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Photo: Bob Suicide http://t.co/PTRwFIDXbx
Retweeted by Bob SuicideOur own @Bobsuicide goes undercover to get some answers from scientists investigating The @Avengers --> http://t.co/ceMgqDpOCs #Avengers
Retweeted by Bob Suicide
RT @SuicideGirls: "Bob Suicide knows how to tease a camera" #wcw #instagood #BoobsofSuicideGirls #SuicideGirls http://t.co/9xUsj9gEsPI found @Bobsuicide on Rotten Tomatoes' sexiest cosplay of Comic-Con gallery. http://t.co/9CqXfd2JH0
Retweeted by Bob SuicideHoward the Duck! http://t.co/cy0mzvdQUJ
@lokified it doesn't, but this is nicer. There's an anniversary version from the original mold available as well as mib originals for $40.I may have the #comiccon crud, but this Legacy Virus isn't gonna stop me from going on toy runs! http://t.co/uTnh3r80Jn@Xander756 I understand where they're coming from, but I'm a fan.Professor David Saltzberg is the man who elevates #bigbangtheory from funny to smart and deserves a… http://t.co/M5LrgtFbv5Photo: Also found @bobsuicide !! Seeing her after years…. It’s been too long, law lady! 💜💙💚 #suicidegirls... http://t.co/LW4dQ9lK7E
Retweeted by Bob SuicideNew Law & Order show this fall, ya'll: @BadAstronomer @wilw L&O: Science De-Mything Unit #VaccinesWorkDamnIt http://t.co/CFrsxTQxBy
Retweeted by Bob Suicide
@Amy_Marie97 @bamfpire I'm definitely patient zero for the H1Nerd1 virus right about now.2 pence worth of a sketch for @jesiiregan :P http://t.co/UP2sFhcp5wSo glad I got to meet the lovely and awesome @jesiiregan and luasuicide http://t.co/Gk1LLUIB05@Amy_Marie97 @bamfpire *Darth Vader Nooooooo* I blame Hydra! I was able to dodge them and snuck home on Sunday.
The #cosplay game is strong with @vividvivka neptunesuicide and I! http://t.co/zyULSvJvnwWith the super talented @bobsuicide. Such a cool and talented girl. She made her own tardis cosplay… http://t.co/sUOqSoiAJu
Retweeted by Bob Suicide@Amy_Marie97 I was at geek and sundry for a bit but I hid in the back 'cause there were too many people who had to get off my lawn. :P@tamster2003 ooh, you'd love it! It's the most magical, geektastic nerd-based variety show ever!!!@CEOCODY aw, next time, def. stop and say hai!Pretty sure @nolanerdcast will treasure the chest x-rays forever. @ San Diego Comic-Con International http://t.co/CXzzKa9YKP@__tayhawthorne fingers crossed!@__tayhawthorne @NicholasBrendon @sdcc thank you! She's got her Sunnydale shirt on and she's on a mission!If anyone has an extra Hasbro Infinity Gauntlet @DamonMartin has a mighty need. Message either of us and we'll do our best to hook you up.This may or may not be a S.H.I.E.L.D. false flag op website about the science of the Avengers. https://t.co/k3dcAWebjL
Retweeted by Bob Suicide
@cgpinata514 no, I didn't but that's really cool. :)HOLY HALEAKALA!!! @ San Diego Comic-Con International http://t.co/d9x1PzdSIxHasbro set acquired!!! You guys kick ass! Awesome pictures to follow.@BadAstronomer I'm here all day. Come by whenever you can! :D@tamster2003 I know. I had a bunch of friends who were probably in line with you too. No worries! :) Just asking on the off chance.@BadAstronomer if ever a Tardis was needed, now would be the time.If anyone has a Hasbro ticket at #sdcc I could use a Kreo set and I'll pay you for it, hug you, and give you my firstborn child.
John Barrowman said he liked my Tardis costume!!! Achievement unlocked!@BadAstronomer Aw, at some point this week we really do!!! I'm not allowed to leave without one.It's not her booty, waist, or chest that's got a hold of me. It's those eye 😻❤️💍 @Bobsuicide #lesbihonest #biside http://t.co/eQFE7A3r8I
Retweeted by Bob Suicide@luaaax and I are heating up the #sincity2 photo booth! @ Petco Park http://t.co/diP4qX4IHqCome see neptunesuicide and I at the #sincity2 booth! @ Petco Park http://t.co/0MrUhw4mcqThat awkward moment when you meet @BadAstronomer then think of all the ways you could've been wittier &worked more explosions into the convo
Woot, woot...#wootstock!!! Come get your tickets and sit your #butts next to mine!!! @ Balboa Theatre… http://t.co/x9xJJo3xIQ@alexiscrawfordx *Darth Vader Nooooooo* don't cry! :DJust met @Bobsuicide who made a perfect #ChunLi Not pictured: the broken ribs. @Comic_Con #sdcc #ComicCon2014 http://t.co/ykMCUibW0m
Retweeted by Bob SuicideThanks @infinityblack for letting me know I'm on the front page of #rottentomatoes in my #chunlihttp://t.co/8GcPEkDQuZCome by the #sincity PetcoPark booth and say hai! Grab a chip and get a shirt!!! @ Petco Park http://t.co/GEkwcidS7yThere's tons of Bobtastic/geektastic stuff at the @suicidegirls booth! #1730 Come by and say hai!… http://t.co/loYsbEFk8o
@bamfpire @Amy_Marie97 just finished the food. Too tired to chew.@IDWjustin Chun-li probably. :)@IDWjustin @IDWPublishing see you at the booth!!!@bamfpire @Amy_Marie97 if you saw the yoga you might have an answer. :P@Amy_Marie97 oh, I got the rear view too. It cannot be unseen. :(I'm @jesiiregan's head monitor for the week of #comiccon http://t.co/RuGNpHhWRI@Amy_Marie97 my lunch was just doing the downward dog.I think we're one train stop away from just putting on our costumes and having #comiccon here on the train! #sdccamtrak #nerdtrainThe #nerdtrain party continues with the awesome @bamfpire! :D Serious geek party in car 4!@rlewis3669 I wish that was the reason for our delay.@bamfpire I think you were in my car (no. 4) do you have a yellow/green poster tube with your stuff?@bamfpire @Amy_Marie97 the struggle is real!@Amy_Marie97 @bamfpire wait, you're not Chloe Bennett? Next you're gonna tell me the coffee is decaf. Now I know why WTNV walked out :P@Amy_Marie97 @bamfpire do you think we get an extra hour in the ball pit for this?@optimalwc @NerdCoreMOV @SuicideGirls I wrote a little intro. :) I can't wait to see it in print.@bamfpire @Amy_Marie97 Best. Line. Ever.What do you do when your train's delayed? Geek out with new friends like @Amy_Marie97! Geek party in car 4!!!@rlewis3669 yea. :(@rlewis3669 but, my ankle hurts too.@rlewis3669 I'm stuck on the train with a 3 hour delay 'cause someone jumped on the tracks. Not saying I feel your specific kind of pain...@pintsizedMB her tears were probably shorting out her laptop. :P don't be too sad! Think of next year and come geek out with us then.@pintsizedMB a grey-haired, 12-year-old who looked like she's penning the next "Great American Novel" and I was interrupting her "process"Talking to the train conductor about #ComicCon and the lady sitting in front of me just yelled, "You're a dork!" :/@Rosco231 it's from Target. You can haz one too! They're only about $20. :DSee you soon #comiccon you're my only hope. :) http://t.co/eLYtISLeTO
YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2014 --> http://t.co/35LU0zDUwf #SDCC @Comic_Con #SDCC14 #ComicCon
Retweeted by Bob SuicideSuper happy to say now you can catch all my #toytuesday videos on http://t.co/imvsLKYV3z http://t.co/zEFqgZ7DDtIt's TOY TUESDAY with @BobSuicide - what are the best toy exclusives at San Diego Comic Con this year? --> http://t.co/PsbMgXji27 #SDCC
Retweeted by Bob Suicide@rlewis3669 did you notice I made sure to mention how handsome you are? :DYatta! Today's #toytuesday is all about #sdcc exclusives! Check it out: http://t.co/ZOO7DTmr4A Now, I gotta go pack!TALK NERDY TO ME PODCAST EP 21 - The @Comic_Con Cataclysm - listen in --> http://t.co/dXCjSTlSNz #SDCC #ComicCon @BobSuicide @SD_Comic_Con
Retweeted by Bob Suicide
@rlewis3669 of course, but I'm still gonna see you when you get into town on Friday too.Come check out the geektastic @suicidegirls show at #sdcc! I might even do The Roger Rabbit across… http://t.co/2RgxtRn0Mo
I'm replaying Bioshock so, would you kindly flashback to my Beyond the Sea set for @suicidegirls http://t.co/H0ulhOsvKCI am gonna miss you Maverick.
Do you have all your #comiccon #cosplay lined up? 'Cause I just posted a DIY Bob Suicide Mask tutorial: http://t.co/GvYrPk0QO8
@nodgarb where there will be much nerdalation!That awkward moment when you have to explain it's not a sunburn...it's a laptop burn.
@ippaku I made two of the three.In case you were wondering what #cosplay I'd be wearing at #sdcc next week... http://t.co/qpxH3zbVXb@BlasterDarkRen Blastimus Prime is one of those speaker systems you can hook your iPod up to.If Bumblebee got the Matrix of Leadership he'd be Bumblmus Prime and he'd transform into a Volkswagen bus.
@loweyd @ciemnika when you gain enough speed to hit 88mph we'll see some serious shit.@loweyd @ciemnika I like the sound of "something someday."@loweyd Clearly, you've been incased in ice for 100 years with your trusty Air Bison. :P@loweyd they're on the third.@tamster2003 the second season is way better than the first and really makes you wish it was The Legend of Wan.Why am I watching #legendofkorra when what I really want to watch is The Legend of Bumi and Bum-Ju. When's that on?@wilw @midnight CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!@RevengeOfANerd I'll try and swing by, but I can't imagine I'll win.@RattuLedra it's a fossil.@MBiolCalumSmith yea, I'm just curious about the class of the "something."Hey Internet! Tell me what type of bone this is: http://t.co/ffd0AxYQPY
Woot! @suicidegirls can't get enough of my #sdcc #shera #cosplay Check it out: http://t.co/L8x7qv3eYEJust doing my @suicidegirls #sghomework with some #sgbackinblack http://t.co/d7o3UcjGco
@DamonMartin Me neither!!! I've been sewing up costumes all day today! :D
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