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Sunday quandary: You can totally mix Mucinex and Robitussin, right?
Marco Rubio, Cuba, and the risks -- and rewards -- of his hardline stance: http://t.co/V0PUpVEdg9Another great @EricLiptonNYT investigation MT @tackettdc: Trial lawyers pitch attorney generals, and payoff is huge. http://t.co/DxVi4nVJOd
To office hookups! http://t.co/5oLROgDJWY@marclacey News synergy fail.Out with the old on the Hill. Wonderfully weird @Stcrow photo of retirees chairs being moved out yesterday. http://t.co/RTEpXMCAwZ
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRT @amychozick: "If she runs, it will be different," Hillary Clinton spokesman says. http://t.co/q47jkpj6IsA look at how the Cuba thaw could shake up Florida’s political map, w/ @jmartNYT: http://t.co/apdp83Vdh9HOW IS ANYONE EXPECTED TO GET ANY WORK DONE TODAY, NOW THAT THE FINAL EPISODE OF @serial IS OUT?!?! Asking for a friend.
"Elián González girlfriend." @SadGirlSearches@kasie You and me both.@cathleendecker @mateagold Phew. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to argue w the utter superiority of Cheerios. So tasty! Yet healthy!RT @tripgabriel: Smart @shearm analysis: Obama Steps Away From 6 Years of Caution http://t.co/UHdKjK32AY@mateagold Thanks! Was that rare Congressional story that was v fun to do, and kind of writes itself...@kristinhussey1 Thanks for reading!"Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter." Sign up: http://t.co/vKGH42r150 http://t.co/E43PpSEE6x
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAssume this will be the first to go if/when they lose their funding in Feb. RT @elisefoley: DHS is on Instagram now http://t.co/Yu8e8aldU8Rubio seems visibly upset to get 2016 questions, re Cuba. He says he would fight this fight, even if 99% of voters disagreed.Times Insider: How the “Alpha House” story came to be. http://t.co/O7S3TY77mMThe end of an era, as Schumer, Durbin and George Miller's frat house meets policy shop comes to a close: http://t.co/lPqJXNI3Wy
@peterlattman @stuloeser @SenSchumer They tell me the front page no longer matters. It's all about the web, right? Right?!?!The end of "Alpha House" as we know it: Frat life w Schumer, Durbin and George Miller comes to an end. http://t.co/aBeMjF0U9PMT @mkraju: CRUZ apologized at lunch today for ruining senators' holiday schedules by his tactics, per five senators. http://t.co/38EpBmFMndIn which @jonathanweisman helpfully explains how that Dodd-Frank provision made into the spending bill: http://t.co/B7dqTQVJKVMT @samsteinhp: Kudos to the potential GOP 2016 candidate who claims the core of the Maccabi’s fight was against the individual mandate.Best C-SPAN call ever. #OhGodItsMom http://t.co/7FbGHSk0w5I want to go to there. Cc @justinesparker RT @nytfood: Exploring the Queens kimchi belt with @pete_wells http://t.co/hPoNY5hHKg@emilymelissa I’m impressed w myself! Though @michaelpfalcone really deserves credit for that one… I participated more in an “eater” role.MT @mateagold: How @JebBush plans to run: as an accessible, digitally savvy conservative reformer. http://t.co/6yJV6wXI8ZFollowed by "Serial" and "The Wire." RT @burgessev: Everett announces he will actively explore Senate hallways in near future.Well, hello https://t.co/EyagNrabYq
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
MT @Stcrow: Staff vehicles outside the Hart Senate Bldg where lawmakers are tying up loose ends before Holiday break. http://t.co/e834QprRG6RT @seungminkim: Mark Pryor proposed to his girlfriend last week (she said yes) http://t.co/YvHIUmhC2NRT @JakeSherman: Does anyone listen to Serial?OH in the newsroom: “I’m afraid I misunderstood the rules of the cookie exchange.” —@shearm to @jestei. #DCBuroLifeI made this last night, from the amazing NYT Cooking (@nytfood), and I highly recommend: http://t.co/WgnuGH4S22“Upshotty.” RT @DylanByers: Gabe Sherman is right about The Upshot: http://t.co/3NDxpAyff0 via @gabrielshermanRT @davidjoachim: Harry Reid Just Wants to Go Home http://t.co/6gOPkKhPOu @hillhulse#Oy "Hallowed Hanukkah traditions are spinning out of control faster than a whirring dreidel.” http://t.co/YNifAebrV2ICYMI, Elizabeth Warren, 2016, and the fight for the Democratic Party: http://t.co/jkXN6r0I8z
.@mkraju on Alison Lundergan Grimes's Obama non-answer: "She could have come up w ANY answer that would have been better than that!"RT @nytimes: An Ebola orphan’s plea in Africa: "Do you want me?" http://t.co/IOlYUU9aEq http://t.co/GC0GfS2hWmWe stay at the Capitol all night so you don't have to. How the $1.1 trillion spending bill passed: http://t.co/ro9TUwGYnBElizabeth Warren leaves "blood and teeth" on the floor over Dodd-Frank, exposing a rift among Dems: http://t.co/jkXN6r0I8zMy son Jordan, who now wonders if "passing" for white will keep him safe from the police. http://t.co/nsFTEkToW0 http://t.co/tshrijq71p
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
BREAKING: NYT story on the $1.1 trillion spending deal, and how it (finally!) passed: http://t.co/ro9TUwGYnBRT @GrahamBlog: I haven't seen Harry Reid smile like this in years. I don't like it one bit. http://t.co/EOufSJahSxBREAKING: $1.1 trillion spending bill passes Senate, 56 to 40. Onto Obama's desk...Cruz's motion goes down, 22 to 74.On this Cruz point of order, Rubio wants to be "aye" for the primary and "no" for the general...News from the Hill: Senate has reached a deal on voting on the spending bill -- both cloture and final passage -- tonight.RT @frankthorpNBC: This is what over 5 hours of straight votes look like, and we're not even half way there... http://t.co/XscKP8NCvRRT @tackettdc: Mood of the Senate? Grim, grumpy. Plodding to the finish line, by @ashleyrparker & @ropear http://t.co/nRzXTdifgSYour daily dispatch from the grim, grumpy and — of course — dysfunctional Capitol this Saturday: http://t.co/uJqMRn5b6jSusan Collins lashed Cruz in private chat on the floor. “You are going to make everybody miserable,” Collins said. http://t.co/CfpML4jOV7
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@SheriKBonner They are indeed.Senate just passed short-term CR to keep the govt funded through Wed. So shutdown officially averted.Republican cloakroom hunkers down w Chick-fil-A, sweet tea, and lemonade.Sen. Collins: “This is certainly a very poor way to end the year and will only confirm the public’s already low opinion of Congress."Sen. Collins says today reminds her of the "shutdown last year where the strategy made absolutely no sense and was counterproductive."@PhilipRucker @MaeveReston I would just accept time in a car that’s not a pool van..."The campaign played on the double meaning of the word ‘jerk,' which can also be a euphemism for masturbation.” http://t.co/BCw9Vh4gQASaturdays in the Senate, w Ted Cruz, Harry Reid, and the whole gopher village: http://t.co/nRzXTdifgS
@JohnFeehery I think… bad. But I’m sort of too confused to make a determination at this point.@jamespmanley That’s what @hillhulse said. But you’ll be happy to know that @pkcapitol is playing the Carl role, providing refreshments.Days on the Hill this week have become like dog years. Or something.Evening update from the Hill: Everyone wants a deal, no one knows if there will be a deal, and everything is uncertain. #BecauseCongressEverybody seems to want to get out of Congress — and town — tonight. And yet, it may not happen.My (truly v nice) Uber driver just asked me if I'd had a long day, or if my eyes "are always like that." #IBlameYouCromnibusThe Capitol, at night, as seen from below. http://t.co/AhbXWpTiZ2
And it’s official: With just an hour and 11 minutes left, Senate passes a two-day CR to avert a government shutdown.Spending bill passes, just hours before deadline: http://t.co/CvdWwx6ClW@MOHorton True.Cromnibus passes 219 to 206. Our long national nightmare is over.RT @BresPolitico: Cromnibus passes, a blow to Pelosi, Warren & liberal Democrats.To be clear, both Democrats and Republicans are divided. But the Democratic disarray is more unusual -- and shows a public fissure w WH.Rare for @SpeakerBoehner to put a bill on the floor without knowing if he has the votes. But this time, Dems are the divided party. #CromniIf it does go to a short-term CR, it will find the government until Feb. 27, 2015.Pelosi to Dems: "I'm giving you the leverage to do whatever you have to do. We have enough votes to show them never to do this again."Whip Steny Hoyer spoke at the meeting to say he would support the # Cromni.Inside The Room: John Lewis offered rousing call for Dems to oppose. "If we fail to stand for something, we fall for anything."An angry Rep. Moran also said it was a "damn good question" why some House Dems are choosing a short-term CR over the spending bill.Retiring Rep. Jim Moran of VA said "This particular experience -- along w many others -- has validated my decision to leave."After an hour, McDonough leaves the meeting, repeating -- grim-faced and unconvincingly -- "Really great opportunity. I appreciate it."Before McDonough spoke, House Dems kept him waiting in order to voice their grievances against the White House.Inside The Room: McDonough's pitch is that a one-year #Cromni is more important than all the bad stuff in the bill.Leader Pelosi said she has spoken to the president "on a range of issues" today.Denis McDonough just walked into the House Democratic emergency meeting. Members have a lot of anger at the WH right now.@KateNocera @edatpost @CHueyBurnsRCP Normally, I wait until circa 4 pm for my Fro-Yo Shame Spiral. Cc: @jesteiRT @LisaMascaro: Talk about Dem divisions -- WH vs Pelosi on #cromnibusRT @tackettdc: Game on. Lawmakers scramble to pass spending bill. http://t.co/VLIq4tZy7iThings I never thought I would say: This Cromnibus rule vote is riveting.🎄⛄️❄️Boehner: "If we don't get finished today, we're going to be here until Christmas." 🎁🎉🎄#MerryMerryWith the left and the right unhappy, Congress limps towards a spending deal: http://t.co/WeKH86boXM
RT @meridak: We speed read Congress spending bill @washingtonpost so you don't have to. Reader-in-Chief @edatpost. http://t.co/m2l1Vshh09
RT @jmsummers: "Asked whether [Cruz, Paul or Rubio] could become president, [Reid] dryly replied, 'Of what?'" http://t.co/lMvnZ6jYjwA battle-ready Sen. Harry Reid sits down w the NYT. @jwpetersNYT reports: http://t.co/ZEgkjrPkysSpending deal reached! (And in depressing news, my iPhone now autocorrects to “Cromnibus.”) http://t.co/mXZR7bFkhE
Cromnibus, yo: http://t.co/4JopSCgNbLJust finished "The Left Hand of Darkness" (book club, obvi, cc @llerer) and my new favorite word is "kemmer."
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