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One of America's most inventive writers @Fahrenthold on the mind of Mike Huckabee. @Beyonce music? "Mental poison." http://t.co/eXA0PbmIog
Retweeted by Ashley Parker#Unburdening! https://t.co/ASTLUWfPtCThe coffee shop convo I am eavesdropping on, about how much to charge per cocktail, has gone so awry that I want to interrupt w my own math.AD WATCH: Rubio has already reserved over $7 million in airtime in the first four primary states: http://t.co/uGhR7UgEMq
@AntonVuljaj FIRST TIER bike accessories.@AntonVuljaj Is this really a “NEED,” Anton?@NYTnickc @jamespmanley @jswatz Nick wins if the question was: Who are all these V LONELY people in coffee shops and what are their jobs?!@jamespmanley @jswatz Yep. “Thinking.” “Billing."@jamespmanley BUT WHAT IS THE ANSWER?!Cc: @justinesparker Obvi inept rollerblading in Central Park. Just unclear if best or worst... https://t.co/7hCBF8OeNFWho are all these people who work in coffee shops all day, and what are their jobs?! #DCBuroRenovationLifeChristie is officially in for 2016. Here's @mikiebarb with a look at the newly-minted candidate: http://t.co/qIasBYJn70
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A @MarkMazzettiNYT @mrosenbergNYT PSA “for all the aspiring and current spies." http://t.co/iQj3mTm6BQA wonderful, worthwhile behind-the-scenes tick tock of how the Confederate flag fell, by @mikiebarb & @jmartNYT http://t.co/EbKqLF0ZwM
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Tomorrow's front page. http://t.co/rqDzSGcioz
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And here's the @@nytimes Saturday AM front page. http://t.co/cPspthU72g
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerNearly 3 decades ago, a friend of Justice Kennedy -- a law school dean who was likely gay -- foresaw this day. http://t.co/VwDIFMDZtm
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@pkcapitol @justinesparker Life IS tough!My sister, @justinesparker, on life: "Eh, I'm going to figure it out... But it's so exhausting." #DeepThoughts
Outside Mother Emanuel on the eve of services for Sen. Pinckney https://t.co/PCGS51ZZck
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@katherinemiller Yes, but then you gain the added adventure of tracking down cool indie bookstore in obscure unlikely town...A high honor for NYC's very literary former "rat czar": @JoeLhota is your NYT quote of the day. https://t.co/nkXh7k8jBY
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"If you behave... I'll run for president!" Huzzah! https://t.co/iseWyUAeEw
You have to see @MikaylaBouchard showing the Congressional Women's Softball game on the NYT snapchat today: thenytimes on Snapchat.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBOEHNER’S Conservative Crackdown. (All CAPS in honor of @JakeSherman). And @apalmerdc. http://t.co/6YLpKQFNelThis is perfect. Why every state flag is awful: http://t.co/PU9l6PtHfD
First Draft: Lindsey Graham to Call for Removal of Confederate Flag From South Carolina’s Capitol http://t.co/CcDHfS2JW2
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIn which @amychozick gets the @Cosmopolitan treatment: http://t.co/OGL0EDPsSqICYMI, 24-hours w @LindseyGrahamSC, in the wake of #CharlestonShooting: http://t.co/NkjhSmyIqC
@dick_nixon Never had the honor of taking his class. But I met him a few years after I graduated.@dick_nixon She's less judgmental of my movie choices. I think.Emoji review of "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl." 👍🏻👏🏻👋🏻😢😂💦☔️
Reason bajillion not running for president is incredibly liberating... https://t.co/TJV7d2b8pC@tamarakeithNPR Thanks!A close-up look at @LindseyGrahamSC, trying to heal his some state, and doing his small part to bear witness: http://t.co/NkjhSmyIqCToday is #NationalKissingDay. Look out USAir 4517 passengers...
A look at Sen. Lindsey Graham, returning home to grapple with his — and his state's — racial legacy: http://t.co/RJodyDTptlLindsey Graham’s niece recalls Dylann Storm Roof as "strange" http://t.co/r5bNfyx3Jx http://t.co/sma8SP4icQ
Retweeted by Ashley Parker🐝🐝🐝 https://t.co/eJVTsid6FrSen. Lindsey Graham’s niece knew the #CharlestonShooter suspect, remembers him as “awkwardly social” and “strange." http://t.co/es5ASCxoKoI spoke with Sen. Graham’s niece, who went to school with the #CharlestonShooting suspect: http://t.co/es5ASCxoKoSen. Lindsey Graham also described the suspect in the #CharlestonShooting as “a racial jihadist.”@ThePlumLineGS He said it to me, in an interview, in Charleston.Does @GrahamBlog see the Confederate Flag as a symbol of hate? "When I see it on that guy's car, I do." #CharlestonShootingSen. Graham calls #CharelstonShooting a hate crime: "The only reason these people are dead is because they're black."Emanuel AME Church. Charleston, S.C. https://t.co/BYkQOWbLvE
For realz... https://t.co/dbCt0cTHSr
If we're being realistic, we should have a $0.77 bill with a woman's picture on it.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerJust got word that my daughter Wendy totaled car She is ok She hit deer Deer dead. No presumption I'm told
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAnd the Spencer Zwick primary comes to an end... https://t.co/3LBbXvqpRyBipartisan Group Urges Overhaul of General Election Debates - http://t.co/JcKBApFOeo
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMeet your 2016 presidential debate recommendations, including the v fun "Chess Clock" model: http://t.co/mh8WZ3BIt8
"'Sorry,' Mr. Bush said of his laughter [at Donald Trump]. But he did not seem sorry." - vintage @mikiebarb http://t.co/iNXk5bR4RT
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMy latest magazine piece: Facebook may be the most important 2016 battleground. In some ways, it already is. http://t.co/4eeRDKB3qq
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"What advice would you give anyone who was thinking of becoming a dwarf for hire?" http://t.co/vkHBk4FwnjV nice read... https://t.co/Zfa1KqWlFv
A classic of the form: "With a light rain falling, your pooler went back to his rental car to file this report"
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFirst Draft: Verbatim: Marco Rubio Salutes His Florida ‘Friend’ Jeb Bush http://t.co/exj2KjEQbZ
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@pkcapitol ELECTORAL TIE! http://t.co/v60eo3wMZS@pkcapitol @ZekeJMiller @kasie @elysepg Let's just I embodied ALL the stereotype of an urban-dwelling, NYT reporter..."Veep" is over for the season, but fear not —we have the recap: http://t.co/v60eo3wMZS#veep #veep #veep http://t.co/v60eo3wMZSMa'am up. Truer words have never been spoken, in tonight's "Veep" finale: http://t.co/v60eo3wMZS
“We are all like that Drake song: The more time you spend with us, the more likely we are to get stuck in your head." http://t.co/GdLnhxM6eD
A dish best served ice cold. McCain: “He just hasn’t met the expectation level of what we expected of a Bush" http://t.co/OkMIBcLdJ3
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWoman to her young daughter as Bill Clinton walks by: "That is Hillary's husband."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDonors speed-date Republican presidential hopefuls. http://t.co/d50P2yPNsv via @AshleyRParker http://t.co/p4kJAPPsqf
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFiorina: “The truth is I have more foreign policy experience than anyone running.” Cc: Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio.
Just a little mark-up subcommittee humor for you, courtesy of Gov.Chris Christie: http://t.co/U6NeNDkpv1PARK CITY, Utah — Luxury (2016) speed dating at the Romney Republican retreat. http://t.co/9Vw9Djs0mYRomney defends Rubio: "NYT did buy the Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram for $1.3 billion and sold it for $80 million…"
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAnn Romney on her sunrise Pilates partner: "I want to see Halperin in tights!"Worried murmurs at Romney donor retreat when Gov. Kasich tells crowd the House "just turned down the trade deal."WHOA IF TRUE. https://t.co/EHyEHkznhUIn which a #TAA hashtag becomes the most fascinating thing on Twitter, and in politics, today. #GoFigureRubio is offering an audience-pleasing mix of jokes, passion, and domestic and foreign policy… https://t.co/yZI6insrm1On Rick Santorum, the Jet Blue primary, and why just about anyone can run for president: http://t.co/2YjD8niWR3Sunlight and shadows. Deer Valley, Utah. https://t.co/DQhiOUThbaLOVE this riff by Spencer Zwick on the interminable Jet Blue primary: http://t.co/yBu4h5xaTw@ChrisPKenny It was a kind of amazing riff.Spencer Zwick on the Jet Blue primary - as long as you can buy plane ticket you can run for POTUS - by @AshleyRParker http://t.co/uutMO2R2lF
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGov. Walker: "I would love to play cards w the president... bc when I look at how he’s dealt w Iran, I realize he folds on everything."
Either every single person I know is a “yuccie,” or this is just a list of things people 30 and under do… http://t.co/4Uh2i8DTaY
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"Situational awareness, Chuckles!" #YouHadOneJob Cc: @jonathanweisman @jestei https://t.co/xx5GjtkUK9If Jane Austen got feedback from some guy in a writing workshop. Cc: Everyone in a writers workshop, ever. http://t.co/FxDZg6OIdUFree pro-tip: Maybe Jeb would have had better luck had he held his campaign meetings in the DTW Westin? http://t.co/RLzVXThJsKBUT "Where can I take someone who I’m only meeting with because I feel terrible saying ‘no?’” is unfair to DONBURI. http://t.co/gb5bOy2jgvThis is a wonderful food issue… http://t.co/gb5bOy2jgvCc: @hemispheresmag We are available for freelance assignments. Early 2016 primary cities a speciality... https://t.co/76ydSdayij@ZekeJMiller But what about El Bait Shop?! And Proof...Republicans still playing catch-up on the digital campaign trail. http://t.co/zn1boLJilO via @AshleyRParker http://t.co/06F3rPpkz2
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerDEER VALLEY — Mitt Romney readies for the Kobe beef of cattle calls this weekend: http://t.co/yohB0uD6F2
How Jeb Bush's campaign ran off course before it even began, by @edatpost @costareports http://t.co/GGnMVPmKhe
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe most immediate issue facing Republicans in the tech battle? The basics of supply and demand. via @AshleyRParker http://t.co/5vkPCdGO0k
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRepublicans still playing catch-up on the digital campaign trail. http://t.co/WqnaqRr4Tj via @AshleyRParker http://t.co/gD7dZsooz6
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerWhy Republicans still lag behind Democrats when it comes to digital — and how they're catching up: http://t.co/ONhUcXbCx4The must-read story on the Library of Congress Chief leaving after nearly 3 decades @shearm http://t.co/YAVevzF29K
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCorner of 12th and S Streets, NW. Washington, DC. #ColorIndex https://t.co/12OgJq2q1eRead @katie_glueck on @tedcruz prepping for a long-haul delegate battle http://t.co/8daAZXPqo5
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerCc: @PhilipRucker https://t.co/UGiPDbj8Ci
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