heres a tongue twister: OU Sucks
Yes your honor I do remember and I also remember that you all stood on stools and did not bring a stool for me meat cakes
I don't play mind games with my players except when I am
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