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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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Totally made me laugh. https://t.co/TOFJsUqkYn@bonniegrrl Lady, you're my date to HopCon. Get your own bottle! HA!@LgHague @wilw It did!The Paul Lynde Holiday Special from 1976 brings out the soulful side of KISS. FAVORITE. https://t.co/21MSP4vh3vKISS performing in the Paul Lynde Holiday Special from 1976. Because nothing says "Happy 4th of… https://t.co/YhzvgsszlmIn case you're wondering, the Paul Lynde Holiday Special from 1976 has a lot of Betty White, Tim Conway, Witchy Poo, and KISS in it.When I suggested TV noise so the pets wouldn't hear fireworks, I didn't think @wilw would choose the Paul Lynde Holiday Special from 1976.@KeahuKahuanui @wilw Mm...steak..Loud, crowded #fireworks displays are no fun for your pets. Please keep them at home in a quiet, escape-proof area. #4thofJuly
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@geekfitgirl Thor onesie?@JCWijma @sonicsanime44 Nobody loses their cups, but everyone loses their balls.Know your audience. http://t.co/RFsmtRPYap@paulandstorm @BadAstronomer HEY!@geekfitgirl @cavaticat As soon as I can get Luna to settle down. Girl is going NUTS with the celebrating. http://t.co/KmBAJKrYEv@cavaticat He's out of control. Also, happy 32! It's a good year. πŸŽ‰πŸΊπŸŽˆ@cavaticat Watson is aggressively celebrating today. http://t.co/otGKUAukvQ@cavaticat πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’€Just us bitches, celebrating #IndependenceDay on the sofa. https://t.co/Ujk9TXoihK@BadAstronomer Embrace the kazoo, Phil. @paulandstorm have! Uh...sort of...@scalzi #TeamGood&Plentyhttps://t.co/Keead3sMIO@annielizYKA Our car washes use reclaimed water so we go there. Not allowed to wash from the hose in our city!I'm the nerd that found the other filthy/parked for a week while on vacation MINI in the lot & parked next to it. http://t.co/Hzi2FAO7Vt@n1obium COOL!!I am celebrating by first going to the store to load up on detergent and fabric softener, and then doing laundry all day. πŸŽ‰@kmcgivney @drunkhistory This is a good plan. I think I will join you!@desertrob So many zoomies. It was a little crazy. ;-)
@j_4nier1 EW.@blinkie GROSS.@MikeMa HAHAHA!@ConstableWiggum Of course it was. ;-)@Tinasaurus_KC Tons!It's nice to know the aliens kept their eyes on us while we made our way home. http://t.co/LYiTghXToJ@readysteadystop THEY'RE WATCHING.The eyes in the sky over Los Angeles SEE ALL TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER ACK ACK. http://t.co/iKdLk0gH05@Sidrat2011 I think the next episode of @tabletop I'm in is a two-parter that airs on July 21st? Not 100% sure on that date, but it's soon!@rstevens Note to self....This is a good plan. https://t.co/izHqWBMumPI purchased those swimmer's ear drops. Did I use them? Mm...maybe twice. I am so smart. #SMRTSome people bring home a carved tiki, a lei, or even a pineapple from paradise. I bring home a swim ear infection. Every. Damn. Time.@Brianamatopoeia I'm so sorry to hear that. :-((YUM. https://t.co/Wm8AhBG5tG@apbusch Hehehe...πŸ‘€When someone tags you in a post to promote their business and that post has grammar errors in it. http://t.co/51Yr6TWzjK*shoves earplugs into ears repeatedly"I hate when I start to fall asleep and then my brain is all "THAT GUY HAD A 4 INCH CENTIPEDE IN HIS EAR. THAT MIGHT HAPPEN TO ME."
@BadAstronomer TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER ACK ACK πŸ‘€@BadAstronomer ACK ACK http://t.co/SqmQuLEDfDGross. https://t.co/55Dkuk0jl8@wilw Maybe little bit.@paulandstorm QUIET, YOU. @wilw@wilw Wil.@BadAstronomer A little bit of the 'ol soft shoe.One week from today at SDCC! OH BOY! I think there's a few tickets left if you can nab them before it's too late! http://t.co/EaRIiPdzhJ@MmeChudobiak I know! So pretty I had to make it my phone wallpaper. :-)Smells so good. Mm... http://t.co/aBXzaTu3bU@paulandstorm Well, now he only gets to see the block feature so that worked out well for him.@paulandstorm How else are they going to earn their kibble? Laying on my sofa all day?! PSH.@lisaemi EEEEE!!Enslaving? Is that a new "fancy name" for a loved family member? I missed the memo on that. https://t.co/4xxhxbXZLb@hollyamos22 It's ridiculous.I love the guy who said "Speak for your own dog." Man, people are cranky today.Listen, I know fireworks don't scare all dogs. This is a common sense PSA. Shelters fill with dogs that run from owners during fireworks.@thevowel Some people shouldn't be pet owners. That's so awful to think that's ok.Boy, am I glad that mute button is a feature.If you're justifying taking a dog to see fireworks that will scare him even at home by saying "that's what a leash is for" you're awful.@safibwana Safely indoors is significantly safer than subjecting a dog to the noise in an unfamiliar place where they could break free & runYour dog may be your best friend, but please don't take them w/ you to watch fireworks. The noise scares them! Keep them indoors for safety.@levarburton This guy. http://t.co/qz4yTwtyEX@muskrat_john THERE IT IS.
There's a full moon AND planets aligned like eyes, watching us from space. Pretty sure aliens are coming to get us. http://t.co/2EDDnhz9xU@BadAstronomer @tweetsoutloud @bonniegrrl SPACE EYES ARE WATCHING US. #pewpew http://t.co/oI0YBvGsn2Is fun in the sun exhaustion a thing? Because I think I found it. OOF. https://t.co/TCZv0acaCeYAY!! https://t.co/kd2fKyt1LC@TammyRosenfeld You get to watch them hatch, I get to swim with them. Best of both worlds!@kerberos858 No. It's illegal to touch them.DAT LITTLE TURTLE SWIMMING BY ME IN THE OCEAN THO. https://t.co/KyVxjzInJt@Mamabear0772 HAHAHA!Ever just been standing in the ocean and a turtle comes swimming by? Yeah. http://t.co/SicZhAA9LX@HRMB I wasn't close enough to see who it was. :-)@steveken Not until the next day when it was in the local paper. No internet back then!This concludes my Back To The Future memories. Carry on.They filmed all the high school scenes at my friend's school, which was probably cooler to see than a Delorean racing across a lot.For the record, the sign said Lone Pine Mall when I saw that filming. Also, there was a tiny Marty McFly running across the lot. Adorbs.This is what happens when you're @ the Puente Hills Mall waiting to go into a movie theatre while they're filming Back To The Future nearby.One night thirty years ago, I ducked behind bushes when I heard gunfire, and saw a VW bus chasing after a man in a white jumpsuit.FAVORITE. https://t.co/f6EjpRK33b@BadAstronomer I know. But this way you still got to see them! πŸ‘Happy Canada Day! And for everyone not Canadian, yaaayyyy July!!
@RocketJaz :-)@BadAstronomer DEM PLANETS THO. http://t.co/k8k5OdK6u9@midnight Goat Forth and Multiply #AddAGoatRuinAQuote@MdniteCreepr They had a ton of great promotion and had over 30 adoptions today. That worked out well. :-)@TanelMichael That's really sweet. Thank you. :-)Still on vacation, just taking baby steps back to reality. Thanks for being the positive that cancels out the negative. :-)After days of not reading anything on the Internet, I realized what I really needed was a break from the negative. This was a good choice.Because sometimes fruity umbrella drinks are too good NOT to share. https://t.co/AAbtqN6sdmYes, please. http://t.co/eWaLbBnC9B
And now, a brief interruption of radio silence to talk about how snug my snorkel mask is. https://t.co/ecJYbsJ69Q
Vacation is about to officially start, which includes a social media break. Be kind, be good, and have a great week! http://t.co/xFKo2DAkJo
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