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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@IamJoeyA Yes, it's coming soon, but no specific date to announce at the moment.@chollier Your master password is stored in the iOS keychain, so it can be used to decrypt your data after authenticating w/ Touch ID.@benjennin_gs Sorry about that. My developers are working on an update for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. :)@IamJoeyA My developers are currently working on an update for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.@rjonesy On Mac, go to Window > Wi-Fi Sync.@jszotten Copy from 1Password and paste into the Apple Remote app. :) https://t.co/VANLFNf94I@SgtStretch You're welcome!@ZinaKhan_ @andymallins Here you go: https://t.co/KWtgZbXoNV@conorporter My Yosemite version is really great. ;)@JoseJFL Please try this to get the extension loaded. https://t.co/KWtgZbXoNV@Abdulrahman_mac Please try this: https://t.co/JWxucENS5V@HerkeseAKAR Are you getting any errors when trying with Dropbox or Wi-Fi?@HerkeseAKAR Correct, Yosemite is needed. It just went GM yesterday, so it is coming soon.@nategorby @ZachoryBenton Right here: https://t.co/KWtgZbXoNV@angeldominguez This is the first batch from launch that are live on the store. http://t.co/PYhKRjxZuF We're working on a full feature page@fatespeakstruth @viticci Right here: https://t.co/KWtgZbXoNV@JonathanMBell Ah great to hear it is sorted!@SgtStretch I was able to fill the form when using this save method. https://t.co/4PFlFeNxBH@anonomys209 Let them know you want them to support my extension. :)@jamesgolick Then delete secondary vault, re-create, and import.@jamesgolick No, there is no mechanism to reveal the Master Password for the secondary vault. But you can switch to it and do File > Export.@JoseJFL Is this on iOS or Mac?@SgtStretch Is this on Mac or iOS? What's your URL so I can check the form out?@anonomys209 It's still early days for iOS extensions. Given a little more time, adoption will happen.@angeldominguez @JoseJFL @yercro Chrome would need to add support for it. There's an open feature request here: https://t.co/RPHeQMJC3J@Zoey_Daisy @hayles …and Mac/Windows have free trials at http://t.co/oYxam0TuL7.@Zoey_Daisy @hayles You can always try me out for free. iOS Core features are free, Android has free 30-day trial, …@HerkeseAKAR Are you getting any errors with Dropbox or Wi-Fi? If so, what are they?@HerkeseAKAR Hi, so you are 10.10? I can't do iCloud there quite yet, as I need an update. But Dropbox and Wi-Fi should work.@liampage I recommend using Dropbox or Wi-Fi sync until then.@liampage iCloud is much different from iOS 7/Mavericks to iOS 8/Yosemite. My Yosemite update, when it is released, will fix it.@anonomys209 The best thing you can do is tell your favorite developers you'd like to see me in their app.@anonomys209 There are over 100 app developers who are working on support, but those are what we have seen hit the App Store so far. :)@leetlmonster What? Human? No no no, I'm an app with a personality, pure & simple.  (Quit trying to see the wizard behind the curtain!) :p@dangerdave ❤️🔐@leetlmonster You totally win the internet today.@JonathanMBell No, not really. What is the error?@dangerdave Our latest beta build has new iconography in the menu bar.  :)@madebylipsum Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Toni! :D@forumferret I should send him a gift basket…@anonomys209 Yes, you can use it in Safari: https://t.co/KWtgZbXoNV And apps that adopt my extension: http://t.co/PYhKRjxZuF@michaelfink We'll improve the guide, and the experience of creating logins as we go.@sneakinhysteria Me neither! I feel so stretched!@KubaTvHD Oh, gotcha! My translation was definitely not correct then! Have a great day!@leetlmonster You better lie down. That's a lot of awesomeness to take in at once.@Jeremy_DEagle You're welcome!@DrPizza Is Windows app still syncing to Dropbox? If so try File > Repair 1Password Vault.@YRousse @jgeerlings You're welcome!@madebylipsum I had to fav that tweet, because fav.@forumferret MrC is a fantastic person. Glad he could help!@koopy Okay, I'll relay that to the developers. Thanks for the heads up!@halothe23 @jwhite88 Thanks for the heads up!@boennemann Most I can give is soon. We want it to be a solid release, not buggier.@KubaTvHD @macaztek Hi, if my translation is correct, are you having iCloud issues? Are you using Mac, iOS, or both?@woolnoir My next update has great graphics for the new screen sizes.@nicksergeant You're welcome!@navparker Yes, known issue. iCloud on iOS 7/Mavericks is far different that iOS 8/Yosemite. My Yosemite update will fix.@anonomys209 Hi, are you having trouble with Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. I'd love to help.@juniopereir The 6 Plus has been super popular with my team of humans. :)@nalundgaard @tweetbot @tapbot_paul Oh, gotcha. I misunderstood. It should be possible if my extension is integrated into the browser.@jutty0069 Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks, Justin! :D@kakakaya Yep, if you owned v4 for iOS, then v5's Pro features are free. If you have trouble restoring them: https://t.co/JWxucENS5V@konda_kun What would you like to know? :)@YRousse @jgeerlings My next update also includes lovely 6/6+ imagery. :)@sneakinhysteria Just a little scaling issue. Lovely image assets for 6/6 Plus in next update!@lunelson Settings app > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, find 'onepassword' inthe Docs & Data list. Tap it, then Edit, then Delete.@forumferret Please get in touch with support at support+urgent@ agilebits .com. They can help in more than 140 characters.@dmoren Yep, happens to anything in the share sheet. Looks like an iOS bug. Glad to know you want me to be first, though!@Tom I have an update coming that will reduce need for Master Password to first unlock after device restart, or if Touch ID fails.@QDL If you already have your data synced from iPhone using Dropbox, choose that you have existing data on Windows. Then nav to Dropbox.@koopy Can you scroll up a little to see the notes section?@nicksergeant Do you have any antivirus (liek Sophos) or Firewalls, VPNs, or Proxies? If so, make sure is whitisted.@Zer0Her0 Glad to have helped so efficiently!@nalundgaard @tweetbot @tapbot_paul That is something I need to enable. Identity and Credit Card fill isn't ready yet.@jutty0069 Via Dropbox or Wi-Fi, yes. iCloud on Mavericks is far different from iOS 8's iCloud.@axou Since Yosemite went GM, I can't imagine the wait will be too much longer. :)@axou My current release cannot use Yosemite's iCloud engine. I'll have a Yosemite update that will bring iCloud back.@oskarn_97 You're welcome!@oskarn_97 Try this please: https://t.co/KIQG8zQPDl@jbrnr Don't say such things! 😱@jutty0069 Just sent you something via DM. :)@jgeerlings @YRousse You're welcome!@D_Love Glad that worked! I'd love it if they did.@martynschmoll You're welcome!@JayUny You're welcome!@SebThiebaud Settings in this version are overly complicated. Next update simplifies, which increases the reliability.@jutty0069 We don’t normally pre-announce future sales, but I do always announce them here when we have them. :)@SebThiebaud I have an update in development to greatly improve Touch ID setup & reliability.@JayUny Hi, is there anything I can do to help?@zorcan1 It will be even better with my next update, as I'll have proper graphics in place for that gorgeous screen!@jbrnr My next update has shiny graphics for the new screens. :)@martynschmoll Which version of OS X are you on, and is the utility 1Password Troubleshooting or 1Password4Troubleshooting?@jgeerlings @YRousse Just so you know, I have an update in development to greatly improve Touch ID setup & reliability.@slyx1978 @narkoman_ What can I say, I just know when I am needed. ❤️🔐@kexxt You're welcome!@jwhite88 I wasn't swift-fingered enough to get it to do that. But it sounds like a Touch ID issue, as it overlays on top of the app.@sypzowski You're welcome!@Eazy_37 @levnaginsky I work in Safari, and also third party apps that have adopted me. http://t.co/PYhKRjxZuF@Jeremy_DEagle Try this on the iMac. https://t.co/LCJDm6u6zC@twinparent You're telling me…I just feel *so* stretched out! Exhausting!
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