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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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Straight from our company Secret Santa exchange, a sneak peek at our next-generation encryption tool! 🔐🎅🎁 http://t.co/1ecMoREQoW@binarybrewery You're welcome!@oscargodson What about here? http://t.co/jPx6mOIL3v@erlicthemad I’ll add a vote for more category types on your behalf. :)@BradyShearer You're welcome!@AlanBailward I’m touched! (Literally!)@binarybrewery No, but when there is, it will come in an app update and then be synced into the sync file.@oscargodson If it is in an identity item, you should be able to hover over it and click Copy.@metacosm You're welcome!@AlwaysDNS Sorry, my Password Tourette’s Syndrome is acting up. So embarrassing. 😱@activeOtwo ❤️🔐@BradyShearer Sadly, no. We’ve contacted @x3watch but the ball is in their court on this issue.@erlicthemad Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@thinktapwork Glad to have ou aboard! Have you sent us materials so we can feature you yet? https://t.co/ebQ0cFIbtI@smashtic @jon_than_ I’ll pass it on.@bbthree Hm, I can’t get to a card form there. Won’t let me advance to checkout. Got a different site you’ve seen it on?@igindin Try a manual deletion of the iCloud data in System Preferences > iCloud > Manage, select me, then Delete.@aaronbailey That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@smashtic @jon_than_ I do not currently have integration with that. But I’d be happy to add your votes to the existing request.@bbthree Which browser and which version of the extension? (Stable is 4.2.5, beta is 4.3)@DanQuinney Mind sending an email to support+social@ agilebits .com and I’ll take care of you there?@DanQuinney Hey Dan, I don’t know if we were directly involved in that event or not, but I want to get you that license.@bbthree On all sites you are trying to use, or certain ones? What are some of the site addresses? I’d like to test.@XBK You're welcome!@XBK Hopefully that will change as Touch ID for third-parties matures.@XBK Without context on the No response, I have to assume it is always worst case scenario, so I toss the key and require Master Password.@XBK Touch ID is simply layered on top of 1P when activated, and then relays the yes or no to 1P.@XBK As for Touch ID giving three strikes on the read before sending me a no, that’s Touch ID itself. It always gives 3 tries.@XBK Yes, Enter Password gives a no. (The options are Yes or No, that’s it).@vboctor I’m a big fan of you, too, Victor. ❤️🔐@mozdt Thanks! One of the lovely humans here will reply as soon as possible. <3@cygx1 You're welcome!@mikebeecham You're welcome! You too!@vboctor 4 was a pretty recent release (this past summer). We have lots of improvements in store for it.@danmiami Ah, try removing the secondary vault first. Sorry, I forgot we have collision detection there.@mikebeecham Awesome, re-sending your license. Simply re-download the file and re-apply it.@nateconklin Neat idea! I’ll submit a request, but can’t promise anything.@intudes @dncnmckn That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@cygx1 Fixed it and re-sent the license to the correct address.@yaykyle Thanks!@AlexGarciaSEO 👍@yaykyle As long as everything is synced, mind deleting and reinstalling the app? Sounds like something crufty needs to be shaken off.@xperseguers Glad you found a walkthrough in the forums!@yaykyle That’s odd, iCloud should be working fine these days. Do you restart the device between disabling sync and re-enabling?@evanfreeze @Spacekatgal I can’t tell you how much I’d love to see Touch ID on the Mac, too.@XBK Since we don’t get more context than that, we flush the cached key and require the Master Password for security reasons.@XBK No matter how Touch ID fails (bad read, tapping one of the buttons) we only get a "No, this isn’t the right fingerprint” response.@leedohm Thanks for the emphatic praise!@cygx1 Go right ahead. You have a temporary follow. :)@_shiranui_ Yes, you would have set it up with one when you created it on Mac.@cygx1 You should be able to do that at https://t.co/Ca2ZZVljSR. If not, let me know and I will happily get it set for you.@danmiami Once you do that, you should be able to remove the second vault.@danmiami You can’t remove primary. Looks like you added your sync file as a 2nd vault. You should change Primary’s sync settings to Dropbox@minusfive Sorry, nothing of note to share publicly at this time.@cptmauser90 We don’t normally pre-announce future sales, but I do always announce them here when we have them. :)@mikebeecham Is the first part of your email teambeecham?@pixycz Which browser?@elotente A couple that is *secure* together is secure *together*. ♥️🔒@AlexGarciaSEO You have mail™@AlexGarciaSEO I’ll hit you up on email. Still see that in the queue.@bbthree Which device is it not filling in on? Also, which site(s)?@metacosm Believe me, we looked into the keyboard approach. It wouldn’t work. Extension is the right path with the current rules.@AlexGarciaSEO Are you getting any errors? Which device is having the issue?@chrroessner We do have gifting on our own site for the direct version (doesn’t support iCloud, though). There’s a Gift checkbox in the cart@chrroessner If you want to gift it in the Mac App Store your best bet is to send a gift card  to them, and tell them it is for 1Password.@chrroessner Sadly the Mac App Store does not have gifting of apps (any apps) like iTunes does. It’s a mystery as to why not.@metacosm That said, many apps are adding integration with my extension. https://t.co/Fpvio4CfDE@metacosm Sadly, no, as password fields use Secure Input, and only the system keyboard can display for those.@AlexGarciaSEO Let’s check out sync first. Which sync are you using? iCloud, Dropbox, or Wi-Fi?@chrroessner Could you give me a hint of what it is about? May be better to use different communication depending on the topic.@dgitman I only edit the ones that have multiple logins for the same site. If I have only one account for a place, I just leave that.@jmcdaniel55 You're welcome!@dgitman I edit the titles to keep them separate. Like "Twitter: 1Password” and “Twitter: 1PasswordBeta”.@jmcdaniel55 It should, but we have a bug in the current Mac release. Fix in next release. Until then, change it on Mac to match exactly.@clrux I know Agile is in our name (AgileBits) but we’re not *that* Agile. :p@ciaronwalton Looks like Chris is already in touch!@jciarletto You're welcome, I always got your back. ❤️🔐@gavinlew @mdearlove @nortools Actually, Dropbox is on both Mac editions, and you need Dropbox to sync to Android.@pepelsbey_ Could you write to support@ agilebits .com and let me know the Ticket ID you receive? Need to route that to someone else.@perteraul 1Password for Mac has never been free. It has a free 30-day trial, but it has never been fully free.@adastrame Hi, did you have a payment question? The tweet was cached for me, but looks like you deleted it?@iMike Our next update will support Dynamic Type for all fields. You can set that in Settings app > General > Accessibility > Larger Text.@jlestebanez I’m always there for you.@_shiranui_ Are you using the primary’s Master Password or the third vault’s password?@_shiranui_ Wi-Fi Sync for multiple vaults is coming soon. :D The 3rd vault, when synced over Dropbox, needs its Master Password to unlock.@mozdt Hm, interesting. Thanks for that. Please email a Diagnostic to us: https://t.co/Jyvt5gLPtd (let me know the Ticket ID from Bitbot)@packeteer Good use case, but I wish I didn’t have to help fill out those particular forms.@vandamar Let’s get you in touch w/ sales. Please write in to support+sales@ agilebits .com & let me know the Ticket ID you receive.@shinzui CloudKit (the technology we use for iCloud sync) is only available to Mac App Store apps. Details here: https://t.co/DIvWieaylU@jhaaren Chrome would need to add support for my extension. There's an open feature request here: https://t.co/RPHeQN1dbN
@umurausu You're welcome! Glad to hear it's fixed. :)@vandamar We do charge in USD via our website. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you!@valthonis That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@gnomeuser Happy to be of service. :)@tweets_so_fresh That’s the way to do it. Keep up with the secure habit. :)@four_seven @yakmoose @rafaelmagu Yep, best to talk to the lovely @1PasswordBeta about that.@mtalio You're welcome!@tjluoma @draftsapp Well, there’s quite the mental image…@mozdt Sounds great. Hopefully (fingers crossed) there won’t be anything noteworthy to see.@mozdt That’s very odd as most of us are getting the same beta updates and don’t see that.
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