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Teenage Rebel of The Week (retired) 'To Hell with poverty- we'll get drunk on cheap wine'

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Still looking for female comic book fans on Twitter to interview for my thesis. Message me if interested, or you know someone who might be.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI love this. What would @eddiemair say on PM? http://t.co/oKIvUtDgkL
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This is a stunning, disturbing and eye-opening book we're publishing next year. Everyone here knocked sideways by it. http://t.co/dGrD6MWtsb
Retweeted by Suzi BebopHunter Thompson writing at Big Sur, 1961. http://t.co/wYpb5zkbi0
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Muslims who sacrificed themselves to save Jews & fight Nazis in World War II. GB Issues a stamp to commemorate Khan http://t.co/zXP9WOBiXX
Retweeted by Suzi BebopPeople too weak to follow their own dreams will always find a way to discourage yours.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@_DaisyBenson stuck in a corner in RBC Civic Offices in days past always brought to mind 'the horror, the horror!'Family of David Haines with a dignified tribute. Quite rightly giving no oxygen to the killers either. http://t.co/qJg3pE9Vkd
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThis is only HALF of @Oakelmash 's huge tomato #beefygoodness http://t.co/nO4YhP6Ryv
Unbelievable Massive tomato grown by @Oakelmash one of many! Scent is incredible, taste even better! Well done that husband #gardener #fabCan't argue with this. http://t.co/AHoEu9bG1g
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop#RoaldDahlDay Did #TheWitches frighten you? This is an 18th century woodcut from a chap-book http://t.co/ffx2kvDGat http://t.co/ZuTIYIDkse
Retweeted by Suzi BebopUsurp @Fortprocess now! http://t.co/aM4yqwyp1C
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop'The menu included a sausage roll ... Imagine a hot-dog and croissant crossed'. @NewYorker crosses a gastronomic cultural divide.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWho would like to do a #LFW fashion illustration for me? Email me, for @BoraAksuStudio & many more http://t.co/HUQLqpHWh8
Retweeted by Suzi BebopDavid Bowie, Ziggy Stardust cover shoot, 1972 http://t.co/w28mN2uGK2
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThey smiled too! http://t.co/hRS76MIUX8
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop#Arte Monet madrugó para crear el Impresionismo http://t.co/6cbIR7txiu (En su estudio) http://t.co/LwetGrsaNP
Retweeted by Suzi BebopToday is World First Aid day. #worldfirstaidday http://t.co/6ywyTDNABC
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Algebra http://t.co/trHgp4UGZD
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMore and more people across the world are saying no, to help #EndFGM v/@unicefsudan http://t.co/A11YpqXZXT
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@TripeUK please never never not no chitterlings #chitlins horrors from childhoodIt's all kicking off in Cambridge. http://t.co/Rjcq9kMAdb http://t.co/H2yrZ1ASWP
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe Oseberg Ship, Oslo, Norway - the best preserved example of a Viking ship, 834 AD http://t.co/nyH4SrhKRB
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop.@neilhimself knows life. http://t.co/wuryK9s9tM #reading #books #quote http://t.co/vfhmB421GP
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMy first is in medicine and also in sport. My second's in finance and also in law. My third's a complete layabout though. Takes after me.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"Fancy a quick half?" - Translation: Fancy going into this pub for as long as possible?
Retweeted by Suzi BebopClassic childhood books from yesteryear. http://t.co/3fZLqQxSA6 (by @craiguito) http://t.co/JZIuoBzulK
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@HappyHarrow will do- will have to be later on today.
@TheVintageYear yes, definitely more irritating than a splinter in the bumBeen asked what I do for a living a few times, here's a test piece I made based on @AlphonseMucha's stunning art http://t.co/z4r8ktLFyP
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@TheVintageYear and Not very comfortable alas- bench seats & rough edges. No storage.And Gregory of course.I may have missed the point of why Gregory wants to build with nothing supporting his roof. #GrandDesigns 30 years time will it be braced?Congrats to @ChurchillArmsW8! London in Bloom 2014 winners. Famous for it's fantastic floral display all year round http://t.co/peLgptHVDw
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOh this is rather lovely. #English #language http://t.co/ehz5orSbdz
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@cox_tom try 'em with naan bread & you'll be their favourite again... Our old Ella used to go crazy for it, even in our non meat/prawn years. @MayorofLondon says not possible to reconcile third runway at Heathrow with air quality targets for London
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIt's a bit late for that. #Scarfolk http://t.co/Ob6L1y8N1G
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWell done @chetnamakan - first you look fab in orange, now you create amazing caramel grapes! #trendsetter #GBBO
Retweeted by Suzi BebopGosh, those honking car alarms get a bit annoying after 5 minutes. Get an immobiliser! #NobodyCaresAboutYourCar
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Finally, not an overstatement. RT @fmanjoo: According to Tim Cook, U2 has worked hard for the “advancement of the human race."
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIt seems often like a different time and era #applewatch Ukraine Syria Burundi Isis yet it is the same planet http://t.co/NQ9DQO0h9m
Retweeted by Suzi BebopBrilliant. http://t.co/oTs2f8Eb8z
Retweeted by Suzi BebopLots of places plugging the #iPhone6. A dodgy #iFake charger plug could end up killing you http://t.co/ZQORAbxrHN http://t.co/CnnrwdsTRO
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOne for you! @michaelstannar5 http://t.co/URT5Neyizr
Retweeted by Suzi BebopCressingham Gardens, Lambeth: 'a sense of smallness inside the bigness' http://t.co/YAsE75jTRz
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@virginmedia I will reply later. Thank you for the form.@virginmedia an apology for 'how I'm feeling' doesn't do anything to put right or acknowledge failings of company I have paid for 10+ years@virginmedia are you going to mail me the details of offer so I can decide whether it saves me money? If I qualify I shld b able to consider
@virginmedia you can take it I'm not happy or satisfied & won't recommend. Feels like was being manipulated to take package I don't want.@virginmedia this all predicated on 'reward' 4 my long custom (10+ years) - no satisfactory outcome, just refusal of my request to write me@virginmedia & regretfully communication issues with offshore call centre & heavy scripting = customer 'channelled' twds company option@virginmedia in fact consumers appear penalised for not agreeing over phone even if deal might be cheaper, as it is too complex to judge@virginmedia I consider this approach unhelpful, questionable & poor practice not in consumer interest. No chance to decide as fast sell@virginmedia I don't appreciate cold call & expectation I will commit on phone, even if a callback another time. I want to read details 1st@virginmedia plus I do not want a TiVo box as have no need for it. Was only told features of it, not chance to refuse as'part of bundle'@virginmedia no I didn't. My request to have details in email was repeatedly refused so I had no chance to consider if it was suitable 4 me#twitart Lucian Freud \ ranuncoli\ http://t.co/BDNpng1glH
Retweeted by Suzi BebopGood evening #London. #city #river http://t.co/4L6EIKx4g5
Retweeted by Suzi BebopCalgary in late summer. Good snowman-making snow. http://t.co/JkjSYIydzR
Retweeted by Suzi Bebophttp://t.co/uP00R34Ee2
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@HappyHarrow The Castle - on the Hill. Ace pub.Enjoying this pale Provence Rose from @waitrosewine Blend of Cinsaut, Syrah and Grenache; full of flavour http://t.co/PhxG9602WJ
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI love Dorset in the Autumn #dorsethour http://t.co/oMJWNvdzE5
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@HappyHarrow @WeAreHCR oh go on, then....yes please!Sorry, Babe, it's over. *I get on my motorcycle but I can't get it to start so I use my feet to scoot away*
Retweeted by Suzi BebopA poet, a metaphor, and a simile walk into a bar. Simile says it'd like a beer. Metaphor says it'll be one. Poet says those two are buying.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMy Philosophy T-Shirt | Webshop: http://t.co/SLEpfm7MWF http://t.co/tdRKABKrUL
Retweeted by Suzi BebopOh & to guy on nearby seat on train: bad idea to blog in public on BDSM selfie site as hot young woman when you are balding middle-aged man.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopLucian Freud Self-Portrait, Reflection 2003-2004 http://t.co/4CiButmAEX
Retweeted by Suzi BebopLove Alan Johnson #litsalon aged 18, declining to move to Watford as it was "the countryside and up North." He came back to Notting Hill
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@carldogwalker Rough Trade West W11 see @CordeliaTerry! Tell her I sent you :) lots local good places for drink to recover from big purchase@HappyHarrow @GeorgiaHCRfm that's the way to do it! See you out there, smiling :)“@JackofKent: A take-down of that daft Jack the Ripper DNA story: http://t.co/jOyYUys0Nn” sane & sensible! Truth & tragedy still out there.1. Say thank you 2. Just say hello 3. Eat & buy local 4. Campaign & act to end #loneliness 5. Mentor someone #DoitHarrow @HappyHarrow
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@GeorgiaHCRfm @HappyHarrow I always try to do this & either people think I'm barking, or eventually they give in & smile back! Or both?#DoItHarrow Smile when you walk down the street and say good morning or good afternoon as you pass by people. @HappyHarrow
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThis whole rob/ Helen/ Jess storyline is really well written just who is lying/ mad/ narcissistic/ crazy etc? #thearchers
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSo after my run in w/@virginmedia sales team I have same package, that may be costing me more long run Or less. Who hell knows w/out detail?@virginmedia please honour customer request for comms channel that suits them best, not confuse & anger on high pressure sales call.Bad show@virginmedia you're an internet service firm, so why not email customers w/offers esp if you're 'rewarding' them.v close to mis-selling IMHOHad exhausting call w/Virgin call centre. As valued customer I get new package - but no reflecting, no written offer. Bad show @virginmediaCamden New Journal group looking to hire a news reporter. 1+ years experience. Email CVs and covering letters rosley@camdennewjournal.co.uk
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSpeaking to a renter whose 'social landlord' Circle Housing Association wants to raise her rent by 60%- yes you read that right #rentcontrol
Retweeted by Suzi BebopPlease, someone explain the value of soap & water on the body to half the people on this #Waterloo bound trainWhy oh why do the British press come to me to comment every time there's a new Royal child? Why would I have a view.....???
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI'm thrilled that Kate's pregnant. By 'thrilled' I mean 'trying to remember', and by 'that Kate's pregnant' I mean 'my HMRC log-in details'.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopBe a part of the biggest Northern Soul event in the world! Click for more info! #NorthernSoul #MusicFestival https://t.co/gxmKyFnEY2
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe Bilderberg Group prepares a card for Kate. ‘Congratulations from all your pals in the shadowy-’ ‘Don’t put “shadowy”!’ ‘Clandestine?’
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIn @waitrose in Bracknell enjoying cuppa. Demolition of town centre all round me! #Bracknell #redevelopment #crumbsBreakfast sounds good... http://t.co/Yv1WcMbUUf
Retweeted by Suzi BebopForget #indyref - this is important> @ChurchTimes bars Tory cricket umpire because great-great grandfather was bishop http://t.co/SNUq8WZIzi
Retweeted by Suzi BebopJobs available: Senior Museum Technician @AshmoleanMuseum Collections Assistant (Earth Collections) @morethanadodo http://t.co/xh9ARkuDTO
Retweeted by Suzi BebopNear William Morris house, Hammersmith http://t.co/DAMX6o7UsA
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWe're coddled here by press & government in relation to rest of world. #EU exit-our call. #ScotlandDecides-a matter for Scotland. #ExitRisk
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThank heavens young man with Leaky Headphones left train at Staines #tsstsstss #etcGreat atmosphere at the #March4NHS. Retweet if you agree the NHS is not for sale! http://t.co/ktd5Dlrt2c
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@Dubliner1: Down to The Dove pub, Hammersmith http://t.co/akf48XXaMT” great pub!
@Biltawulf especially without asking first@holland_tom the whole Abrahamic religion thing does start off with a guy hearing voices telling him to kill his son, to be fair
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