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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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Der Dokumentarfilm "Zeit für mein Leben" ist jetzt online #Weggefährten #Medienpreis @hs_furtwangen - http://t.co/pUrcUvGz8O
Retweeted by CarmenI'm in awe of my daughter's sweetness.
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TWITTER! Would you please stop distracting me so I can keep staring at my scripts and pretend to study? That'd be great, thanks.girl code http://t.co/pBZMPLBbxr
Retweeted by Carmenboys are so dumb like they could stab you in the face with a knife and be like what's wrong why are you mad what did I do
Retweeted by CarmenAaaaw ♥ ;) @sassy_0112 RT "@tbhjuststop: u had me at ‘I hate everyone’".@sassy_0112 RT "@tbhjuststop: if you're having a bad day, remember i'm beautiful"how I clean my room: -starts at one corner -finds something from 6 years ago and stares at it nostalgically for 5 hours -goes to bed
Retweeted by CarmenA FREAKING TURTLE EATING A STRAWBERRY https://t.co/b8cgGzv8MX
Retweeted by CarmenErinnert mich irgendwie an dich :D ♥ @sassy_0112 RT A"@tbhjuststop: basically 😌 http://t.co/MLM7maFUhy"me as a thief http://t.co/u0oCbTXEkR
Retweeted by Carmenplay with my hair instead of my feelings thank u
Retweeted by Carmenོ ོ ོ ོ ོ ོ ོ oh no. there goes all the fucks I give
Retweeted by CarmenMy friend @sassy_0112 just told me she'll get #Netflix in February.Then she'll only leave the house to go drinking.That's why I love her. ;DBericht des Schwarzwälder Boten über den #TagDerMedien und die #Medianight an der @hs_furtwangen http://t.co/0Qw4Am4qBG
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Is Tyler cured of lying? @MatthewPerry returns for another session of #WebTherapy with @LisaKudrow tonight at 11PM: http://t.co/lIk5i6wrFE
Retweeted by Carmen💕 http://t.co/hD0dgYX6Fh
Retweeted by CarmenHey check out Web Therapy with the amazing Lisa Kudrow tonight and next Wednesday. I might be in it. Such an awesome show. All improv cont..
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Die ersten Beiträge konnten schonmal echt was! Respekt ans zweite Semester, immerhin besser als Gedichte aufnehmen #furtwangen #läuftbeiuns
Retweeted by CarmenNaaaa wenn das mal kein erfolgreicher Tag war :) viele tolle Projekte und glückliche Gewinner: herzlichen Glückwunsch http://t.co/U7JJ4OjOxj
Retweeted by CarmenHappy #YoureWelcomeWednesday http://t.co/legId3OC9E
Retweeted by CarmenSendemitschnitt 31. #Medianight #DigitaleMedien #HFU #Furtwangen #glftv ansehen: http://t.co/sxc2HMa5vX http://t.co/9XeLimzBhM
Retweeted by CarmenAb dem 10. Februar jagt @ben_mckenzie Verbrecher @ProSieben. Wir feiern im #Gotham Style. Mit euch in #Berlin! http://t.co/LtDZYn1YX3
Retweeted by CarmenTonight on the show: Lip Flip with Jennifer Aniston, @BillGates stops by, and cooking with @Mariobatali! #FallonTonight
Retweeted by Carmen+and more big announcements coming later today+
Retweeted by Carmen.@TheLaurenGraham refuses to let @RainnWilson and Seth complain about shaving. http://t.co/spqxsqMT7P #LNSM http://t.co/Z2sJIfu64a
Retweeted by Carmenvalentine’s day lentine’s day ntine’s day e’s day ay ayyyy ayyyyy vodka
Retweeted by Carmen@ProSieben uhh #Gotham - endlich :)
Retweeted by CarmenThinking about the amount of work you have to do http://t.co/0OyCyuQRqB
Retweeted by CarmenBig thanks to the one & only @CourteneyCox for live tweeting each week! You're amazing! xo #OneLastPour
Retweeted by CarmenPerfect example of moments that last forever http://t.co/s9smhbiRwt
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5 voicemail messages; all from my manager. I have no mates. That is all.
Retweeted by Carmen#Friends #season2 @FriendsShow http://t.co/1SiZtAO7In
Retweeted by Carmen"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."-MLK http://t.co/uAbVPk38ce
Retweeted by CarmenI need one of those!!! :D RT "@RWitherspoon: #Monday #coffeetalk....Am I right?? 😂 http://t.co/3RVVQ2zfFb""Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~ Martin Luther King #MLK #MLKDay
Retweeted by CarmenLet's all have a P!nk Monday!!! Remember all the good memories from tour and all the fun shared with friends... http://t.co/46ucLVEe18
Retweeted by Carmen#JenniferAniston Is Looking Amazing In A Red Suit At @CriticsChoice Awards @HuffingtonPost http://t.co/5ml3CDyvmx #CAKE #AwardsSeason
Retweeted by CarmenI can’t wait http://t.co/Spb1sn9v8H
Retweeted by CarmenRT if you love #Friends! http://t.co/u0J9qqdave
Retweeted by CarmenEllen at the Golden Globes | http://t.co/QC4p3y9zjZ http://t.co/4lProJPJva via @TheEllenShow :D So sorry for you Ellen... ;D@BetoAlsadi @CAKEtheMovie I do too! :-)
@everygirI ha! Easily! :DI get re-pissed about an old situation whenever I start thinking about it again..
Retweeted by CarmenFive Days Left. #CAKE Starts On January 23rd. #JenniferAniston #AnnaKendrick #SamWorthington #FelicityHuffman http://t.co/uFGVaJ43D9
Retweeted by Carmen.@CAKEtheMovie 81 days left for Germany! Wow that's so long...but I know it'll be worth the wait! :) #JenniferAniston@youplusmeoffcl God so many!!! ♥ 'You can be flawed enough but perfect for a person' & 'Open door' from first second to the last ♡I mean... C'mon! Best gift ever ! Thanks @mindykaling for my #WreathWitherspoon #Oscar edition. 😂😂😂 http://t.co/gmFX0ADqnw
Retweeted by Carmen#Dare #BELIEVE #ChangeTheTide :) http://t.co/bTMcRsIUgj
Retweeted by CarmenStick a fork in me, I'm done.two types of anger: http://t.co/FWnytZx4m8
Retweeted by CarmenNicht verpassen! Tag der Medien am Dienstag im I-Bau der @hs_furtwangen - http://t.co/bW946S8ttH http://t.co/xBHh2AIUXF
Retweeted by CarmenGestern Fanta 4 gesehen. #fetzig #mannheim #rekord #fanta4 @fantastische4
Retweeted by CarmenICYMI @BroadwaySings @Pink will also perform at @lprnyc on 1/25. Secure your tix now! http://t.co/VvMy4zrirl http://t.co/0J5Xejpsmw
Retweeted by CarmenLove this guy. “@taylorswift13: LOLOLOLOL THE SASS http://t.co/sXKIsNGriq
Retweeted by CarmenThe world's tiniest cosplayer is apparently not terribly excited to meet the original Cas. http://t.co/AZ29jt4LMw
Retweeted by Carmen@CAKEtheMovie sooo excited!!!! But it takes until April till it starts in Germany! :( #excited #toolong #patience #JenniferAniston6 Days Till #CAKE Time Starts. In Theaters January 23rd. #JenniferAniston #AnnaKendrick #SamWorthington http://t.co/2NZLJrwkjQ
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On a scale of 0- watching Bridget jones with your cat and a cocoa in your pjs on a Saturday night at 9.30pm exactly how single are you? 😐 🙈😂
Retweeted by CarmenI've just written a post about being single whilst watching Bridget Jones' Diary. I feel I've reached a whole new low.
Retweeted by CarmenNow is she amazing or what? ♥ :) http://t.co/qZAIlWWL2s #JenniferAnistonWhy is it not fun to study? I mean...why? #study #exams #ugh #somanythingsidratherdo #motivateme #longhashtagsareconfusingbutkindacool #help@ArielleKebbel @hallmarkchannel wow! *-* beautiful!Marcus one of my @JasonHeiglFound rescues celebrating the holidays in a wonderful new home. Love it! http://t.co/5aFq6sktca
Retweeted by Carmen@ben_mckenzie @Gotham that's great news!!! Congrats! :) can't wait to watch in Germany! Starts in February!@mishacollins Why exactly weren't you there one and a half years ago (when I was there of course)??? Explain. Please.Friendship goals! http://t.co/C5tdwOcuzG
Retweeted by Carmenguilty 😩 http://t.co/9EP3awanwS
Retweeted by Carmen@TheAcademy where was Aniston? #shame
Retweeted by Carmen@VickiGFans @TheAcademy so bummed :( no Jen
Retweeted by Carmen@TheAcademy WHERE'S JEN #OscarNoms
Retweeted by CarmenI'm beyond excited to come back to television in front of the camera! Hope u guys will be watching! … http://t.co/4ywGrQeFgr
Retweeted by Carmen6-year-old @SuperKaiLanger sings with @BrunoMars. Need I say more? http://t.co/9fOc4NriMJ
Retweeted by CarmenTold ya my German was Flawless :) #Numb3rsInGERMANY #Repost w/ @sh72herb There it is @alimiballardhttp://t.co/bd3s1WzKYE
Retweeted by CarmenMaybe :) RT @mebeckym: when @AlimiBallard follows you out of no where, you follow back,lol. =)
Retweeted by Carmen
Knock, knock. They’re here. #Friends http://t.co/tSavNCjxd7 https://t.co/odnjBolebP
Retweeted by Carmen@DebnathSoutrik @FriendsShow I totally agree!!! Something definitely went wrong there... :( Anyway, can't wait to watch the movie!! :) #Cake@OUTLETCITY_COM Mal was anderes, findet #FashionAndMusic dieses jahr wieder statt? :-).@DebnathSoutrik @FriendsShow that was exactly my reaction!!!! :-( #notfair #OscarNoms #JenniferAniston #BestActressJennifer Aniston not nominated for an Oscar @FriendsShow http://t.co/EsFgz16TKU
Retweeted by Carmen.@MS_ghattamaneni @FriendsShow @netflix that's awesome!!!! :D well done! ;) #Friends@FriendsShow “@netflix: Knock, knock. They’re here. #Friends http://t.co/kyIYS2or9Z https://t.co/c5AhXxByxf
Retweeted by Carmen@AlimiBallard hey, thanks for the follow! :)All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them. #MagicJohnson
Retweeted by Carmeni feel like if u memorize an album you should earn a free concert ticket
Retweeted by Carmen
@WilliamHMacy And @FelicityHuffman At #CAKE LA Premiere Last Night! @MailOnline @GettyImages #JenniferAniston http://t.co/amUMiUwE1j
Retweeted by Carmen@JoshRadnor ...and #JenniferAniston in #CakeAfter weeks of testing, I have finally perfected my anti-aging pill. Unfortunately, the effects aren't very... https://t.co/fc4FrXV87d
Retweeted by CarmenThis made me happy 😭❤️ http://t.co/TCA8pvxHJ5
Retweeted by Carmen@TheEllenShow @MariahCarey Ellen, feel free to surprise me like this!!!! ;P@peopleschoice I am most FRUSTRATED about #JenniferAniston not being nominated for #BestActress!!! :( #OscarNoms #CakeMovieMy new Oscar commercial. Dig it. http://t.co/VLWYO4rUGO
Retweeted by Carmen@rightiho RT"@billboard: Wait,@EdSheeran premiered a new song in an episode of "Cougar Town"? http://t.co/2z2E5hnjZT http://t.co/dV9NgRIhe9"Wait, @EdSheeran premiered a new song in an episode of "Cougar Town"? http://t.co/0AVHmQxem6 http://t.co/JRJnnDvgdG
Retweeted by CarmenLexi got a puppy for Christmas. Really, it was a gift for all of us. http://t.co/91VnuG4sLs
Retweeted by Carmen.@RealSMG @TheLEGOMovie so did #JenniferAniston....not fair! :( #BestActress #OscarNoms #OscarSnubs #failI realize there are more important issues in the world, but seriously @TheLEGOMovie got snubbed!!! I protest!!
Retweeted by Carmen@pracca aaaah I see ;) I would've been soooo jealous!!! :DYou all should really go follow my friend @sassy_0112! She's super funny! ;) ♡♥♡You go #emmastone #OscarNoms #Oscars2015 @TheAcademy
Retweeted by Carmen
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