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1Password @1Password Ontario, Canada

A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@MSglol You're welcome! :)
@MikeBeas 1Password Edition: Pre-order now, starting at $10,000 http://t.co/mG8jvoDTyd@flammable No, sorry. Fluid is not supported.@iynque πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ’•@coachdeleon β™₯️@coachdeleon Yes: enable sync on your old phone, then you will be able to access your data from the new one. https://t.co/99ehXQorSD@tdhopper No, sorry. But I'll pass the suggestion along to my developers!@sabrinafinlay What version is your data currently stored in? Version 3?@AnimateTrunks Maybe try this direct download link instead? https://t.co/5k1lTs0dXX@AnimateTrunks Hmm... that page loads fine for me. http://t.co/bdrhxotlQJ@MSglol You must enter your Master Password in the main app once before you can use TouchID in Safari. Does that explain what you're seeing?@Breiti79 The workaround is create a new vault then move the items from the old vault into the new one.@Breiti79 It's not possible to rename or change the password of a secondary vault currently.@susan_alia Sorry for the trouble! Could you please email a diagnostics report so my team can investigate: https://t.co/XVFGr2Ia8M@ESF215 I don't have anything to share about other banks adding support in the future, unfortunately.@ESF215 Simple is the only bank that supports my extension currently: https://t.co/voSnqObibN@scientifics Yeah, we're aware of it, thanks.@duskcyclist What platform is this on? Mac, iOS, etc.@baebeca My team will be sending out an email with details soon. :)@zigziggityzoo No, only TOTP is supported.@AnimateTrunks Are you trying to download it from this page? https://t.co/C6rXQK5VY5@collina19 Your purchase is tied to your Google Play account, and can be used on any of your Android devices.@zxcxz7 Yes, backups are encrypted. πŸ”’@jmassengale We no longer develop or support AllBookmarks... its last update was about 6 years ago.@dhniels Try deleting the 1Password.html file, then run 1Password on any device (the app will regenerate it). Should hopefully fix it.@jeffcarvalho You can enable my extension in Chrome's share menu... it's similar to Safari: https://t.co/UcYg5GbQYw@gaborpro Hmm... that's strange. Could you please email a diagnostics report so my team can investigate: https://t.co/XVFGr2Ia8M@DeviaVir We'd definitely like to add Google Drive sync in the future, but I can't promise if/when it will happen.@u_lj Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass your thoughts along to my developers.
@davidjoelhall Thanks! Someone from my team will reply there soon. :)@iGriever Glad to hear it's working now! Sorry for the trouble.@econwriter5 I'm clearly a bit biased, but please let me know if you have any questions! :)@iGriever Sorry about that! Could you please try disabling Touch ID in the settings there, restart your iPhone, then re-enable Touch ID?@Zook024 You're welcome! Also under the 1Password menu!@aaronraimist Large type is very popular! We're talking of adding it elsewhere. Thanks for the vote!@Zook024 You can empty the trash and that permanently removes the contents of the item.@Otir @kellianne Did you recently turn Watchtower on? It is opt-in by default.@efagaraz 😘@Otir @kellianne Watchtower has been in the desktop apps for just under a year.@gaborpro Are you getting it in the main app all the time, or the extension?@Habib_hbo If you figure it out, or end up having to reset everything, you may want to make an emergency kit. http://t.co/JD2faELHFf@Habib_hbo Β You're welcome! There's no limit on attempts, so I hope something jogs your memory.@Habib_hbo The Master Password is case-sensitive. Could it be you're not putting in capitals?@TAWoody84 @RodChristiansen No, my mobile apps cannot currently import CSVs. Desktop versions can do it.@Habib_hbo The hint there is 'restrictions'. You must have typed that during setup.@Habib_hbo The only option is to remember the Master Password. Did you set a hint? It should show after 3 failed attempts.@Habib_hbo Sadly, that is impossible for me, as our company has no record of what your Master Password is. https://t.co/a2HjFwPUwa@gaborpro The Master Password is required for the first unlock after a device restart. https://t.co/gPPZuFFqrR@terkelg β€οΈπŸ”@terkelg We'd honestly really love it if Apple would put Touch ID on the Mac.@gicklbyte You're welcome!@zacbdct You too!@gicklbyte On iOS, swipe from left to right on an item in the list view to reveal a Copy Password button.@gicklbyte Oh, didn't realize we were talking about iOS since you replied to a Mac tip.@zacbdct That's the way to do it!@terkelg You're welcome! Neat idea. Would have to thoroughly investigate the security implications on that.@5g6r Not a bad idea! Thanks!@jenlampton No, it doesn't. But trust me. :)@l0uy You're welcome!@l0uy Again, thanks for the feedback!@Johann_MG @octothorpe Β Not sure how soon we'll have time to do it, but it is something we should definitely document how to use. So useful.@gesundheit40 Yay! β€οΈπŸ”@ryanrudzitis96 Well, Mom always did tell me I was pretty bright.@Johann_MG @octothorpe 1pif is 1Password Interchange File. I'll ask my devs if we can get some documentation up on it.@lie07 You're welcome!@l0uy Credit Cards is pretty useful. At least I think so.@octothorpe β€οΈπŸ”@l0uy Also can't promise it will happen anytime soon.@l0uy No, it would require a massive overhaul to the database structure. Can't anticipate how long that could take.@octothorpe If you do, and you see one of us with our 1Password shirts, say hi!@Habib_hbo πŸ‘ Best of luck! I hope something jogs your memory!@l0uy Thanks for the feedback! We know that can be a point of friction. We want to smooth it out eventually.@octothorpe Yep, some of us will be in SF for WWDC tickets or not!@octothorpe That is definitely the worst.@mcdev Good tip!@octothorpe A few of us were actually talking about that last night. Coincidence?@gesundheit40 If you use the manual save method outlined here, it should work. If not, please report with Synapse. https://t.co/Oiu54ffvoH@ml4 Interesting idea, thanks for the request!@octothorpe πŸ‘@lie07 If you own Mac, you can get Windows at a great discount. https://t.co/kaTxtOOwle@octothorpe Oh, some bundles have been known to include a 1pif file that I can import. I think macUpdate does that.@octothorpe Copy & paste if you can copy it from somewhere. Otherwise no.@bwinton You're welcome!@gicklbyte Shift-Command-C to quickly copy a password, even if the item is just highlighted in the list view without the detail popover.@BZHGeek Godspeed!@bendywalker I like you, too@bwinton In the main app, command-F should work. In 1Password mini, just start typing and search should just happen.Keep device serial numbers & warranty info tidy w/ the new custom sections & fields for Secure Notes in v5.3 for Mac! http://t.co/CoS80lN4Zy@nailujmt That’s the way to do it. Keep up with that new secure habit. :)@adrianmalta If they are two separate username/password combos, they will each need their own Login item. They can point to the same URL.@baebeca You're welcome!@Habib_hbo Without remembering it, no, there is no back door. https://t.co/qdKj6eTBZ0@baebeca We're definitely keeping up with the developments of Windows 10 :)@baebeca Nothing public. Not sure of roadmap, as it sounds like IE is being replaced in Windows 10.@baebeca Oh, sorry. It is likely a limitation of IE's extension system. It's different than Chrome/Firefox/Opera.@benparr Yep! Shared vaults. https://t.co/rUSTkPLCG8@kevinzych Gone like a twoot in the wind! πŸ¦πŸ’¨@benparr Looks like you already got some replies, and I’m obviously biased. But let me know if you end up with questions for me. Cheers!@andifreels *hug*@WraithKenny @curtismchale I'm just an app, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love it. β€οΈπŸ”
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