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Pelosi: "I'm just saying to the Speaker, get a grip. Get a grip, Mr. Speaker." #HelpfulAdviceOrFightingWordsYour move, House. #DHS http://t.co/RLLsSBDmDCJeb Bush demands complete monogamy from donors and operatives. Great @mikiebarb / @maggieNYT special: http://t.co/Awlh8IiwTK
RT @frankthorpNBC: Speaker Boehner blows kisses to @toddzwillich at his weekly presser https://t.co/etQ2vLw8n7Slurpee waves! RT @mashable: The waves in Nantucket are so cold, they're rolling in as slush: http://t.co/T5WgMW5gco http://t.co/hvbwHxtALk"Knausgaard is a master at arranging banal facts in a row and letting you wonder: Is this boredom I feel?" http://t.co/sgrKC4ECXa
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerYour latest news on the DHS impasse, and what it means for congressional Republicans: http://t.co/utT8KaG92v
The Homeland Security Dept fight — and the internal struggle among congressional Republicans: http://t.co/utT8KaG92v"Forever making dreams come through, that paper." RT @Gawker: NYT grants anonymity to source bc she always wanted it. http://t.co/ne0356Z2SgCrazy leggings. So hot right now. http://t.co/uV4woIkPez cc: @AshleyRParker @MaeveReston http://t.co/AM3ARoG5AL
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerICYMI, Rubio meets w Sheldon Adelson, tells donors he's running for president: http://t.co/0t8QbJtFltSenate Republicans offered a two-step solution to fund DHS. Now it's up to Boehner and his merry band: http://t.co/3HC0xT4WpiAaron Schock lawyers up, by Team Politico. @apalmerdc, @BresPolitico and @JakeSherman. http://t.co/cJiupmhSgY
@ryanjreilly @jjsimonCNN @jaketapper I have impeccable Philly cred! But maybe slightly elitist food sensibilities?@jjsimonCNN @ryanjreilly @jaketapper Yes, clearly whiz = grossest. But there’s just better food than cheesesteaks, esp when sober.@ryanjreilly @jjsimonCNN @jaketapper #Victory! Tho I’m now going to say something scandalous: Cheesesteaks are gross. Go Di Bruno Bros...@jaketapper Pat’s and Geno’s are both overrated. Jim’s on South Street. Or Abner’s on Penn’s campus/West Philly.Woah if true. Cc: @jonathanweisman RT @arappeport: ICYMI, Hillary Clinton has a granddaughter.@SteveWCarlson Yes. BUT since his bill would ultimately be vetoed by Obama, Republicans know that it’s ultimately more to show displeasure.Cc: @michaelpfalcone RT @BuzzFeedNews: Weed Is 114 Times Safer Than Alcohol, A New Study Says http://t.co/hdS6CHUKJy http://t.co/XpuuHR89t4Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the minority leader, sports his post-surgery shades. https://t.co/4csmqQ8WZJThe specter of a Jeb Bush 2016 run has shadowed Marco Rubio’s own presidential hopes like a muggy Florida rain cloud. http://t.co/0t8QbJtFltLast night I had a stress dream about The Cheesecake Factory -- two of my tables in a row left without paying. Please advise!@RealClearScott The perfect amount of quiet, me thinks...Rubio is quietly telling donors he's running for president, not Senate. Likely announcement in April: http://t.co/0t8QbJtFlt
So Good, right?? RT @MarkLeibovich: cannot play this enough...grabs every time http://t.co/BEHWA8Ma0b via @nypostRT @nytpolitics: Jeb Bush Looms Large for Marco Rubio in 2016 http://t.co/BYbNBjnTR2RT @nytpolitics: Congressional Memo: Homeland Security Funding Fight Over Immigration Poses Risks for Republicans http://t.co/e2qx8aGQTYWith the clock ticking, what a DHS shutdown would actually look like: http://t.co/mKFBU9wQEe
Manic Panic mishaps? Check @BuzzFeed: The 25 Most Disastrous Things All ’90s Girls Experienced http://t.co/aAHUCspB7M http://t.co/0g3XXMNi7x"It’s exactly the same as selling an iPhone or a soft drink or a cereal," branding expert says of Clinton 2016 http://t.co/6CZjDlYyiS
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRT @PhilipRucker: Great read on Columba Bush, "wary of family business," by @patrickhealynyt and @sherylstolberg http://t.co/IBa6qUfftxA Giant Oscar Statue Snorting Cocaine Has Appeared On Hollywood Boulevard http://t.co/kVklgNLgL6 http://t.co/dLeizLjWdA
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
BOLD. RT @Slate: Actress Kristen Bell has taken a stand in support of vaccination: http://t.co/ovyrmGgS3I http://t.co/TzskCNDbGO@ChrisPKenny #Starwood.@ChrisPKenny Ok, but, like, where exactly? Esp when you have run out of underwear, socks — and, increasingly, good cheer.Things you don’t want to hear mid-flight: The weather is not getting better; our fuel state is not improving, we’re diverting to Raleigh."We will now be running a poem every week." @jakesilverstein takes you inside the @NYTmag redesign: http://t.co/UNatnWwjfHLiving the dream RT @tatertatiana: Aboard a Coast Guard icebreaker, carving a path through the frozen Hudson. http://t.co/1S0l5znOe3
Dreamers just interrupted Rubio event in Miami: "I'm the only one who gets heckled by both sides of the immigration debate," he quipped.Bourbon’s Master Distillers, some 8 decades old, are getting their due with the mixology crowd http://t.co/SH77sJxgxI
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerA big thanks to the South Beach pedestrians who gathered to help me eek out of my parallel parking spot, w only one BMW near-miss.The man behind the secret GOP poll everyone is talking about. @mikiebarb has the goods: http://t.co/thLuQ45mK2MT @CynthiaNeedham: A snowy Boston's desperate plea for an early House of Cards release. http://t.co/oje0frBRdk
RT @jimrutenberg: @maggieNYT is here and IT IS ON. W @nickconfessore. Christie finds slow going after Romney bows out http://t.co/ACRD1WvCcrNothing like an invigorating sprint through the Charlotte airport to make you feel... alive. And, also: Awful."...for most of the last hundred pages I was dissolved in tears." Yep. Correct. 😢😂😭 http://t.co/ZdFmTA5Me0
@dougstafford Also, giving up dehydration is sort of like giving up alcohol, indirectly...I'm giving up being dehydrated for Lent. That's a thing, right?Wrote a lil’ something about why you should be using Tinder — if you’re over 30 (and single) http://t.co/ivpt04OlA7
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIraq/Afghanistan veterans in Congress bring perspective to AUMF debate, w @jwpetersNYT: http://t.co/ZSNH9sb0I0
Not that I have read or will go but this is best thing I've read on 50 Shades: A fantasy of female laziness http://t.co/2klzeyxtyF
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@DylanByers To be clear, I was hardly humoring @mviser. I am forever grateful to the man who taught me the nuances of “third-wave” coffee...☕️☕️☕️ RT @DylanByers: I spent the last hour talking with @mviser about coffee and politics… http://t.co/3FkryKJG5K … it was wonderful.Congress and White House react to Texas judge’s ruling on immigration lawsuit: http://t.co/vfGfwAjjGG
Word RT @das_kunk: How can the word *akrasia*—which I just learned—be so rare when the thing is so common? http://t.co/0hqgz1svcwAn @nprnews reporter just used the word "kerfuffle". I love NPR.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker—> RT @nytimes: The quotable David Carr http://t.co/9Q0shIenbX http://t.co/kwQC0VLVgnRT @ravisomaiya: The only person who could adequately express how we all feel is David Carr.An AUMF that pleases no one: @peterbakernyt and I report. http://t.co/7DC8U9IRkI
DHS funding outlook: Not good. http://t.co/dQYNCUcd1vSome personal news: Starting in March I'll be reporting for @wusa9 (CBS) in Washington DC. Can't wait to get started! http://t.co/AL8j9CTCq6
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@frankthorpNBC BUT WHAT IF IT’S BEEN A REALLY ROUGH 24-HOURS?!How much Advil is too much Advil?House GOP wants Senate to change rules to get rid of filibuster so they can pass DHS. What say you, Senate?
This is a rather fantastic @aoscott review of “50 Shades of Grey.” http://t.co/cCq2jmWkz5"If E. L. James were a better writer, her books would be more—to use one of Anastasia’s favorite words—intimidating.” http://t.co/cCq2jmWkz5Sen. Kirk first GOP senator to call publicly for clean DHS bill (aside from Heller). "The way to go forward is just fund DHS."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerSen. Kirk calls for clean DHS bill: "We ought to strip the bill of extraneous issues.. and make it just about homeland security."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIn light of Speaker Boehner's "ass" comment today, here's a rundown of his swears through the years http://t.co/yzlIkckcH4 @russellberman
Retweeted by Ashley Parker—> RT @SpeakerBoehner: Message to Senate Democrats blocking Homeland Security funding: https://t.co/1m7rkgvt6NGrim truth on Capitol Hill: Republicans are stuck, stuck, stuck when it comes to funding DHS: http://t.co/jnBIY5mFiIFighting words: Boehner says the question is when "Senate Democrats are going to get off their ass and do their job" on DHS.Two good looks at Scott Walker's college days today. Ours: http://t.co/qHLnrmwycM And @mviser: http://t.co/VRzVg7GSXa
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRepublicans are stuck on DHS. And as for the way forward? They all say: "I don't know." http://t.co/KhSZqI7hyw
Things I learned today: Apparently NYT style is not “game of chicken” but rather “gamesmanship” or some such. #DHS"A sort of coliseum culture takes over, leaving no place for mercy.” —@nytdavidbrooks on Brian Williams. http://t.co/y7LLGj399JDC PSA ---> RT @bjnovak: Philadelphia, NYC, Hartford, Chicago, DC: I am in town this week. http://t.co/SwdTE1fw3pBEST food news: RT @WaPoFood: Chef at @rosesluxury will open a fancier fine-dining restaurant next door http://t.co/FYzkfx9RMX
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
@SaraMurray Thanks, Murray! 👍💋 And I obvi wore the insane tropical neon jungle barre spandex @MaeveReston gave me...Disclosure: I felt a flash of pure joy when "Shake It Off" came on during spin class this morning.
@blakehounshell It seems to be... Though I'm still a little confused as to how you monetize "lobby with kids."Little known secret (to me, at least): The National Building Museum is a toddler mecca.
RT @jmartNYT: Essential @hillhulse & @shearm read: Does Obama want to deal w Republicans or only set 2016 frame? http://t.co/5NVYY9gFcjRT @juliehdavis: Biden 2 Bibi: Sorry Mr. Prime Minister, but I'm busy that day http://t.co/l1tp3pHWQs via @NYTPolitics@NYTnickc Next DC Buro spirit week, amirite?!MT @lobsterstyle: Free Idea: Midnight showings à la Rocky Horror but w S&M. “Popcorn is allowed, handcuffs are not.” http://t.co/fDc39J2Sea“Popcorn is allowed, handcuffs are not.” #50ShadesOfUnfairRules http://t.co/5G76xdLw77In which @nickconfessore takes us inside the secret world of well-paid “donor-advisors.” http://t.co/Use8MyKeqDMT @NYTArchives: A young Obama is first profiled in The New York Times 25 years ago today. http://t.co/TLRnI6gWCB http://t.co/bX4g6Cmjuh
Tension between Menendez and the White House, and what it means for Iran. @juliehdavis and I report: http://t.co/o1vh50ImrURT @nytpolitics: Menendez’s Hard Line on Cuba and Iran Shows Deep Rifts With Obama http://t.co/o1vh50ImrU
RT @tackettdc: BREAKING Dan Pfeiffer plans to step down at end of Feb. By @juliehdavis http://t.co/rwSeoztxvdOn today's bipartisan Senate lunch menu: Maine lobster salad and Virginia ham. #KosherForPassover
RT @elisefoley: Free tweet ideas for sad things: “woe if true” and “BREAKING: my heart"—> MT @jwpetersNYT: In which @SenRandPaul and I go to the doctor; he gets vaccinated. http://t.co/Dd3tpBxDhj“The book will follow Scout’s move to NYC as she attempts to make it in the rough & tumble world of print journalism" http://t.co/2akayRg5m9
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMcConnell says "as a victim of Polio myself," he is "a big fan" of vaccination.DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is on the Hill today, lobbying any senators who will listen about the need for a clean DHS bill.Sen. McCain says he's been in 20 discussions over the past 72 hrs on DHS funding, and "nobody really has a strategy yet."
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