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Teenage Rebel of The Week (retired) 'To Hell with poverty- we'll get drunk on cheap wine'

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"No, I haven't seen the movie. It's a rom com, right?" http://t.co/50k4e2LKai
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@WeAreHCR eggs?I've only been copy editor for a glossy magazine for half an hour, and I've already improved our content by 500% http://t.co/5Yb2k2lCDx
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
Today is William Wilberforce day - a huge force for reform in ending the slave trade. Sadly, there are still 20.9m slaves worldwide today.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"The low hanging fruit was largely a myth." For #localgov "the worst is yet to come" @WeLoveLocalGov http://t.co/vCkekEg2Vv
Retweeted by Suzi BebopGood morning. How are you? This response to #WomenAgainstFeminism is utterly wonderful. (Via @laurenlaverne.) http://t.co/bjRfd5EhYN
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop'Rural sports or a cricket match extraordinary' - a fun way to spend an afternoon! http://t.co/NTIwGxWkxY
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Dear Guardian: It's things like this that annoy people. http://t.co/cECsFMhncc
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@GouldingChris: Medieval graffiti in Norwich Cathedral... http://t.co/x5OvNldQBo” sermons were so *long* in those days #chippingaway“@duggiefields: Please have a look at this petition, it means a lot to LONDON https://t.co/5crxd7jkwU” I have. Please do too! Stop the rotS.O.S.#EARLSCOURT sign/share/forward/retweet @saveEarlsCourt NEW PETITION. last chance https://t.co/JQEGx6Pu8q
Retweeted by Suzi BebopFYI, if the role you're advertising is unpaid, don't say you're 'hiring' - you're 'trying it on.' #PayYourWritersGoddammit
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI dunno, you sit there despairing at humanity and then someone sends you something that rekindles hope for us all: http://t.co/ZKIXH6dzje
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@anna_belinda @KilburnHerald Move 360 Finchley Rd NW6- good people all!
Good memories! Noting Hill Sound Systems, new book by Brian David Stevens @caferoyalbooks http://t.co/5juNUbYaNW http://t.co/nRQCPO6rty
Retweeted by Suzi Bebopif you live in Kensington & Chelsea - then this may affect you: Crossrail 2 in Chelsea http://t.co/NKlGLoMHS4
Retweeted by Suzi BebopTo recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAnatomy of songs… http://t.co/EHzCQIvCZl
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Thanks for serving our country http://t.co/fSNhuQaFLj
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@tobyornot_: Turns out 'Big Society' meant 'big money to the top of society' http://t.co/exMzniiClP” Good Lord! Really?And now @akadrjohn himself on @BBC6Music a great day! #grisgris@duggiefields it's a disgusting scandal with no upside DuggieSee them everywhere now the unloved unlived in apartment blocks of BRAVE NEW LONDON
Retweeted by Suzi BebopGreat @ModernToss cartoon in @PrivateEyeNews this week: http://t.co/gZpEMnb7kk
Retweeted by Suzi BebopYou just can't have enough @akadrjohn voodoo on the radio, thanks @cerysmatthews @BBC6Music really enjoying the selections #nitetripperHalf of Charing Cross hospital could be sold http://t.co/8gvcqiZKd2 not privatisation, just, errrr, selling most of a major hospital.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopRe: the rubbish chucked near our house- no doubt I'll end up clearing it AGAIN. Think I'll charge neighbours for my janitor services #Harrow#harrow has to get its act together on street cleaning - no one cares if no one responsible, just gets dirtier. And now budget cut? Bad newsHome from hols, greeted by rubbish dumped in alley next to house, cans chucked in garden, stinking sacks chucked in our bin- lovely #HarrowShock as David Cameron's Big Society might be bollocks: http://t.co/rkW3PYlGbW
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It only hurts when I laugh. Luckily, life is a meaningless nightmare.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@AliImdadBakes a nobLe cause, a noble approach. And a yummy one. #peace #cake #please@TheVintageYear oh yes please- can provide pics for background, context, colour #buttonboxBBC-Exeter tenants evicted from flats with 'no warning' http://t.co/G3X9f1cSAN raid by bailiffs. Property Edge Lettings into administration
Retweeted by Suzi BebopConsidering the extreme heat and intense summer storms in London, a good time for some word porn. http://t.co/j1DZLwmJDa
Retweeted by Suzi BebopDelivered leaflets for @FriendsofWHP today- Fun Day tomorrow. Some lovely Edwardian doors & letter boxes in Butler Rd #WestHarrow #ClassNoye's Fludde tmrw @Bath & West Showground nr SheptonMallet at 1pm! Philharmonia & Kneehigh plus about 600 kids - INDOORS so no rain worries
Retweeted by Suzi BebopPaid first visit to St James church's new post office, cafe and post office this afternoon. Well done @churchnw6! http://t.co/s66KQiEpY9
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@FGW thanks!@TheVintageYear oh yes - inherited from Mum, with her buttons & also from Nan- still remember hunting mother of pearl special ones #buttonsOK, gotta record positive response when it happens @FGW - received refund tickets to make amends for cock up & travel delay a few weeks ago.@tonyblackburn me too Tony- bring it on, Mother Nature!Invitation to three #sonic #art events that Usurp Art is part of: http://t.co/fBV2ECt8OR #soundart #festival
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe @metoffice's weather warnings for today aren't looking good. http://t.co/OeFTF4QaGu
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
#celebritymasterchef my deconstructed beans on toast http://t.co/XKgqqMpyVM
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMcLoughlin: '#HS2 is an exceptional scheme'. Sadly I agree. Exceptionally badly designed, managed, & bad at engaging with those affected
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe best Daily Mail corrections column EVER: http://t.co/INiZ8FMB4Q
Retweeted by Suzi BebopComing soon from @TuffScout2000 http://t.co/mVqFMJqKWK
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAfter the housing minister was changed AGAIN a poster reminder of when Tories had it right (via @IsabelHardman) http://t.co/rbPbr83YwH
Retweeted by Suzi BebopSuddenly, shampoo bottles and nose hair clippers don't seem like the biggest threat facing airline travelers.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop"Flight #MH17 brought down by surface-to-air missle."via @BBCNews #Ukraine?#Russia? Separatists? “A Mad World My Masters”-Thomas Middleton
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWe have a unique opportunity, going forward, to leverage cutting edge strategies and make a lot of money out of this bullshit.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWatching Midsummer Nights Dream @TheCastleHarrow in the garden- wonderful & a sell out! Fab - more please!
Stop this Tory ideology of Privatisation Robbing the poor to give to the rich has no place in a civilised society. http://t.co/zb6qDHUeEH
Retweeted by Suzi BebopAlso: very impressed with @GEoRGiA_HB new record! Just ask for it by name, groove fans #Georgia @RoughTrade will sort you out#Ramones6Music http://t.co/uvIUNtZI1p
Retweeted by Suzi BebopGreat to see this shaping up #BBF2014 about to be sent off to the printers @saltpublishing http://t.co/Sk7qMoceBX
Retweeted by Suzi BebopEnjoying Eno & Hyde's new LP Sunday World with a bottle of white. Wonderful Sunday afternoon, wonderful bit of the world indeed @Brian_Eno@EastLondonGroup @BowArts @CARMELITECAFE it was fabulous- very glad we made it! Wonderful to see paintings in local setting. Will return :)Finally, finally, we are off to @BowArts for @EastLondonGroup exhibition on final day. Looking forward to it! #underthewire“@guardian: What does it mean if you wear nothing between the sheets? http://t.co/SkbiDmlMYc @LifeandStyle” washing machine broken again@britishmuseum Happy Birthday Dr John Dee! The original 007 and still the greatest. #magus #spyElizabethan polymath Dr Dee was born #onthisday in 1527. Here are some of his magical objects http://t.co/XXG53QvG0V http://t.co/p5zn3eBjMk
Retweeted by Suzi BebopHappy 17th birthday Malala Yousafzai, who is in Nigeria to meet families of kidnapped schoolgirls http://t.co/b6zCRX2Cgl
Retweeted by Suzi BebopLadies. If you like guys who like Routemasters get down to Finsbury Park. Lots of single men ripe for the picking. http://t.co/qVXxfdaFNA
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@DawnHFoster I have seen CBT work & can be effective, but in this context I just quote Mrs Thatcher:'No!No!No!' #CBT #Tories #benefitscut
This is Sparta http://t.co/pkPhvtK9rQ
Retweeted by Suzi BebopI love Gertrude Jekyll's gardens. Although the gardens she designed as Mrs Hyde are death traps.
Retweeted by Suzi BebopMrs Khans hairdressers had a World Cup special on today. It was called a Brazilian.Waiting for her to come home looking like Neymar isn't it
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe saddest flowchart you're likely to see today. Help improve the lives of girls: http://t.co/5yJuilNM2v #GirlSummit http://t.co/dhBLsdaBiw
Retweeted by Suzi BebopIain Duncan Smith to be hauled out of Work and Pensions position after Bedroom Tax blunder #IDS #DWP http://t.co/YpN0ZEcObu
Retweeted by Suzi BebopWilko Johnson today - his birthday - with Porky Poet at Village Green Southend, 10 weeks after big op, looking great. http://t.co/PHHzMAOstd
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop1977 reggae track "Free Africa" by Yabby U & Trinity. B-side to 12 -inch "Jah Vengeance" single. http://t.co/RLEDPBy1nP
Retweeted by Suzi BebopThe Archbishop of Canterbury after being led into the Temptations, Lambeth, 1970. http://t.co/LtJRNXlwrt
Retweeted by Suzi BebopBeen to the record shop today and bought lots of very good and rare cat mats http://t.co/F1B8H63HCZ
Retweeted by Suzi BebopA recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than men who mention it.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
Gents - are your balls really so big you absolutely must sit with your knees two feet apart on the tube?
Retweeted by Suzi BebopGrand total of five MPs in the Commons chamber for the adjournment debate on care homes for disabled people. http://t.co/qGR3Fl8Lra
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@HalleysLog: in the night little wind” ah, if only...@holland_tom At that time I knew old lady who fitted that description. She was called Mrs Queenie Victoria Smith too.@Hiregerri very best of luck!Ever heard Bill Nighy sing? Here he is singing The Song of Gil-Galad, from BBC Radio's 1981 Lord Of The Rings. http://t.co/TiHMVKSAYN
Retweeted by Suzi BebopForget all that. For medieval cheeky margin things, this wins. http://t.co/j9yoHbs8cA
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@typejunky: Or a Medieval flying green erm, penis monster. Got to love a bit of marginalia. http://t.co/60ZGsvyMwG” pubic transportLe mythique @akadrjohn & The Nite Trippers Feat Sarah Morrow clôture cette avant dernière soirée côté TDV #NJF2014 http://t.co/qUqLbAaeTU
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@holland_tom @StuartMaconie A 45 ageing very well indeed."The lyrics could have been written by Philip Larkin" - @StuartMaconie on God Save The Queen #SexPistols
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop“@typejunky: When Medieval bum trumpets just aren't enough, there's always penis trees. http://t.co/MTbG3sDfrl”the past:deeply strange place@BookVibe ahhh feel better for it too! Thank you :)@BookVibe Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess. Penguin edition early 70s. Is there a prize or just glow of glory?Mon am I will be at Bond Street with board+cvs.Any employers who need a great EA please stop to speak to me http://t.co/JSvAWnscYK
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop
RT @PageSix: The best celebrity #sideeye moments of all time http://t.co/PE90yHjp5i http://t.co/FdwWUUV4CX | Classic photo.
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop3 Incredible women 1885,each became 1st first licensed female doctors in their countries. http://t.co/cWBcibyKEv via @daribaalam @fifiharoon
Retweeted by Suzi BebopTrumpeting the success of London attracting 19 million visits seems neglectful of the lives of those who actually live here. Quantity wins
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop@TheVintageYear I think she looked *far* more elegant & younger in the vintage - contemporary choices sadly unflattering & ageing, weirdly
@Davidgeorgeking £50bn wasted on #HS2 whilst public services are being decimated by draconian government cuts
Retweeted by Suzi Bebop'This authority will once again become a premier house builder' - Council home building programme announced: A... http://t.co/2RwnxKrh4J
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